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Stupidity.....we have some here "in the Rain" The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.Albert Einstein Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.Albert Einstein Never underestimate the power of human stupidit...
Mount St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center could become Mount St. Mickey ******************** Several days ago Mickey had the pleasure of meeting the Mother Superior.  She asked her to join her at her table because she had a few things she wanted to discuss with her. For some reason I have a feeling ...
Do you have three minutes and twenty two seconds today to remember? Remember someone who may have lost their life serving their country and fighting for our freedom?Today is Memorial Day, a federal holiday day in the United States on which the men and women who died in active military service are...
What were your expectations when you decided to play "in the Rain"?    Did you become a member to increase your business?Learn from other professionals?Get referrals?Meet new friends and form relationships with them?Entertain yourself and have a good time? ******************** None of the above.A...
Sequel to "I've already decided what I'll be doing".A double header!  The conundrum was whether to spend the evening with Mickey, go to my sister Ruth's retirement party or to do both. At 4:00 I went to visit Mickey. Dinner is served there around 5:00, so I had a nice visit with Mickey while she ...
Tomorrow Mickey will start training again for the Senior Olympics. This evening she was released from Hillcrest Hospital and is now at Mount St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy start all over again tomorrow. Mickey will be going for the Gold Medal on the pa...
Veronica Lake at an ActiveRain Meet-Up?She was at the one I attended! Actually, I did not attend any ActiveRain Meet-Up in person.....but I did in my dreams. It was actually quite strange. Not one person at the meet-up in my dream was a member of ActiveRain.....they were all people I went to high...
More "nothing" from me.  I won't be posting about Mickey still being in the hospital and having to go back to rehab once she is released. I won't be posting about my knee surgery that is scheduled for July.....and it can't get here soon enough. I won't be posting about how slow business is and ho...
Working on it boss.....working on it! Dick is boss! Dick Greenberg of course! ********** I've been working on something for his Sensei/Grasshopper: Round IV Challenge  I thought it was ready to go this morning, but there seems to be a bit of technical difficulty, so I'm waiting on some help. Work...
You know I'd do just about anything for Dick!Dick Greenberg  of course! ******************** That's right Michael Jacobs, a video is first Dick video. This is my entry for the Sensei/GrasshopperChallenge"with a twist". Well it started out to be "with a twist" but I ran into a litt...

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