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Thanks so much for your entry to “The Fourth Annual ‘Be The Star Of Your Own Movie’ Contest”…..   We appreciate your participation.     There is so much talent and creativity "in the Rain".   Some of the entries made me laugh, others made me cry and many of them let me and the other judges take a...
The Sequel to Random "stuff" on the last day of February Random "stuff on the first day of March   ********************   Got a late start and didn't comment on any posts this morning, probably won't this evening either, I'm exhausted. This morning before I left for work, I went to visit Mickey i...
Random "stuff" on the last day of February.   Everything remains status quo with Mickey.  The reading on the "Bitchometer" was down a bit, between 5-6 which is not a good sign IMHO. This is the last day of the month and the last day for me to meet my stretch goal.  I am $382.00 away from it, but ...
No, I have not lost what little mind I still have left.....honest.   But there are days that I think I may have.....yesterday was one of them.   You all know I live alone.....I do my own cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking.....etc. etc. etc.   Yesterday morning I was going through my normal rout...
Thursday with Mickey in ICU   Vitals are good and everything is stabilized. Mickey is still not out of the woods, but is much better than when she was admitted the other day.   I've never professed to be a doctor, but I do know a few things.....     When the Bitchometer is hovering somewhere in t...
Update on "Thoroughly Modern Mickey"     As most of you know, Mickey was admitted to CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) early yesterday morning.   When I left the hospital last night, all of her vital signs had stabilized and she was resting comfortably.   This morning I got a text message and ev...
As I sat at my computer getting ready to write my post for today..... My cell phone was my brother Ron.   Early this morning, Mickey was taken to Hillcrest Hospital. She has another UTI and her heart rate is very low. They admitted her to ICU.....I will be leaving shortly for the hosp...
Size Matters   When it's too big, it just doesn't work for me. When it's too small, it's even worse. When it comes to "size", it has to be just right or I'm not happy.....and when I'm not happy, no one is happy.   Make sure it fits and it's the right size!   So disappointed seeing " movie stars" ...
Normally I don't re-blog posts, but Ed Silva did such a great job with this one and it's a wonderful reminder about my contest that runs until the end of this month. Thanks so much Ed, I truly appreciate your support and creativity. While Some Crave an Oscar, Others are Hoping for a Mucci   We ar...
Damn-it!   Another's just so damn maddening.   This morning I get up at my usual time, 6:00 a.m. and I log in to ActiveRain.  I'm excited. I wrote a fabulous post and I can't wait to see the comments on it....but.....   Where is it?   Damn-it!   The "scheduler" did not work!   Very ...

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