nh: Does it cost EXTRA to Hire a Buyer Broker? - 09/18/14 05:13 AM
Will I be paying more if I hire a Buyer Broker to help me but a Manchester NH area Home? This is a question asked by many Buyers. I am happy to report that in most cases you can hire a Buyer agent at no additional cost to you. Simply put a Buyer Broker gets paid their fee from an amount the listing agent offers in the MLS.
The purpose and goal of a Buyer Agent is not to just locate and show you homes listed for sale. It is to guide you through the buying process while looking out … (20 comments)

nh: ZOMBIE Foreclosures - Are they for REAL? - 09/17/14 05:15 AM
Have you seen them? You may drive by one every day. You may have one in your neighborhood. This is not the Walking Dead but could be your home town. Homes where the Owner simply leaves. They go vacant and are left to sit empty. The bank has not foreclosed yet so they do not own them. No one is maintaining them. The grass grows tall. Vandals break windows. Thieves steal the copper. Winter freezes the pipes. Spring thaws them bringing life to mold.
Why should you care? Because they are bringing  down values in these neighborhoods. They are attracting crime. … (21 comments)

nh: How far in advance should I start looking for a Home to Buy? - 09/14/14 04:30 PM
What are the secrets to Buying a home? How far ahead of being ready to buy should I start. What can i afford? There are no shortage of questions by First Time Home Buyers looking to purchase homes in the Manchester NH area.  The first two steps are hiring the BEST Buyer broker and a Local and trusted Loan officer.
Basically when it comes when to start the process, If you know you have good credit and a good savings 3-4 months is plenty, however if you dont know what your credit is or dont have much saved, 4-6 months in … (8 comments)

nh: What was the Manchester NH Condominium Market like in August 2014? - 09/14/14 03:26 PM
What the start of fall in New England, we are about to enter one of the busiest times of year for home sales. Everywhere i go, I am asked if now Is now the time to Sell my Manchester NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your condominium.
.Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate … (5 comments)

nh: What is the ONE TIP that will get a home Sold FAST? - 09/12/14 05:02 AM
Can you pick just one tip that will get a home sold quickly? When a Manchester NH area Home Owner called in tears that she needed to sell her home quickly and what would I recommend. She said she was calling area agents and asking them all for 1 tip to get her home sold and would chose an agent to get her listing.
The answer to her question was that her process of choosing an agent was flawed. No 1 tip alone will help you get your home sold. It takes a short list of tasks to increase your odds … (20 comments)

nh: What is the BEST type of property to Invest in? Single, Multi, Condo? - 09/08/14 05:34 AM
How can I make money in Real Estate? What is the BEST way to start investing in Real Estate? One of the most common questions is what type of property they should purchase. Both new and established Investors hear that now is a great time to buy, so they want to jump into the Real Estate game.
Before "jumping in" to the market, you need to know what is the right property for you. What is right for one investor may not be right for another. Are you looking for the most monthly income or looking to build equity?

nh: Is it possible to sell my home if I owe more than it is Worth? - 09/07/14 05:09 PM
Is there a SECRET to getting a Home Sold if I owe more than my house is worth in today's market? Although values of increased most  MANCHESTER NH areas, but some Home owners feel left behind and do not know where to turn. A SHORT SALE remains as a viable option. The problem is most sellers do not know what a Short Sale really involves.
Not every Real Estate agent is willing or able to List, negotiate and Sell Short Sales.
As a Home Seller in this market you need every advantage you can to get your … (3 comments)

nh: Will the start of the NFL Season slow down Real Estate on Sunday's? - 09/06/14 05:51 AM
What happens on Sunday when football season starts? asked a passionate NE Patriots fan looking to sell his home. In areas where football is a way of life, much like Saturday's for many big college teams, life can stand still during game time. However in Real Estate, work goes on despite the game. 
Here in New England there is definitely a slow down in calls and inquiries during game time. There is also an increase before and after the game.
Sunday mornings can be very busy with a great slow down in the afternoon. Saturdays tend to be busier than … (52 comments)

nh: Does this home look "Ready to show" to you? - 09/05/14 05:59 AM
People often wonder why their home is not selling. When looking at this home yesterday can you tell me why this home may still be on the market? Perhaps from the mouth of a child that blurted out "this homes a mess, if we moved here there is no where to put our stuff."
A home has to be "ready to show" when you start bringing potential buyers through out.
My blame goes straight to the listing agent who should know better. Sellers may be living their lives and leave the home as they live day to … (26 comments)

nh: A whole new meaning to a Foreclosure being a pile of poop. - 08/30/14 07:08 AM
If you you think Listing and Selling Foreclosed and REO Homes is easy, you may want to read this. One particular bank asks agents to attend the Foreclosure auction usually held in front of the property. If the bank buys the home back, the listing is assigned. On this special day arriving early to a ruckus. It was the auctioneer, a couple of investors and now myself. The home owner was in the process of smearing dog poo on the stairs and hand rails.
He was yelling, his wife was yelling at him and we all stood back. The auctioneers phone rings, … (43 comments)

nh: Anyone ready for the Fair? - 08/28/14 05:10 PM
With the end of Summer comes one of the most beloved times of year. that is the start top County Fair Season. Running from now straight through fall are a series of small to large fairs. Enjoy local artisans, tons of foods, games, entertainment, rides and "Fair Food". 

NH does not have a "State Fair", we do things smaller, easier to get to and less waiting around in lines.
You will see animals, go into petting zoos and see record setting pumpkins in the fall.


Hopkinton State Fair
Date: Friday, August 29 – … (5 comments)

nh: Manchester NH Schools announce their 2014 OPEN HOUSE Schedule - 08/25/14 04:10 PM
The Manchester Nh School District has announced their 2014 OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE.
2014 School Open House Schedule   All Manchester schools have set their family open house dates and times. Please check the schedule below so you can plan ahead to visit your students' schools.
Click here for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking here.
If you are looking to Buy or Sell a home in New Hampshire, call one of the local experts. The most critical part of Buying or Selling a home is the … (2 comments)

nh: Has the color of a home ever scared you or your Buyer? - 08/25/14 05:37 AM
I had a Buyer who refused to even see a dark Blue colored home? Can the color of a home really keep buyers from looking at it? There is a neighborhood of newer homes here in Manchester NH, all Colonial style homes with 2 car garages. Same size, same age, same layouts and built by teh same builder. The only thing that makes a home different than another is if the owner painted it after they purchased it.  
When the home they wanted went under contract it only left this home left for sale in that area. Although this … (27 comments)

nh: Is it worth it offering Incentives when Listing a house for sale? - 08/24/14 06:38 AM
What is the best tip you can offer a person wanting to SELL their home? Sellers want an edge and want to know what the secret to a quick sale is. Many offer advice to offer incentives when Listing a home? Many more offer incentives after a home as been on the market for a long time.
The BEST advice is to list the house at the proper price, which is the current market value. 
Forget about tricks, incentives or secrets....

Click here for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking here.
The … (27 comments)

nh: How many offers do you need to sell a home? - 08/23/14 04:14 AM
Should a Seller Wait for a certain number of offers before accepting one?Once again upon a buyer making an offer, a seller and their agent responded by saying "they are waiting for a couple of more offers before answering them."
To be blunt, What is wrong with some people to use such a bad plan when selling your home. Every Home Seller would love to have a bidding war on their home, however it takes a certain type of home and having it under priced to draw multiple offers over asking price.
Some times the first offer is … (23 comments)

nh: Is there a SECRET to getting a Mortgage in today's market? - 08/22/14 06:09 AM
How do you know if you can get a mortgage? Most Buyers are not sure where to start. There is a right way and a wrong way to start the mortgage process though. 
There is not many days that go by here in Manchester NH where a potential buyer does not email or call asking me if they can get a mortgage. Normally is starts with "my credit score is xxx, can i get a mortgage?" Most are first time buyers just starting the process while there are starting to be quite a few potential buyers who lost homes at the start of recession. My reply … (8 comments)

nh: Does a Buyer HAVE to be pre-approved prior to seeing a home For Sale? - 08/21/14 06:08 AM
Must a Buyer be pre-approved for a mortgage before they can view homes for Sale? When I tell you they may not have to be "Pre-approved" but must be "Pre-qualified" many may scratch their heads asking what is the difference. Getting pre-qualified is a process usually done over the phone where the buyer tells the loan officer how much they make, what their expenses are and gives permission to pull their credit obtaining their credit score.
For most Sellers and listing agents being pre-qualified is an absolute must before a buyer can get into to see a home for sale.
The next … (18 comments)

nh: What is the Market like for ISLAND SHORES ESTATES in Summer of 2014 - 08/20/14 03:16 PM
If you are looking for a condominium, let me introduce to you to ISLAND SHORES ESTATES CONDOMINIUMS located in CONCORD NH is a desired community of Townhouse Style condominiums. Situated along the shores of the Contoocook River, this community has lots offer in beauty and recreation. The community is well landscaped with a mix of open space, lawn and wooded areas. This desired neighborhood is close to rte 93 and rte 89, Shopping, Schools and Restaurants.
The Godzyk Real Estate Services is proud to be a Leading Real Estate Agent servicing our community. Please contact SCOTT GODZYK of the Godzyk Real Estate Services … (3 comments)

nh: WHAT are the Duties of a LISTING AGENT anyway? - 08/20/14 06:03 AM
What is a LISTING AGENT suppose do when they are hired to sell a property? Yesterday there was quite a discussion about whether the Listing Agent should attend the Home Inspection. The basic premise is a Listing Agent should guide the Seller through EVERY step in the Selling process. Some days one of the easiest parts of a sale is finding a Buyer. The hard part is getting it to close.
The primary duty of a Listing agent is that they needs to manage the sale. It is the things we can not control that often go wrong or have issues such … (16 comments)

nh: Merrimack NH Home UNDER CONTRACT but we need more homes to sell - 08/19/14 05:05 PM
News Release out of Merrimack NH where Scott Godzyk with the Godzyk Real Estate Services placed another home in Merrimack NH under contract. Pricing a home correct and choosing the right agent can make a difference. Multiple offers were received leaving some Buyers still looking for a new home.
If you are thinking about selling your property, you can call or email today.  With a steady flow of buyers now i the time to sell. 
Call for a FREE Market Analysis today...

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