top: If Someone asks WHY did my home not SELL? Do you tell them the truth? - 12/14/13 05:58 AM
It is SHOCKING for some people to learn that even with a Shortage of Listings in the Manchester NH area, not ALL Listings will Sell. The Home Owners whose homes did not sell during their 6 month and in some cases 1 year Listing period are upset, stressed out and want to know WHY. Many of these Home Sellers find my blogs when searching for Home Selling Tips. Every one asks "Why did their home not sell?" 

The two most common reasons a home does not sell is that it was over priced or a lack of marketing and attention by … (7 comments)

top: Should a seller allow a buyer to work on the home BEFORE the CLOSING? - 12/13/13 05:56 AM
You never want to hear that an Agent KILLED a sale because of bad advice but it does happen. Looking at a Manchester NH area Home in which the Lender required some minor repairs BEFORE Closing. The Seller had no money and no ability to make the repairs which the buyer understood. The buyer made a simple request to complete the repairs to get the clear to close and finish the sale. The Listing Agent said no way, no how, not today and not ever. The Home Owner said "What ever my agent says I have to follow." Fast forward and the Deal … (10 comments)

top: Auburn NH Market & For Sale Report November to December 2013 - 12/12/13 03:31 PM
The Market in the AUBURN NH area has been very active. The amount of Sales has remained similar to the amount of new listings come onto the market. New Construction continues to be built at a strong pace with very high demand. Looking at the MARKET REPORT from the current month compared to the previous month we can predict values to continue to increase slightly. Interest rates should remain low through the winter but are forecast to rise again in the spring. The one fact is we NEED homes to sell. if you are thinking of selling yours, Contact me today for a FREE Market Analysis.


top: Will a home SELL FASTER if the Seller pays a higher commission? - 12/12/13 05:37 AM
A Home Owner recently asked if they paid a higher commission percentage if the Listing agent SOLD the home for a price over and above the asking price of their Manchester NH area Home AND paid a LOWER commission if the home sells under the asking price would spur their Listing Agent to sell the home faster and for more money?   

My answer was simple, no. You see the Seller should be more focused on listing their home "Correctly" than figuring a scheme to do so. Homes priced over market value are not selling in this market.
You see if they … (16 comments)

top: Can you purchase a BANK OWNED REO property with a FHA Mortgage? - 12/11/13 05:57 AM
With an increase in Bank Owned Homes and a shortage of traditional re-sale homes, more Home buyers in the Manchester NH area are asking to see Foreclosed Homes listed For Sale. The problem is many buyers are not informed how the process of Buying a REO home works. Even more troubling is the amount of Buyer brokers who are unaware and giving bad advice. Purchasing a Bank owned Home can be a great bargain, but needs to be completed correctly.

One of the most common mortgages Buyers are using is FHA. With only 3.5% down, it allows the buyer to put … (7 comments)

top: Let me share one of the STRANGEST ways to get a Home SOLD - 12/07/13 05:47 AM
There are some strange ways to get tips to get one's Home SOLD, but a Manchester NH area Home Owner went to extremes yesterday. They called and asked to see a home I have listed For Sale. The key here is it was not until we were in the home they began to compare this home to their own. It was then they told me they lived down the street and owned the home listed for sale with a "national" company. They than began to pepper me why I have had so many showings and they have not had any. I actually already … (9 comments)

top: I don't care whose Bigger or Better - Can you SELL MY HOUSE? - 12/06/13 06:15 AM
There are some Home Sellers who have done their homework and their calls and emails usually reflect it. When a Manchester NH area Home Owner calls and states they have seen many ads with every company claiming to be the "Biggest or the Best". What she wants to know is "Can I get her Home Sold?" I sure can I replied. The consumer proceeded to tell me that I sold a home in her neighborhood a couple of years back. She recently came across my blog and knew I was the one to call. 

During the conversation she said she LOVED the … (35 comments)

top: Are REO Agents LUCKY to work in this field of Real Estate? - 12/04/13 03:39 PM
An agent told me this afternoon "I was pretty Lucky" to be getting all these new REO Listings. What she did not see is that here in the Manchester NH area there has been a sharp increase in new foreclosure postings. The only luck invilved was me finishing 32 BPO's in the last 3 days as 3 different banks and entrusted me to complete. Before anyone panics, it is necessary to clear all the vacant and non performing loans from the Banks books. Most homes are 1 to 3 years behind and many have defaulted on Loan Modification that were meant to save them.


top: Are you Noticing an Increase in FORECLOSURES in your area? - 12/04/13 06:43 AM
What does it mean that there is an increase in Foreclosures in many areas once again? Here in the Manchester NH area I have seen a sharp increase in new foreclosure postings and an increase in auctions. Before you jump up from your chair though, what if I told you this was a good thing. As a Leading REO agent in my area, the conclusion is it is necessary to clear all the vacant and no performing loans from the Banks books. Most homes are 1 to 3 years behind and many have defaulted on Loan Modification that were meant to save them.

Some of … (8 comments)

top: HOW did YOU get that new Real Estate Listing? - 12/03/13 05:38 AM
Is anyone noticing less homes For Sale these days? Here in Manchester NH area the amount of Homes listed For Sale is down. The reasoning is two fold. There are less new listings come on the market and Buyers are buying at a steady base to take advantage of ultra low interest rates before they may rise in the spring. The homes listed right, priced right and marketed right can sell in days while other listings can sit for months if not listed right.

Some agents are not always so happy when another listing gets a new listing. A call yesterday asking how … (4 comments)

top: Are there CYBER MONDAY DEALS in Real Estate? - 12/02/13 05:30 AM
Last week I had an interesting question which I wrote a blog about asking if there is going to be an BLACK FRIDAY DEALS in Real Estate. Although it managed to sneak by the AR gods, It made my email box fill up from Manchester NH area consumers. So if you follow me, you know I could not let Cyber Monday go by without shouting from soap box that the GOOD news is you do not have to wait for just ONE DAY a year to get DEALS in Real Estate. You can get a DEAL any day you want one if … (8 comments)

I would like to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING from myself and the Godzyk Real Estate Services in Manchester NH. We are thankful for all your support and inspiration throughout the year.
I am Thankful for the Blessings in Life and Business
I am Thankful for the many friendships I have made.
I am Thankful for the time we share.
HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a Wonderful Day with your Friends and Family.

It does not take magic to turn your "For Sale" sign into a "Sold" sign. it takes a full time Local Agent who specializes in Listing homes like … (10 comments)

top: Please clean BEFORE the Showing - NOT DURING it. - 11/19/13 05:52 AM
The question is often asked "Should Home Sellers be home during a showing?" During a recent showing with my Buyer, the Listing agent has Buyer Agents call the owner direct to set up showings. The Seller of this Manchester NH area home insisted they would be there during the showing. The home is in a newer area of large and appealing homes. We walked up the long side walk lined with once beautiful flowers who have been browned by the recent cold weather and now are covered with fallen leaves.   I ring the bell and introduce myself and my buyer. The owner … (12 comments)

top: WHY do some Homes SELL while Others get passed over? - 11/13/13 05:52 AM
How could any Home NOT sell quickly if there is such a shortage of Homes For Sale in the Manchester NH area? Home Owners are puzzled why Buyers have not made an offer on their home. However the number of homes sitting on the market are increasing while these homes go "unsold". Some times the best lessons are learned the hard way as these Home Owners are finding out. You are not forced to repeat their mistakes by learning from these lessons.

1. A Buyer can not purchase a home if they do not know it is For Sale. Many homes are … (24 comments)

top: Why you should not wait if you need to Sell through a Short Sale? - 11/12/13 06:04 AM
Short Sales come with the allure of a fresh start, being able to sell a home where you owe more than it's worth and perhaps not having to pay back the difference of what you owed less what it was sold for during the Short Sale. Here in the Manchester NH area, Home Owners are rushing to List their homes before the "FORGIVENESS LAW" that allows your debt to be forgiven expires on Han. 1 2014. If you wait, it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars as most forecasters are saying it will not be extended. 

If you owe more than your … (5 comments)

top: Should you list with which ever Agent gives you the highest price? - 11/03/13 05:09 AM
Do you want the TRUTH or would like me to tell you what YOU want to hear? With a shortage of homes Listed For Sale, some agents are boosting the price they tell Home Owners that the home is worth just to get the Listing. This is not a trend that is unique to the Manchester NH area, as I hear it from agents across the country. I wrote about a recent Listing Appointment where a "National" company stated they should list their home 10% to 20% over what they want for their home. 

The problem is that makes that home over priced and … (9 comments)

top: How much over Market Value should I price my Home at? - 11/02/13 06:13 AM
How do you price your homes For Sale? A Home Owner who was interviewing Listing Agents in the Manchester NH area, stated that an agent from a "National" company stated they should list their home 10% to 20% over what they want for their home. They told me what they thought their home was worth and showed me a number with 20% added to it. They then asked if I would list the home for this price. 

The problem, with this philosophy, is the home's value they proposed is not based on facts, but wishes and perceptions.
I let them know i perform a Market … (4 comments)

top: Can Halloween Decorations can SCARE Buyers away from seeing a home? - 10/30/13 05:57 AM
If your home is listed FOR SALE, Should you decorate for a Holiday? Take Halloween, and this Home that feature's some wonderful Halloween decorations, but how is a Buyer supposed to view the inside of a home blocked by decorations? While the Home Owners intentions are to offer a treat, it is a real trick to Buyers and their agents.
Part of the job when Manchester NH, area home owners list their homes, is offering advice to help in presentation and showings to buyers. When choosing someone to sell your home, many home owners rush into listing with the first or … (73 comments)

top: TOP 5 HORROR Stories why your offer was Rejected this Halloween Season - 10/25/13 05:50 AM
It does not need to take a trick to get your offer accepted these days. Many Buyers though are learning the hard way here in the Manchester NH area when their offers get rejected. Join me this Halloween season as I kick off my top 5 collection of Horror Stories that kicks off with "WHY you offer was rejected."

1. Your offer was Rejected because you offered half price on that mint condition home.
2. Your offer was rejected because the pre-qualification letter that was required with your offer looks like it was written by your child.
3. Your … (12 comments)

top: Is that a tarp on your roof or are you happy to see me? - 10/24/13 06:27 AM
Did the title catch your eye? Well imagine driving yop to a  Manchester NH area home and be welcomed by a nice big blue tarp on the roof. What? How? why? I would soon learn it was part of a failed offer, home inspection and closing that "blew up"
An offer was made by the Buyer and accepted by the Seller. The Home Inspection was completed where the it was found the roof was leaking. The buyer Agent wrote an addendum that simply said "Seller to stop the roof for leaking?
Do you see where this is going?
So the Listing Agent not seeing the words … (7 comments)

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