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They don't call me the Perle Mesta of "the Rain" for nothing.   The Hostess with the Mostest!     Yes, I am known for throwing lavish "Birthday Bashes" for my friends "in the Rain".....but folks call me Perle Messed-Up since I  haven't quite reached the socialite status that was bestowed on Ms. M...
For some reason, I haven't felt very "social" for the last few days.   No good reason why.....not even a bad reason, it just seems to happen from time to time.   So if I haven't commented on your posts, don't be offended, I haven't comment on any.   So, here's what I have for today.  A few photos...
If it's Friday, there must be an update on Thoroughly Modern Mickey         Most of you know that Mickey was released from rehab and has been home since last Sunday.   She's a fighter, very strong willed and determined.   Suffice it to say that each set-back is a little more difficult for her to ...
Today we celebrate a very special birthday "in the Rain".           Someone we all know and love. Someone that keeps us all coming back for more "Rain". Someone who can take a "nothing day" and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile..... No, it is not Mary Tyler Moore. It's the one, the only, the e...
Unless my memory  is failing me, I believe this is the first time ever that my name has appeared in a sentence along with puppies, kittens and PORN!   PHOTOS TOO!   To find out the reason why, you'll have to read the post by Michael Jacobs and leave a comment on his original post.    Some of you ...
Sequel to "Do I bitch, rant or say nothing?" Being true to myself, I did all three.     Of course you all knew that totally saying nothing was not an option, it's just not in my nature.   So, throughout the day, I bitched a little about a few things, ranted a bit, and several times (for very good...
Do I bitch, rant or say nothing?   Well we all know that' saying nothing isn't an option because I've already said something.  So my choices are, do I bitch or rant?     Some decisions are easier than others to make.  Today I am not going to bitch or rant because in the inimitable words of Mickey...
What the hell is wrong with kids today?   ********************   Better yet, what the hell is wrong with the parents that raised these kids?   This morning I saw something on Facebook that really pissed me off big time.     In Idaho, a six year old boy was playing outside of his apartment on the ...
I'm in love with a "sumo"..... and I'm not talking about a wrestler.       What I'm talking about here is "SUMO CITRUS ®". I came across this homely  thing in the grocery store the other day.   Developed in Japan and now grown on farms in California.....they are a large, seedless, juicy, very swe...
If the day ends with the letter "Y" I have something to blog about.....except today.   The week started with me telling you about Mickey's day in physical and occupational therapy.   We moved along to Dick Greenberg's "birthday bash" which was a huge success.    Then I told you about having a col...

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