title: Don't Get Caught with Your Pants Down - TOT - 12/16/14 10:30 AM
Don't Get Caught with Your Pants Down!
I'm here to help...
Are you a Realtor who waits to order title insurance until the last minute, or until you have a buyer, or until you get the appraisal back on your listing?

You are doing your clients an absolute injustice. In fact, you're doing everyone involved an injustice. The minute that the homeowner, seller, your client agrees to list with you whether instantly or holding off for a month - ORDER TITLE IMMEDIATELY!
Why … (0 comments)

title: Happy Title Order Tuesday - 09/02/14 09:22 AM
Happy Title Order Tuesday from your partners here at FTA Franklin Title Agency,
Please, let me know if you have any title related questions and or need to order title or pre-title on one of your properties/transactions. 
Don't forget you can order title as well as calculate all costs associated at: http://www.franklintitleagency.com/    
Thank you and looking forward to working with you,
Keith Stonehouse   Vice President, Franklin Title Agency (Closing Anywhere-Anytime) http://www.franklintitleagency.com/         Founder, Michigan Realtor & Mortgage Masterminds http://www.michigiganrealtormasterminds.groupsite.com/   Linkedin: http://www.Linkedin.com/in/keithstonehouse   Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/keithstonehouse Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/keithstonehouse   Office: 248-564-4022 Fax: 248-564-4024 Cell / Text: 248-894-4785

title: Snowpocalypse Cannot Stop Franklin - 01/06/14 11:11 AM
Welcome to Monday, January 6th and Snowpocalypse 2014,
Yes, I am working today and have been all day with the staff here at Franklin making sure that all of our clients orders and closings will be taken care of today and this week despite the weather conditions.
Speaking of this week – Please, let me know if there is anything I / we can assist you with in terms of ordering title, preparing deeds, ordering a title search, ordering a foreclosure guarantee, setting up and scheduling a closing anywhere-anytime in Michigan per your clients time and location, … (1 comments)

title: Realtors: Is This Your Week? - 10/07/13 10:14 AM
Hello, Good Afternoon & Welcome to the 2nd week of October, 2013 from your partners here at Franklin,
Tomorrow is Title Order Tuesday with your partners here at Franklin Title Agency where you can order title on our website, email me directly 24/7 at keith.franklintitle@yahoo.com or even text me the information at 248-894-4785. Some clients prefer faxing formal title orders over and that goes to 248-564-4024
This Thursday, Lunch is on us …well, actually it’s on the Sponsors of this week’s Masterminds Luncheon, Northwestern Mutual & University Lending Group at 220 Merrill, Downtown Birmingham at 11:30 for your series … (0 comments)

title: Realtor Mastermind Roundtable Luncheon This Thursday & Every Thursday - 02/25/13 07:33 AM
Good Morning & Welcome to the final week of February 2013 from your partners here at Franklin,
I wanted to bring to your attention this week the upcoming Michigan Realtor Masterminds Roundtable Luncheon in Northville at Aubree’s on Haggerty and 8 mile at 11:30am. Luncheons are scheduled every Thursday at 11:30 in Birmingham, Rochester, Chesterfield, and Northville.
This is a great opportunity to network amongst fellow Realtors from all across Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties. I have seen great success in these luncheons over the years in terms of referrals and closings averaging 3 closed deals per luncheon. … (0 comments)

title: What Happens After the Closing Table? - 02/25/13 07:27 AM
Hello & Good Morning from your partners here at Franklin Title Agency, Welcome to the final week of February 2013!
So, What Happens After the Closing Table?
Think about all the refinance closings you’ve done last week and the years leading up to today.
Now, think about all the new home purchase closings you’ve done last week and the years leading up to today.
Do you have a system to follow up with those clients after the closing table thanking them and asking for referrals? If you answered No, I have a program that … (1 comments)

title: Back By Popular Demand for Realtors & Mortgage Loan Officers - 01/07/13 10:48 AM
Hello, Good Afternoon, and Welcome to the 2nd week of January 2013,
Here at Franklin Title Agency, we strive to help, support, and partner with our Realtor, Mortgage Loan Officer, and Investor clients & potential clients here in Michigan. My goal for myself, my business, and my clients is to Be the Change I Wish to See in My Business …and yours.
This week’s email is focused on just that…
Here are 3 topics I wanted to share with you that will not only support your business but, grow it as well as it has with Franklin … (0 comments)

title: Work with a Title & Closing Co. that works with you (not just for you) - 12/10/12 07:39 AM
Good Morning & Welcome to the 2nd week of December, 2012 from your friends & partners here at Franklin Title,
As we come to the end of 2012 – Have you thought about giving Franklin a try on your next title order?
Why not? We do and offer a lot more than the traditional title insurance and closing company here in Michigan. It’s extremely simple to order title either on our website, email me the info, fax me a title order form, or even text me the info …yes, it’s that easy!
Here at Franklin … (0 comments)

title: Join Franklin Title for a Special Night Tonight in Downtown Rochester - 11/26/12 07:20 AM
Hello & Good morning from your partners here at Franklin Title Agency,
I hope your Thanksgiving was the best one yet with friends & family but, Thankfully the holiday festivities are not over with…
Come join us Tonight as we Sponsor Lagniappe at the Big Bright Lights Show Downtown Rochester.
(Yes, all the construction is completed)
This year we’ve (Franklin Title Agency) decided to be the main sponsor for this great event for the whole family as we do every year with the parade Sunday, December 2nd in which I will be walking in as … (0 comments)

title: Thankful This is Not Coincidence - 11/19/12 07:00 AM
Hello & Good morning from your partners here at Franklin Title Agency,
Happy Thanksgiving well… week really… looking ahead to a day in which not only do we take a day or 2 off of work in addition to the weekend but, we get together with friends and family and recognize who and what we are truly Thankful for. What we're really talking about is a wonderful day set aside on the fourth Thursday of November when no one diets.  I mean, why else would they call it Thanksgiving?  No One Diets on Thanksgiving& isn’t it funny that Thanksgiving … (1 comments)

title: Homes for Heroes on Veteran's Day - 11/12/12 09:21 AM
Hello & Welcome to another Great week in November 2012 from your partners here at Franklin Title Agency,
As you know: Today is the day after Veterans Day and to honor our heroes – Franklin Title Agency has become a sponsoring and active member in the Homes for Heroes Program helping our heroes (ie. veterans, firefighters, public safety officers, teachers, and military personnel) by providing a real savings when buying and or selling their homes. We are proud to be a part of such a great organization and purpose in our industry. Check it out at http://www.homesforheroes.com 

title: Introducing the Newest Addition to Franklin Title Team - 11/05/12 10:03 AM
Hello & Welcome to November 2012 from your partners here at Franklin Title Agency,
I want to introduce you to the newest addition to the Franklin Title Team, Casey Quintana.
As our business is growing as well as our client base, Casey will be working side by side with me handling your closings, as well as swinging by your office from time to time to check on you and drop off goodies. She will also be attending networking functions and board meetings that I cannot make it to on my behalf. Casey has been in the Title Insurance business … (0 comments)

title: Are We a Fee Based, Fee Driven Industry Now? - 10/30/12 06:46 AM
As customers become more educated in the buying, selling, and refinancing process (which they should be) I've noticed that my potential clients are shopping my rates more and more over my service and products offered.
Now either this is because they are trying to save their customers money in the deal or they are trying to make more on their end... I'm not entirely sure which one it is but, I am going to hope that it is the first theory.
I guess in the end it benefits the customer either way which is a win win for all seeing that … (4 comments)

title: Scary Time for Some Title Insurance Companies - 10/29/12 07:12 AM
Hello & Welcome to the Closing (my favorite word) of October 2012 with your partners here at Franklin Title Agency,
Halloween is only a couple of days away! Have you picked out your costume, theme, and or parties that you’re going to attend? I’d actually love to hear what you are dressing up as this year!
Here at Franklin, it is a scary time for our competition (other title insurance companies) out there knowing that we offer our clients & potential clients so much for their business beyond simply providing title commitments same to next day of … (1 comments)

title: Title Insurance is Fun! - 10/26/12 07:12 AM
Yeah, I said it... Title Insurance IS Fun! ....ok, well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration on my part but, it just shows that I love what I do and who I work with both co-workers and clients alike.
It all goes back to my theory of doing business as and with a team.

When you're buying or selling a home (or even refinancing your current mortgage) you should have a team around you of people that you know, like (fun), and trust representing your biggest investment and asset.
If someone love's what they do and has a little … (1 comments)

title: As a Realtor - Are you Networking Properly? Here is a Tip - 10/23/12 12:41 PM
Have you thought about your ASK at a Networking Event? Wondered Why you don't get the referrals that you Deserve? Keith Stonehouse - Franklin Title Agency Tue, Oct 23, 2012 3:28 PM Have you thought about your "ask" today?
You should have atleast one every week.
So, as you know - I have done some networking to build my brand, my client base, my referral partners, and ultimately my company - As a Title Insurance Company my networking differs from that of a Realtor or Mortgage Loan Officer who market mostly direct to the end consumer (the buyer, the borrower, the seller, and the investor) … (2 comments)

title: October is a Big Month for Con-Ed - 10/22/12 07:15 AM
Hello & Welcome to Title Order Tuesday with your partners here at Franklin Title Agency,
As you know – I try to support, promote, and refer as much business as I can to my Realtor & Mortgage Loan Officer clients every week in any way that I can whether that be through networking, through social media, through my website: MRMM, through my community, or through getting them involved in all of the above – I always like to share what’s going on in the area that will possibly lead to connections, referrals, and of course business….
There are … (0 comments)

title: Realtors: Are you challenged everyday by working with the mortgage company you are currently providing your buyers to? - 10/17/12 07:54 AM
Realtors: Are you challenged everyday by working with the mortgage company you are currently providing your buyers to?
Maybe they are not providing all the products and services needed?
Maybe their response times are slowly fading?
Maybe their approvals seem to be taking longer and longer?
Well, if that's the case - Remember, my clients are NOT ONLY Realtors but, Mortgage Loan Officers & Mortgage Companies / Banks as well. I'd love to line you up with one of my Great Loan Officers to better your business today.
If the Loan Officer makes the buyers / borrowers happy - You look like … (0 comments)

title: Title Insurance in the Fourth Quarter - 10/15/12 07:36 AM
Hello & Welcome to Title Order Tuesday with your partners here at Franklin Title Agency
We’re Halfway through October now – Tigers won, Lions won, and Halloween is right around the corner. Interest rates are historically low, and home values are rising finally. This is a Great time to be in Michigan in Real Estate & Financing …and Title Insurance.
I am working hard in the fourth quarter to offer you products & services to better your business as well as the relationship with your clients (buyers, borrowers, and sellers) – This email goes into detail … (1 comments)

title: TOT with FTA - Title Order Tuesday with Franklin Title Agency - 10/02/12 06:51 AM
Tuesday is a Great day when you really think about it - not only is it 30% off the bill at my dry cleaners every Tuesday but, it's the day after 'the' dreadful Monday & start of the week after the relaxing weekend... You're finally starting to feel the wind beneath your wings in moving into the business week and that's not just from the 4 cups of coffee you've consumed.
Of course, the reason that Tuesday is my favorite day of the week is none other than TOT - Title Order Tuesday with Franklin Title Agency... a widely celebrated day amongst … (0 comments)

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