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Can you sell a home without appliances? A Home Owner in a frantic state said "he was told that he could not list his home without a stove." The answer is pretty straight forward, there is no law in NH that states you can not sell a home if the home does not have any appliances. Many Bank Owned ho...
Who are you? There is a new trend where online Real Estate sites "sell" the space next to a listing to 3 or so agents whose names appear, which may seem like they are the listing agent. Consumers are asked to click on them fo More information. The problem starts when consumers think they are cont...
Will I be paying more if I hire a Buyer Broker to help me but a Manchester NH area Home? This is a question asked by many Buyers. I am happy to report that in most cases you can hire a Buyer agent at no additional cost to you. Simply put a Buyer Broker gets paid their fee from an amount the listi...
Have you seen them? You may drive by one every day. You may have one in your neighborhood. This is not the Walking Dead but could be your home town. Homes where the Owner simply leaves. They go vacant and are left to sit empty. The bank has not foreclosed yet so they do not own them. No one is ma...
There is no shortage if excitement in Real Estate. While showing a Manchester NH area Home, I was answering questions from Mrs. Buyer. I noticed the Mr. buyer and their agent were gone. Mrs. buyer said, there he is as she points to a tree in the back. I head out back and I was not sure I should a...
What are the secrets to Buying a home? How far ahead of being ready to buy should I start. What can i afford? There are no shortage of questions by First Time Home Buyers looking to purchase homes in the Manchester NH area.  The first two steps are hiring the BEST Buyer broker and a Local and tru...
What the start of fall in New England, we are about to enter one of the busiest times of year for home sales. Everywhere i go, I am asked if now Is now the time to Sell my Manchester NH Condominium? The question of whether to sell is being pondered by many area Home Owners. Our market as seen val...
Would you let a buyer see your home at 7am? Would you show a Buyer a home at 7am? "There better be a pretty darn good reason they want to see it at that time," was the reply of my seller. This Manchester NH area Home Buyer is a business owner. They work 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm. They do not ...
Is there a style of home that is better than any other? Asked a Manchester NH area Home Buyer. The primary answer should be based on what the buyer's needs are. What style that is right or preferred by one buyer may not be right for another buyer.   Some Buyers may want OR need a 1 story or Ranch...
Do you want to sell your home quickly, now may be the time. In his latest News Release out of Merrimack NH, Scott Godzyk with the Godzyk Real Estate Services closed and Sold another home in Merrimack NH. Pricing a home correct and choosing the right agent can make a difference. Multiple offers we...

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