top: How do you find out what PRICE a Home Seller is willing to take? - 07/18/14 06:20 AM
How does a Buyer know what to offer if they do not know what the Seller is willing to take asked a Home buyer looking at my listing yesterday. The key was this buyer was accompanied by a Buyer Broker. The Buyer Broker turns to me and asks, "so what will the seller take?"
I could have fallen over however I turned to both of them and educated them both on how a property is priced. Simply put when I list a property I look at the similar homes that have sold in the last 6 months in this same … (14 comments)

top: Would you Stand on your head for a customer? - 07/17/14 12:55 PM
Every one always asks, "How far will you go to make a customer happy? Can you work magic?  Would you dance? Can you sing? Would you stand on your head? The simple answer is, for a client I would go to the ends of the earth to make them happy. However the 2 key words are "customer and client". Anyone who is inquiring about Buying or Selling is a potential customer. But to be a CLIENT, you have to hire me and that gets you the magic, the singing and even dancing.
Today a customer called with a list of … (7 comments)

top: A Tornadoe Warning can sure put the BRAKES on Showings. - 07/15/14 05:06 PM
If you have want to slow down showings on a home, just wait for a Tornado warning. It is a rare thing in New England so New Hampshire seemed to come to a halt as storms barreled through sparking a Tornado warning in Southern NH. Just as fast... the cancellations came in for my evening appointments.
What it did do is get potential Home Sellers on their computer because my emails for early afternoon were off the charts from new customers with questions or properties looking to buy or sell. 
Click here for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. … (10 comments)

top: Has the Real Estate world gone CRAZY? - 07/15/14 05:32 AM
What is the SECRET in Real Estate to getting a Home Sold? Before I answer that, I want to ask if you would you let a person who said they were a Doctor operate on you without checking? Would you give all your money to  a person who said they were a great investment banker without knowing that fact? Would you trust your future to luck or do you want to know you will be taken care of?
Although these question may sound extreme to some, why then would you trust the sale of your home to just anyone?
That … (7 comments)

top: Should i LIST with the Agent who gives me the Highest price? - 07/14/14 06:24 AM
Why shouldn't a Home Owner list with the Real Estate Agent who gives them the highest asking price? That question was from a Manchester NH Home Owner who saw me sell their neighbors home in mere days. They have the same style, same year built, same size, same amenities and similar condition home. An agent from one of those big companies said they would list it for more, a lot more....
I showed them the last 6 homes that sold not only within a mile but in their own subdivision. I showed them what is currently listed for sale. They told me … (9 comments)

top: WHY cant I place any Price I WANT on a Home Listed FOR SALE? - 07/13/14 06:55 AM
What is the BEST way to price a home that is going to be Listed For Sale? A Manchester NH Home Seller was determined to set the asking price themselve as he stated "a home is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. How do we know how high a buyer will pay, unless we list the home at the highest price possible."
Although a reasonable statement it is not realistic, as in Real Estate a home's value is determined by other factors such as what is currently For Sale that is similar. Simply put if you price … (14 comments)

top: WHAT day of the week is BEST to Close your Real Estate Purchase/Sale? - 07/11/14 06:10 AM
Is there one day of the week that is BETTER than any other day to have your Real Estate Closing? Would you believe a Buyer refusing to close on 2 days of the week because "someone" gave them advise that showings often do not go well on Monday's and Friday's?
The reality is it does not matter which day of the week you choose to close in terms if your closing will go well or go "not so well". What matters is who you have chosen for your Real Estate Agent. You will want a GREAT Agent whether you are Buying … (9 comments)

top: You can look BUT you cant touch - 07/10/14 06:29 AM
How can see a home listed For Sale and not look at the kitchen cabinets or the closets? This story is a prime example of why Home Sellers need to be informed on what to do and what not to do during a home showing. Arriving at a Manchester NH area home for sale, the seller was there to greet us. Much like the song, the seller jumps out and yells "You can look, but you can't touch... anything."
She proceeded to follow us around the home rubbing elbows and bumping into us the whole way. The buyer loved the home but had … (10 comments)

top: What is the average amount of showings before a home SELLS? - 07/09/14 06:44 AM
Is there a secret number for amount of showings it will take for a home to sell? Speaking to an expired listing, they told me their home did not sell because they did not have enough showings. Puzzled I asked if they had any offers in the last 6 months. They said a couple but their agent said they should wait for more showings and offers to get a better one.
As I banged my head on my desk the advice was so wrong. I have sold a home with only 1 showing on the first day it was on the … (13 comments)

top: What was the Manchester NH Condominium Market like in June 2014? - 07/08/14 05:38 PM
How is the Real Estate market is a question I am asked everywhere i go. Then I hear, Is now the time to Sell my Manchester NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your condominium.
.Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services has prepared a comprehensive Market Report that has been shared through out … (2 comments)

top: Can I place ANY price I want when I LIST my Home For Sale? - 06/30/14 07:19 AM
There is a SECRET to pricing a home when it is listed For Sale and I love to tell every one of my potential clients what that secret is when I meet with them. Recently a Home Owner in the Manchester NH area called to list their home. As always I walked through the home, I had prepared a list of what has sold in the area that was similar and what is currently listed for sale that is also similar.
When setting a price you want to set it high enough that you have room to negotiate, but not so high … (12 comments)

top: Should I sell my Hooksett NH Condo now? The 2014 Market Report knows - 06/28/14 05:10 AM
Is now the time to Sell your NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your condominium.
.Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services has prepared a comprehensive Market Report that has been shared through out the area to show you what is happening in different Communities in NH.
Condominiums are more than … (6 comments)

top: Manchester NH sets school start & end times for 2014-2015 school year - 06/25/14 05:07 AM
Manchester NH has set the times for school for the 2014-2015 school year.
Elementary: 8:20am to 2:35pm Middle School: 7:35am to 2pm High School: 7:45am to 2:421pm
Manchester has taken some great strides to improve it's schools. We have many neighborhoods that are requested time and time again from home buyers who want their children to attend those specific schools
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking here.
I have put together a simple recipe for both Home buyers and those … (2 comments)

top: What would your DREAM HOME be like? - 06/17/14 06:03 AM
What would your Dream Home be like? Active Rain and Beazer Homers posed a challenge this month to write a blog post about the feature you'd most like to see in a new home. It asked me to share why I thought every new home should come equipped with this gem and why anyone living in a home without this feature is missing out on the good life. 
The interesting part of this challenge is that nearly every day it is my job to find others their Dream Home. I list all kinds of homes. New homes, existing homes, big, homes, … (8 comments)

top: WHY Can't I just BUY a Home that is in PRE-FORECLOSURE? - 06/16/14 06:08 AM
If a home is in Pre-Foreclosure, WHY can I not just buy it and save the owner and Bank money? With a shortage of homes for sale in some areas, Buyers are looking at all types of sales to get a bargain. The term Pre-Foreclosure is one of the most confusing terms here in the MANCHESTER NH area. There are many definitions and certainly more myths than reality. The simple definition of a "Pre-foreclosure" is a home that has entered into the Foreclosure process. It has a different meaning for a home owner who wants to either save their home or … (10 comments)

top: How can a Buyer get a Seller to LOWER their asking price? - 06/14/14 05:50 AM
Should a Buyer and their agent even be trying to get a Home Seller to Lower the asking price of a home For Sale? My advice is NEVER base your offer on an asking price. Then get a new Buyer Agent. The Buyer Broker should assist the buyer in determining what the market value is in "Today's Market" then base your offer on that. You do not know other wise if the home is priced AT market value. If it is priced way below market value already to attract more offers or is priced way over market value.
You … (17 comments)

top: What everyone should know about Listing their home For Sale - 06/06/14 06:26 AM
What is the secret to getting a home Sold? You may have heard all kinds of promises, myths and short cuts however there is only ONE tried and true way to get one's property sold. Just as important what you do, is what you do not do.
It starts by avoiding short cuts, avoiding schemes, avoiding focusing on saving a few hundred dollars when you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars. Big flashy TV ads touting bigger is better do not sell homes.
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. … (7 comments)

top: 5 Reasons your NEIGHBOR may be killing your HOME SALE - 06/05/14 07:06 AM
Can a neighbor really "Kill a home sale" ? You bet they can and most often it is by scaring away potential buyers before they even can make an offer. Take a recent showing where we show up at a home with my Buyer. The listing agent was not present. We went in to view the home, the Buyer LOVED it. Then it was time to check out the back yard where we were met with the neighbors 4 barking little dogs.
Then came the neighbor. Their introduction was priceless when they stated "we will be glad to see … (12 comments)

top: Can't I just sit and enjoy the view for a while? - 06/04/14 06:02 AM
What do you think is most important when showing homes to Buyers? I was showing homes at Hampton Beach to a buyer that just signed me to be their buyer broker where all homes were walking distance as it is easier to walk than drive. The Buyer said to her daughter I would love to be able to sit and enjoy this view for a while as we were walking from the first home to the second showing,. I turned and pointed out a bench over looking the sand and water that was open.
The mom turned and said … (13 comments)

top: Did I miss the Spring market to be able to Sell my home? - 06/02/14 05:36 AM
When is the BEST time to sell my home? That is a question often asked by Home Owners looking to sell their property. One Manchester NH area Home Owner thought because they missed the "Spring market" he would have to wait a whole year to list again.
Typically we do see the most Buyers in the spring, however anytime a home owner is ready to sell can be a good time. In addition, this is not a normal market and nothing is average. There is still a shortage of homes on the market and the amount of Buyers looking … (8 comments)

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