top: TOP 5 HORROR Stories why your offer was Rejected this Halloween Season - 10/25/13 05:50 AM
It does not need to take a trick to get your offer accepted these days. Many Buyers though are learning the hard way here in the Manchester NH area when their offers get rejected. Join me this Halloween season as I kick off my top 5 collection of Horror Stories that kicks off with "WHY you offer was rejected."

1. Your offer was Rejected because you offered half price on that mint condition home.
2. Your offer was rejected because the pre-qualification letter that was required with your offer looks like it was written by your child.
3. Your … (12 comments)

top: Is that a tarp on your roof or are you happy to see me? - 10/24/13 06:27 AM
Did the title catch your eye? Well imagine driving yop to a  Manchester NH area home and be welcomed by a nice big blue tarp on the roof. What? How? why? I would soon learn it was part of a failed offer, home inspection and closing that "blew up"
An offer was made by the Buyer and accepted by the Seller. The Home Inspection was completed where the it was found the roof was leaking. The buyer Agent wrote an addendum that simply said "Seller to stop the roof for leaking?
Do you see where this is going?
So the Listing Agent not seeing the words … (7 comments)

top: 5 TRICKS to Avoid when Buying a BANK OWNED HOME this Halloween Season - 10/23/13 05:37 AM
If you are looking to BUY a BANK OWNED HOME, whether in the Manchester NH area or  across the country, you certainly do not want to get 'TRICKED" instead of getting to enjoy the "TREAT" of your new Dream Home.. Welcome to part 6 in my Halloween Series of blogs.
Foreclosures also know as REO homes, are still a great source for the bargains. With a reduction in them, they are harder to find and you may find multiple offers on each new listing.
You can get the advanatage to get a DEAL and your Dream Home with a … (12 comments)

top: WHAT does a FREE Market Analysis consist of? - 10/17/13 05:30 AM
What is a Market Analysis asks a Manchester NH Home Owner? Is it the same as an Appraisal? How about a CMA or Certified Market Analysis? Then what is a BPO or Broker Price Opinion? Do you provide this as a FREE service in the  Manchester NH area.
The first thing to note is YES, a BPO, CMA and Market Analysis are all similar. They differ from an Appraisal in that an Appraisal is completed by a Licensed and certified Appraiser.

The others types of reports are completed by a Licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker. 
WHO should have a Market Analysis completed? … (10 comments)

top: HOW will BUYING a Condo that ALLOWS PETS affect it's future Value? - 10/14/13 06:35 AM
Do pets affect the value of a home? How about a Condominium development? A Buyer who does not have pets was Looking for a Condominium in the Manchester NH area, and was quite torn about how pets would affect the future value of her purchase?  

Not all condominiums allow pets and those that do, usually have pets rules that can limit the amount of pets, type of pets and even their size. 
There are 2 major variables that affect value. The first is that a condo that allows pets, certainly opens itself up to more potential Buyers. More Buyers can equal a … (8 comments)

top: I was Selling my Home myself - Now I have a problem - Can you help? - 10/12/13 06:25 AM
How hard can it be to Sell your Home on your own? There is a shortage of homes for sale, there are lots of buyer, should be easy...right? To one Manchester NH area Home Seller, they found out the hard way that it the hard work starts after you find a buyer. With a haste to save money, they did not have knowledge about contracts, the Buyers inspection, the Buyers Mortgage, the appraisal or the list of items the buyers bank demanded. 

They asked for help, they begged for help and cried and cried some more. "It wasn't supposed to be this … (15 comments)

top: Should you be able to TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT with Home buying? - 10/11/13 05:54 AM
The Newest trend in HOME BUYING was just featured on perfect Good Morning America. It showed how SELLERS are letting home buyers spend the day and or night in the home to give them the opportunity to try it and fall in love with it. This is not a trend that has hit us here in the  Manchester NH area yet. I spent some time pondering if this is a good idea, bad idea and if it would work with all homes listed for sale? 

The FACT is it would be a great tool for "some" homes, however could hurt others. … (15 comments)

top: I will not be using a Buyer Broker - Just take the 3% off the price - 10/10/13 05:35 AM
A Buyer in their haste to save money, demanded that I take 3% off the price of the Home, because they would not use a Buyer Broker to purchase a Manchester NH area Home. I do not think they realize that whether they use a buyer Agent, has no affect on the contract between the Seller and the Listing Agent with what or how they are paid to list and sell that home.

First I must say that a GOOD Buyer Broker usually does half the work and therefore gets half the commission. Without another agent involved, The listiing agent even if … (47 comments)

top: I need to BUY a HOME FAST - How can I do it? - 10/05/13 04:12 PM
Is it possible to purchase a home Fast? That was a question asked by a First Time Home Buyer who was looking for a Manchester NH area Home For Sale. "Oh yeah, I need a mortgage" he added.

The short answer is YES, if you do everything correctly. The first question is how quick is quick? On average when a buyer is getting a conventional mortgage it can take 30-45 days on average. 
The 1st step should be to consult with a Local and Well experienced Buyer Agent who will take the time to assist you through EACH step of Buying a home. … (8 comments)

top: Who you calling NOSEY Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller? - 10/02/13 05:20 AM
"You people sure are NOSEY" states Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller of a Manchester NH area home that was listed FOR SALE? What could be the greatest lesson to Home Owners of what not to do. When i arrived at a home For Sale with my Buyer Clients, the Home Owners were there to let us in. The listing agent however was not. The agent arranged the sellers to let people in to show their own home. That was the first mistake.

As we walked through the home Mrs. Buyer asked if she could look in the pantry closet as the Sellers stayed … (16 comments)

top: Will the Government shutdown affect Real Estate Sales? - 10/01/13 05:33 AM
I had my first panicked buyer this morning waiting for me at 8am asking if the Government shutdown will affect their purchase of their new Manchester NH area home? The news had kept them up all night. Rest assured their sale will not be delayed by the shut down as the are getting a conventional mortgage and not a FHA or VA. 

Yesterday I took the time to contact my other Buyers who are going FHA to update and inform them what a possible shut down may mean.
The good news for each of these 2 buyers is early in the process. The local … (28 comments)

top: Say it like it is! Real Estate terms that drive people CRAZY - 09/28/13 04:42 AM
If you are reading a Real Estate ad, a description on MLS or an internet site, Can you believe what you read? There are so many Real Estate terms and each person seems to assign their own meaning to them. I see it here with many Manchester NH area homes listed FOR SALE. Brand NEW, Newly Remodeled and my famous "Ready for your finishing touches. 

BRAND NEW means "never used" so if you have Brand New Appliances and then use them, they are no longer BRAND New.
You can say "Like New"...
Recently I saw a MLS Listing for a home with a NEW … (43 comments)

top: Is it possible to BUY a Home with NO MONEY DOWN? - 09/26/13 04:18 AM
Can I BUY a home if I do not have money? was how the conversation started with a Manchester NH area potential Home Buyer. When I meet a FIRST TIME BUYER like this, I find it important to start at the beginning with how the Buying and Mortgage process works. The Buyer was quite happy that I took time to sit with them. 

It is possible to buy a home with no money down if you qualify. There are VA and USDA mortgages and FHA is only 3.5% down.  You do need some money though for items such as the deposit, appraisal … (15 comments)

top: I offered CASH, so why did my offer not get accepted? - 09/25/13 05:25 AM
Why would a Home Owner pass up on a CASH OFFER on their Manchester NH area Home. Aren't all Cash Offers the BEST offers any Seller could ask for? The Reality is that there is a sharp decrease in Homes listed For Sale. The amount of Buyers has stayed steady. Many of my new Listings get many offers with the first couple of days. Therefore Sellers do not have to discount their homes like they did only 2 years ago.

There is however Sellers who NEED to or MUST Sell quickly and there you will find sellers willing to take CASH offers.
The … (11 comments)

top: Will a CASH OFFER get the Seller to take a lot Less? - 09/24/13 05:38 AM
How do you get a discount on a home you want to Buy? Here in the Manchester NH area, there is a sharp decrease in Foreclosures and Short Sales listed For Sale. Therefore Investors are moving into the Owner Occupied Listing inventory and looking for deals. They commonly make CASH OFFERS. We are also seeing Home owners whose values have increased the last couple of years and who did NOT refinance their equity away, be able to sell their home and have a huge chunk of cash to move up to a bigger home or down size into a home that better suits … (16 comments)

top: WHY wont you List my House For Sale? - 09/23/13 05:40 AM
Do you LIST every home that wants to List with you? Surprisingly every home will not always SELL, even in this market. A Home Seller of a Manchester NH area home called me to list their home, I set up an appointment to meet with them. They saw on TV that they should interview 2 agents. They saw that they should choose a big national company and choose a Leading Local agency, that was me.  

I have listed and sold many homes in this desired neighborhood. All the homes were built within 3 years of each other. All are similar style … (17 comments)

top: Will the BATTLE over the DEBT CEILING hurt me selling my home? - 09/22/13 05:47 AM
Politics and Business does not usually mix. The Question of "Will the Battle over the Debt Ceiling hurt my ability to sell my home?" from a Manchester NH area Home Owner who was generally concerned as they get ready to list their home. They actually met with another agent who told them to WAIT. We then sat down and I went from Realtor to comforter, philosopher and economic predicter.

Most people are getting complacent with 5 years of non functioning government. But it is affecting the mindset of some who see this on the news day after day. Most people who are … (9 comments)

top: Litchfield NH Market Report & Homes FOR SALE for August 2013 - 09/21/13 03:26 PM
Buyers are in the market for LITCHFIELD NH area Condominiums. This town is located just South of Manchester NH (New Hampshire's largest city), this town offers good schools, country living, easy access to highways, shopping centers and restaurants. It is home to many commuters from the Boston MA and 495 Technology areas. 

A Condominium is more than just a type of home, but a "WAY OF LIFE".  Home Buyers tend to prefer a condominium for their ease of living, no exterior maintenance, no lawn care or snow removal and more amenities such as a pool and club house. One of the best indicators of the CONDOMINIUM Market … (3 comments)

top: What can I do if The Buyer CAN'T CLOSE on time? - 09/21/13 05:40 AM
An interesting call from a Home Seller of a Manchester NH area home who claims their Buyer can not close on time, what can they do? The problem is it is not listed with me and it is not my Buyer. It is Listed FOR SALE with a "Big time" agent. They said their agent is not answering the phone or emails and they need answers. I sold many homes in their area so they looked me up.

I wanted to share this story as a lesson to other Sellers of what to do and what not to do. 
For this Seller they … (28 comments)

top: Should we show our home to a Buyer who is not ready to BUY a home yet? - 09/20/13 05:28 AM
When a Buyer states they are not ready to buy yet but still wants to see a Manchester NH area home listed FOR SALE, should the Seller allow them in to see the home For Sale? One of the topics i bring up with a Home Owner when listing a home is to go over the types of buyers and the different types of showings we may encounter once we put the home up for sale. 

The key for any Buyer who wants to see your home, is to be at least qualified to buy a home. As a Listing Agent i … (17 comments)

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