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A few days ago Christopher Smith from Houston, TX, wrote a blog abour Immigration and real estate. Lots of you commented on it, but I felt it was simply looking at what is indeed a complex issue, from just one side.The counter argument is needed if we are to have a ballanced view and so here we g...
I'm not sure I should use the word, but "thanks" to Alexander Harb who has me'me'd me! This is my second go around and you can read the first installment here - OK - so now I know what the heck a MEME is!I thought I'd expand on a few things from last time. I had wanted to be a journalist since I ...
I had a funny moment this morning. I was having one of those sleep in moments when you feel like you've been hit by a truck and then the noise started - but more of that in a moment.The other day my wife was out shopping and she heard this hysterical baby laughter. She and a lot of other shoppers...
There's a story today on MSN Real Estate By Prashant Gopal, of BusinessWeek. It highlights the ten worst cities in the nation in terms of real estate price declines.There are some in California, some in south Florida and even Sarasota (which was a surprise to me), Florida was in there.The interes...
A very Merry Christmas from The Home Team Radio Show. We will be broadcasting live as usual this Sunday on 540 WFLA in Central Florida at 12 noon Eastern and worldwide at this week's busy show we have a special guest - Nancy Riley, President of the Florida Association of...
Some good news for Christmas - and weird too, because it involves the Government getting something right for a change!In a move designed to HELP people who are having to choose between foreclosure and worse, the President yesterday signed a Bill that means the IRS will no longer be able to claim ...
Yes I'm a very proud daddy this morning. My 16-year-old high school junior daughter just got her results from her first attempt at the SATs - and she ended up in the top 22% in the entire nation of all the kids who took it.That's the only Christmas present I need thank you very much and I felt th...
The motor vehicle industry seems to be the root cause of the problem. These States have no population growth and therefore a low demand for housing (are you listening Florida?).They are....drum roll please....Michigan and Ohio rank No. 1 and 2 on mortgage finance company Fannie Mae's list of stat...
So to all the professionals on here this morning, how about something nice and non controversial. What did you buy your spouse for Christmas? Oh and to all the men - yes I know it's not Christmas Eve yet and you'll get around to shopping then, but what do you have planned?Clearly if your spouse h...
Back in January, the State of Florida passed a law that basically said if insurance companies bought their re-insurance from the State, then they had to pass on savings (around 24%) to policy holders.Essentially this has not happened and now Governor Charlie Crist has asked three trial lawyers to...

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