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Enjoy the champaign while the bubbles still fizzle because once it goes flat the ride's going to get a bit more bumpy! The long awaited Fed decision arrived with a bang!  Ben and company surprised many in the financial community - your's truly included - with a 50 bp cut to the Fed Funds rate.  W...
The only economic report released today was the New York Empire State Index for September, which came in less than expected and Mortgage Bonds had (yawn) little reaction. All eyes and ears are now focused on tomorrow's Federal Open Market Committee meeting (11:15am PST).  The debate continues on ...
Today marks the sixth anniversary of 9-11, a day that will forever remain in infamy. Let us never forget. As challenging as the current market may appear, we only need to look back to that terrible time to gain perspective and count our blessings.Once again, the economic calendar is thin, but at ...
"At the industry peak, there were approximately 500,000 loan officers. Today, there are at least 200,000 less originators in the marketplace - that's roughly a 36% decrease in originators compared with last year.(Dave Savage)Thanks for letting us know Dave! (but I think the math would show at lea...
Here's a interesting read I got recently from someone I know, like and trust (hey, he's referable!)  I disagree with him about the recession.  I'll add my comments in (parenthesis).  Enjoy!Friday's Jobs report was probably the straw (or brick!) that has now left the Fed asking as to just how deep...
I just wrote the following as a comment and thought it'd be good to bring this out to the rest of the community.  Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.  Especially anyone who disagrees!   Have you ever seen Creekside's? Good s...
Too funny, you gotta check out this video! Thanks to the Housing Doom blog for bringing this to my attention!
4,000 jobs were lost in August. This is in sharp contrast to the 110,000 new jobs that analysts were expecting (ouch!). Making a bad number worse, was the downward revisions of 87,000 to the last two months. This month's loss in Jobs was the worst report in four years! (This is GOOD news for mort...

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