top: 5 Reasons your NEIGHBOR may be killing your HOME SALE - 06/05/14 07:06 AM
Can a neighbor really "Kill a home sale" ? You bet they can and most often it is by scaring away potential buyers before they even can make an offer. Take a recent showing where we show up at a home with my Buyer. The listing agent was not present. We went in to view the home, the Buyer LOVED it. Then it was time to check out the back yard where we were met with the neighbors 4 barking little dogs.
Then came the neighbor. Their introduction was priceless when they stated "we will be glad to see … (12 comments)

top: Can't I just sit and enjoy the view for a while? - 06/04/14 06:02 AM
What do you think is most important when showing homes to Buyers? I was showing homes at Hampton Beach to a buyer that just signed me to be their buyer broker where all homes were walking distance as it is easier to walk than drive. The Buyer said to her daughter I would love to be able to sit and enjoy this view for a while as we were walking from the first home to the second showing,. I turned and pointed out a bench over looking the sand and water that was open.
The mom turned and said … (13 comments)

top: Did I miss the Spring market to be able to Sell my home? - 06/02/14 05:36 AM
When is the BEST time to sell my home? That is a question often asked by Home Owners looking to sell their property. One Manchester NH area Home Owner thought because they missed the "Spring market" he would have to wait a whole year to list again.
Typically we do see the most Buyers in the spring, however anytime a home owner is ready to sell can be a good time. In addition, this is not a normal market and nothing is average. There is still a shortage of homes on the market and the amount of Buyers looking … (8 comments)

top: WHAT is the BEST way to SELL my home? - 05/30/14 05:41 AM
Do you know what the secret is to getting my home sold? A question asked from a Manchester NH Home Owner whose home was listed for 6 months without a sale as most other homes in their desired neighborhood all Sold. The one fact we can all agree on is that hiring the "RIGHT" Listing Agent can make a difference.
It takes far more work than placing a For Sale sign on a front lawn or placing the listing in a MLS "Multiple Listing Service". The easiest part to selling a home some may say, is to find a buyer. … (9 comments)

top: What is the Standard Discount if I Buy a home with cash? - 05/29/14 05:44 AM
What should CASH BUYERS expect to see for savings or benefits in today's market? A recent buyer of a Manchester NH home was demanding the 'standard" deduction off the asking price of a home. The problem is, there is no standard deduction for paying cash. There are some benefits cash buyers can only enjoy, but it will differ from property to property depending on the who the seller is, what type of property and it's condition.
A cash offer is certainly stronger than any offer with a mortgage contingency. Meaning if you have 2 offers exactly the same price, … (11 comments)

top: What does it take to get a Home Sold in Today's market? - 05/28/14 07:18 AM
In the May Active Rain Challenge, it asks What do I believe to be the top success principle required in real estate? I believe to be successful it takes more than just 1 principle to succeed. Real Estate is more than just Selling homes, it is providing service and making Buyer and Sellers dreams come true. Anyone can place a For Sale sign in a year, place the listing in MLS and hope and wish for a Buyer to come to them.
To be a really good agent it starts by standing by your Buyer and Seller through each step of … (10 comments)

top: What do you think about Flat Fee Listings? Good or bad for the Seller? - 05/27/14 06:02 AM
Do you really get what you pay for in Real Estate? There are different approaches to List and Sell homes. Some may work well and others may be disastrous. One trend that comes and goes only to come back again is the "Flat Fee" Listing. Sellers pay one fee whether the listing sells or not. Every Home Owner would like to save money when selling their home. However what most articles may not tell you, is the amount of work, the amount of risk and potential losses when things are not done right?
It takes far more work than placing … (26 comments)

top: Land of the Free, Because of the Brave. Happy Memorial Day - 05/26/14 06:29 AM
On this Memorial Day, we send out a special Thank You as we honor and remember our service men and women. We are in deed blessed to live in the land of the free because of the Brave. It is through the sacrifice of the American Soldier and their families that we can live the lives we do. I extend a thank you to my friends, relatives and neighbors who have served. Our country should not only remember your service today, but every day. May our government support you and treat you as you deserve... Hero's.
You can search for … (12 comments)

top: What do you say when the buyers relatives or friends start the bashing - 05/25/14 06:47 AM
Some days the easiest part of selling a home is finding a buyer and the hardest parts of any sale is to getting the home to close. In some cases it happens before they buyer makes an offer, but in others, it may happen after the offer has already been accepted, The buyer brings in their parents, or in some cases their children, they bring in their uncle, cousin, co-worker and perhaps friends. They all have an opinion and soon start to confuse and sometimes scare the buyer.
How do you handle the "spoilers"?
You can search … (36 comments)

top: Are you feeling LUCKY? - 05/23/14 05:16 AM
How LUCKY does a Home Buyer have to be to get their offer accepted? This was a statement recently made on one of my new listings by a Buyer and their agent, the buyer simply said I hope we are lucky enough they accept our offer. The HARD FACT is that luck may have nothing to do if your offer is accepted.
A good offer will usually yield good results. Here in the Manchester NH area we are seeing a small increase in new listings, however there is still a shortage of good listings compared to the amount of … (13 comments)

top: How does a home in Nashua NH sell in only 9 days? - 05/21/14 05:38 AM
I am proud to announce the SALE AND CLOSING of 14 Blueberry Lane in NASHUA 03062. Under Contract in only 9 days with multiple offers. The Buyers were very happy with this 3 Bedroom, 2 bath home with Full finished basement, 1 car garage, fireplace, central A/C and 2 decks.
THINKING OF SELLING YOUR HOME? We may be able to help with Buyers waiting for New Listings in Southern NH. Contact me today for a FREE Market Analysis and to find out what the market is like in your area as well as what your home may be worth in todays; Market.. 

top: How mad does it make you if someone says Real Estate agents are lazy? - 05/19/14 05:46 AM
A feature blog today angered me but then when I thought about it more and more, it was similar to something a Home Seller asked me this weekend who I called as their listing at expired. Mr. Home Seller asked, "Why would Mr. Big time Agent list my home if they were not going to do anything to get it sold?" What can you do better?
You often will read in my blogs that "ALL AGENTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL." Therefore all agents are not lazy and titles such as that are misleading. There are some very hard working agents … (57 comments)

top: Can a Buyer Agent do all the paperwork if you are selling FSBO? - 05/17/14 06:31 AM
Every one like to save money, so when a Home Owner Selling their home themselves asks if the Buyer Agent can "write up" all the paperwork, you may see the savings may turn to loss quickly. Buyer agents work for the buyer and look to get the buyers the best deal, lowest price and best terms. A listing agent does more than just "write" paperwork. They guide the seller through each step of the selling process.
It starts by the Listing Agent assisting in setting a reasonable listing price while trying to obtain the best sales price. They make … (8 comments)

top: TELL ME, Does this look like a newly remodeled Home? - 05/15/14 05:57 AM
There are some terms in Real Estate that can men different things. One that is pretty standard is "Remodeled". Sometimes you see the words completely, total or newly in front of it. Therefore you would expect a newly remodeled bath to be new, current and updated? right? well not always...
Check out the picture below. This newly remodeled bathroom simply had pictures, murals, artwork or what ever you want to call it painted on the old toilet and old sink???
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking … (13 comments)

top: Which States have the BEST SCHOOLS? - 05/13/14 02:18 PM
There is a new study out to find which states have the "Smartest Students". One of the proud states in NEW HAMPSHIRE. The students with the best scores hailed from states that include New Hampshire, Minnesota and Massachusetts. The worst scores came out of Arkansas and Mississippi. Research Engine compiled a list based on American students standardized test scores. See the whole story here.
To create the map, researchers looked at each state's scores for the SAT, ACT, AP and National Assessment of Educational Progress tests. They sourced this information from each state's department of education.
You … (4 comments)

top: What should the buyer ask to be included in their offer to purchase? - 05/13/14 05:40 AM
What should A Home buyer ask for when making an offer on a home for sale? You may hear many Real Estate shows and even Buyer brokers telling buyers to ask for everything both nailed down and tnot nailed down. I have recently seen buyers asking for not only the window treatments but the dining room furniture, the pool table, the lawn mower and even a boat.
In most markets with a shortage of homes for sale, and as in my case, many offers within days of listing, what a buyers ask for can result in a rejected offer. … (15 comments)

top: What happens if the Seller can not make any repairs before Listing? - 05/07/14 05:49 AM
A Home Seller was having a real breakdown as they did not have the funds to make some repairs and did not have the ability to fix the items themselves. They felt really beaten up by local agents who came down hard on them, put them down and made them feel uncomfortable. The elderly home Owner needs to move to a home with single floor living. They do not owe anything on the home. Their kids do not live in the area. They did have the luck to have a friend whose home I sold last year.
Every where … (12 comments)

top: Can I get a Mortgage without having to prove my Income? - 05/02/14 04:48 AM
As Buyers look to take advantage of the Low Interest rates on mortgages, more and more people have the dream of home ownership. A recent question by a self employed person asked if they could get a mortgage without showing their Income in a tax return. The basic answer is no. There is no longer "No Income and No asset verification" loans any longer when you can state your income without providing it's proof.
You can search for Manchester area Homes For Sale by clicking here. what is for sale by clicking here.

The KEY for … (9 comments)

top: Are Homes Selling for more than they are worth in this type of market? - 04/29/14 04:54 AM
A recent Home Buyer was very stern in that they would not buy a home now, as homes were selling above market value. Do you think they are correct? The truth may be that homes are indeed selling for more, but not more than they are worth but simply more than they were 4 years ago. Value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay it. That is the secret of market values.
The key is that there is a shortage of homes for sale in many markets. That market demand for homes is very strong as … (8 comments)

top: Are Short Sales BETTER to purchase than Bank Owned Homes? - 04/26/14 05:27 AM
What is BETTER to buy, a SHORT SALE over Bank Owned Home? A Home Buyer reported their Loan Officer told them to stay clear of Bank Owned Homes and purchase a Short Sale Instead. I think they have it backwards. A short Sale is definitely a tougher purchase than a Bank Owned Home. With a Short Sale, there is no guarantee it will be accepted. This eveb applies to the so called "pre-approved" Short Sale Listings that the sellers bank will ever approve the sale. A buyer really needs to know what they are doing and have the "best of the … (17 comments)

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