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Just in case you missed my post this morning. NO VIDEO REQUIRED to enter......unless you are interested in winning an Oscar for Best Movie.   ********************   "The Fourth Annual 'Be The Star Of Your Own Movie' Contest" has begun and Brian England wrote the first entry.       Unless you plan...
"The Fourth Annual 'Be The Star Of Your Own Movie' Contest"... With a Twist!   ********************  Why not start out with “the twist!”   This year there will be five categories:  Best Movie Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Best Actress in a Drama Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Best Actor ...
When ya got it, ya got it.....and she's got I took it. A kick in the ass is what I took!   **********   Mickey was smokin' hot today!  She went as far as to tell me that I had over a month to practice my Rummy game while she was in the hospital and it was obvious I did not!   Are you ha...
Carbon Copy or Simply Yours?   ********************   Decorating is about your own taste and style.     What works best for you and your lifestyle, what you're comfortable living with and the colors that make you happy.   There is no right or wrong.....if you like it, it's in style.     I like my...
Time management?   It doesn't exist in my world. Knowing what is a priority is key.     Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have. John C. Maxwell   ...
IF I were to sponsor another "movie contest", it may start this Friday.     And IF I were eligible to write an entry, my movie may be "The Unsinkable Mickey Mucci"   **********   The story of a woman that goes against all odds and because of her fortitude and determination can once again tell her...
Sticking with the game show theme..... "What's My Line?" 1950-1967     Of course, there is no need for anyone to guess my occupation, you all know that I am in furniture sales.   So what's the point of this post?        Sharon Tara and Debbie Gartner were such great contestants on "I've Got A Sec...
The "Secret" is revealed on "To Tell The Truth" Another popular television game show that aired from  1956-1968 A person of notoriety and two impostors tried to fool the panel of four celebrities.   ********************   Today, there was a meet-up held in the Los Angeles area. It was hosted by M...
Does anyone remember the popular television show "I've Got a Secret "?   The original panel show ran from 1952 - 1967.     The premise of the show was that the celebrity panel would try to guess the contestants "secret".   Usually it was something unusual, surprising, embarrassing or humorous abo...
Fortitude.....Determination.....Inspiration   Mickey endured her illness and the loss of her sister Angie with great fortitude.   Her strength and courage kept her pushing hard and working towards her goals every day in both physical and occupational therapy.         Mickey's determination is ama...

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