top: WHY would Home Sellers MAKE IT UP about receiving additional offers? - 10/04/14 01:53 PM
Should Home buyers feel that the whole world is against them? One buyer thinks just that as they ask "If a Buyer can make up a story about having another offer to make them pay more?" While anything is possible, in most cases of Homes listed by an agent, the Agent will not be making up stories.
It is very common when an offer comes in, that listing agents call all the buyer or buyer agents that have seen the home and showed interest to tell them an offer is on the way or in, and if they are interested they … (10 comments)

top: Does a SMOKE FREE home Help a Sale? - 10/03/14 05:46 AM
Why did a husband banish his wife to the cold outside? SO she would not smoke inside the home. Mr. Home Owner had asked years ago if a "Smoke Free" Home would help with it's sale. He knew they would be there for 5 years or less and be moving on, so everything he did was to make sure the home sale would be a an easy process.
The wife thought it was a "crock of Bananas" but was not giving it up, she went outside so not to smoke in front of her kids.
Is there any truth that … (22 comments)

top: How many Agents should I list my home with to get a quick sale? - 09/29/14 07:21 AM
"If I list with 10 agents, I will get 10 times the amount selling power and sell my home quicker?" Right? This was a question by a Home Owner this morning asking if I would come by to list his home. He said he needed a quick sale so he would contact several agents such as 20, to get 10 times the selling power than listing with just 1 agent.
I went to the appointment because I wanted to be standing with him to see if this was for real. Perhaps candid camera would jump out. Well he was for real. He really … (16 comments)

top: Who usually pays for Closing Costs? - 09/28/14 04:30 PM
Where do you start when Buying a Home? One trend I am seeing is First time Buyers entering the market in droves trying to take advantage of the ultra low interest rates. The questions can come fast and furious. Many have received BAD advice from everyone including the internet and crazy not so Reality Real Estate shows.,
Today's question is Who has to pay for the closing costs? The simple answer is that the Buyer will have closing costs associated with the buying side and the Seller will have their own set of closing costs associated with selling. A buyer can … (16 comments)

top: Is it OK for an Agent to give the appraiser comps? - 09/22/14 06:06 AM
Can a Buyer, A seller or their agents give comps to an appraiser? First it is more proper if the agent submits them rather than a buyer or seller doing so. Sure an appraiser can accept the comps, but they do not have to use or even look at them.
In a purchase, the appraiser is providing an independent assessment of what the property is worth. Some mortgage companies simply ask that the home is worth at least what the buyer is purchasing it for.
It is inappropriate that the appraiser accepts any influence to change the value to benefit … (50 comments)

top: Does a Home HAVE to have appliances in order to SELL IT? - 09/19/14 06:14 AM
Can you sell a home without appliances? A Home Owner in a frantic state said "he was told that he could not list his home without a stove." The answer is pretty straight forward, there is no law in NH that states you can not sell a home if the home does not have any appliances. Many Bank Owned homes have no appliances and sell every day.
There is a "However" though as some mortgages like FHA do mandate the home has a stove, if a Buyer who is buying uses a FHA mortgage.
The bottom line is in … (20 comments)

top: CAUTION - Online confusion Ahead with Real Estate websites - 09/18/14 07:03 AM
Who are you? There is a new trend where online Real Estate sites "sell" the space next to a listing to 3 or so agents whose names appear, which may seem like they are the listing agent. Consumers are asked to click on them fo More information. The problem starts when consumers think they are contacting the listing agent and they in fact are not.
Not too long ago a Buyer showed up at one of my listings with an agent. It was assisted showings because if an alarm, pets and seller safety. When I introduced myself as the listing agent … (12 comments)

top: How can you guarantee a quick sale on my home? - 08/31/14 05:35 AM
What is the Secret to Selling a home quickly? This was always a popular question with Home Owners looking for a quick sale, however now they seem to be asking how we can guarantee that home sells. There is no wonder with ads stating they guarantee to sell your home or else.
Or else what? After you read the fine print, sure they may buy it if it does not sell in 60 days but at what price. Maybe half off appraised valued. That is not a very good deal for the seller.
Simply put there are no … (7 comments)

top: How will the arrival of FALL affect the Real Estate Market? - 08/16/14 06:03 AM
"Should I wait until fall to Buy or Sell a home?" is a common question I have heard this summer. Typically the fall market can rival the Spring market for activity. Real Estate tends to slow in the summer heat when many families take their vacations and tackle outdoor projects. In the Northern half of the USA fall is a wake up call for many buyers who want to be in their new home before winter hits.
This is no ordinary or average market, so my answer to every Home Seller is if you are ready to sell, NOW is … (18 comments)

top: WHO pays for any OIL left in the tank at Closing? - 08/15/14 05:17 AM
"How do we know who pays for what?" asked a Home Buyer. They were refusing to pay for the Oil in the tank at closing. Here in NH it is customary for the Buyer to pay a pro-ration to the seller for "fuel in storage." The tank is measured the day before closing and the amount is calculated based on gallons in the tank times the going rate that date at area Oil suppliers.
Our standard Purchase and Sales agreement has it already written in that Buyers agree to pay for fuel in storage. They need to cross it out if they … (74 comments)

top: What is the Hooksett NH Condominium Market like the Summer of 2014 - 08/14/14 05:17 AM
What is the Real Estate market like this Summer is a question I am asked everywhere i go. Then I hear, Is now the time to Sell my Hooksett NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your condominium.
.Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services has prepared a comprehensive Market Report that has been … (7 comments)

top: Real Estate MAKES my HEAD HURT - 08/11/14 02:23 PM
"What do you do if Selling your home makes your Head Hurt?" asked a Manchester NH area Home Seller who just called. She is at wits end and wants to know what to do. She said her home expires in a few days which may be her saving grace. The simple answer is if you are experiencing that much stress and aggravation you need a new agent who can do things right.
Listing your home should not be stressful and aggravating enough for you to bang your head on your walls or pull your hair out. As with anything, there is a … (9 comments)

top: What was the Manchester NH Condominium Market like the Summer of 2014? - 08/11/14 01:12 PM
What is the Real Estate market like this Summer is a question I am asked everywhere i go. Then I hear, Is now the time to Sell my Manchester NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen values start to rise with a steady flow of buyers and a shortage of homes currently listed on the market. That makes NOW a great time to list and sell your condominium.
.Scott Godzyk Owner/Broker of the Godzyk Real Estate Services has prepared a comprehensive Market Report that has been … (2 comments)

top: Should a Listing Agent Schedule Showings on a home For Sale? - 08/09/14 05:48 AM
Why would Buyers or Buyer Agents be calling the Seller of a home that was listed For Sale? More and more in the Manchester NH we are seeing notes to contact the seller direct to set up showings. Although common in some parts of the country, it is not common here. It is resulting in some VERY ANGRY home sellers. 
Most commonly practiced by the big national companies around here, it is not practiced by many others and that includes me. When a Home Owner hires a "Full Service" listing agent, they want full service. Most traditional is when a buyer or … (22 comments)

top: What is the SECRET to Setting a proper ASKING PRICE on a new listing? - 08/08/14 05:46 AM
Do you like to tell people "I told you so?" I actually do not, but let me tell you that 6 months ago a Home Seller said to me "If Home Buyers in the Manchester NH are willing to offer more than the asking price, why don't we just set the asking price higher to get a higher price for our home?"
After letting the owner know what her home was worth, what she should set for an asking price and what price she would probably get, she very rudely and abruptly told me another agent at a national firm … (17 comments)

top: WHAT is the BEST way to set a LIST PRICE on a Home FOR SALE? - 08/06/14 06:12 AM
Is there a secret in setting an asking price that will help sell a property quickly? There sure is. It is a skill and an art some people say to be able to set a correct value on a home to get is under contract quickly but get the seller the highest amount possible. When a Manchester NH area Home Seller called and said they were interviewing 5-6 agents to list their home, I was excited but cautious over their initial number of agents.
Most agents will ask the seller how much they want for the house and poof that … (25 comments)

top: I made a VERBAL offer on a home, Am I getting a Good Deal? - 08/05/14 05:35 AM
You will not see the twist coming in this story. What would you say of you got this call from a Manchester NH area Home Buyer?  First thing to note is that verbal offers are worthless, they are not enforceable and must be in writing and signed to be valid.
The second answer was, it is near impossible to give a value on a property you have not seen. Any answer to whether a home is a good deal without seeing it is just a guess.
Now most agents would then tell this Buyer that this is why Buyers … (19 comments)

top: WHY do so many Home Buyers offers get rejected or outbid? - 08/04/14 06:00 AM
Why are we seeing so many offers being outright rejected without a counter offer? A Manchester NH are Home Buyer wanted to know why they got outbid on one of my Listings. They had a big time franchise agent yet they have not been able to get an offer accepted to find a home.
The simple answer is the just did not make a good enough offer. Offers are not just the price that you offer, but sellers look at closing date, the type of mortgage you are getting, if your offer contains a pre-approval letter, how much you are … (14 comments)

top: Another Manchester NH area home sold in ONLY 6 DAYS - 08/03/14 03:17 PM
Selling homes in MAnchester NH is what I do. Another home in 03104 put under contract in ONLY 6 days is now SOLD and closed. We found a wonderful buyer who was so happy to close on this home. It is always a joy to to see big smiles. There is 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and a nice level lot. There is a 1 car detached garage. It is not Bank Owned and NOT a short sale so no hassles that you may find with them. available for a quick closing.
WE CAN SELL YOUR HOME TOO/ Email or Call … (5 comments)

top: Whatever happened to the AMERICAN DREAM? - 08/02/14 11:28 AM
You often hear what is this world coming too? Where did the American Dream go? Going to school, studying hard, getting a job, working hard and saving for a home... A simple formula for perhaps more simpler times. Before cash out refinances, before entitlements, before wanting something for nothing, before doing only enough to get by and perhaps before, in a time where hard work was rewarded.
Not all is lost my good people. There is still people who have that eye of the tiger, with a will to work hard, study, save and take chances to open their own … (14 comments)

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