palm beach county government: Palm Beach County Tries To Slip One Past Us - 04/30/12 04:31 PM
Tomorrow, the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners, in regular weekly session, will consider a "regula agenda item" on page 23 of the published agenda that will allow a ballot initiative to implement a ½-percent (not ½-cent) sales tax increase for transportation.
The County still thinks they need to subsidize the bus system that has almost no ridership. They think they need to make up for lost federal dollars for road and bridge maintenance - like they didn;t see this coming.
Three things are objectionable about this:
1 - Many counties already collect this "local option" ½-percent additional sales tax on … (4 comments)

palm beach county government: Can't Wait Until The Election - 08/03/10 05:47 PM
In Palm Beach County, Florida, some of our local elected representatives can't wait to be voted out of office so they engage in corrupt or untrustworthy activites and get a jail sentence to finish out what would have been the balance of their terms.
This has happened again. Counting today, this makes 4 times in the past 4 years with the County Commission and twice with the West Palm Beach City Commission.
Did they learn it from Washington, or were they planning on taking their talents to the national stage?
We know that power can corrupt. That's why integrity, solid principles, … (18 comments)

palm beach county government: No Tax Increase, Thank You - 06/06/10 08:06 PM
Palm Beach County apparently believes that it's easier to increase taxes than cut budgets. They are not alone. This is prevalent among governments.
They have become spoiled. During the real estate boom of recent years, the tax base increased handsomely. Building permit fees and other related revenues were flowing like water.
Infrastructure was being expanded. The Palm Beach County School Board even convinced voters to add ½ percent to the 6% sales tax - the first time it had ever been done.
It worked once, so why not again. The County Commissioners are considering an additional 1% increase to the sales … (9 comments)

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