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Condo Insurance goes by many names:   Walls In Coverage ho6 or h06 insurance Condo-Unit Owners Coverage If you have never bought insurance for a condo before, you might be asking a few basic questions.   What does an ho-6 policy cover? First, keep in mind that many coverages are optional, but wit...
High-Net Worth Individuals and Families   Congratulations on your success.  You have likely been rewarded by being in a higher tax bracket and may be more likely to be sued in he event of an accident.  We cannot help with the tax issue, but we will be glad to help you find insurance, from Anchora...
Condo Insurance, also known has ho6 insurance or walls-in coverage helps to protect condo owners in many different ways. Stratum Insurance Agency LLC can help with condominium, townhouse, and row house insurance across the country. Condo Insurance For Landlords (ho6 tenant occupied policies)   C...
4th of July Events - Food Cart Insurance, Wedding Insurance, and Performer Insurance     From our family to yours,  We want to wish everyone a very happy, safe, and healthy 4th of July Holiday       Wedding InsuranceAre you getting married this weekend?  Don’t let a walk down the aisle turn into ...
What are the differences between mobile or manufactured home insurance and traditional home insurance?  There are differences in some of the default coverages as well as the optional coverages.  Talk to the team at Stratum Insurance Agency LLC for a quote and more information   MOBILE HOME INSURA...
Cyber liability insurance is not only for businesses that operate online.  Cyber liability is the common expression for insurance for privacy and data breaches. Real estate agents and brokers gather enough personal information that they should be concerned about a breach. This is how information ...
If you are buying your first home, this is likely the first time that you are buying homeowners insurance.  When you look at a quote for the first time, you may notice that you see only a short list of coverages, which are the main ones that people often consider.  What you do not see is the sub-...
The real estate industry collects a great deal of data that puts it at extreme risk for a data breach and cyber liability. Stratum Insurance Agency can help professionals such as real estate agencies with a cyber liability and data breach policy to protect their businesses in the event of a breac...
New Jersey, Condo insurance , sometimes called ho6 insurance, help owners of condos through various coverages.  Stratum Insurance Agency LLC has been able to help condo owners with insurance in most states and has recently added New Jersey to the list. What is New Jersey condo insurance (ho6 insu...
So, you are thinking of becoming a condo landlord.   The idea of potential income is appealing, but there are challenges that come along with it. Think about these risks:   The tenant causes a fire and damages your interior The tenant causes a fire and damages your neighbors interior After the fi...

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Small Business and Personal Insurance in 49 States
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