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I love my job! It’s truly a joy helping people like you with buying and selling real estate. I firmly believe in the golden rule, treating people the way I myself would like to be treated in return. Your needs are important to me as I work to help -- and support -- and listen -- to you.
Listings Coming Up! February in Tucson is an exciting time in the real estate field because we have so many visitors here, falling in love with our mountains, our sunsets, our temperatures, and our people!  Tucson is an amazing place to live. We have the gem show going on, and the rodeo coming up...
  Continental Ranch Marana Community Page on Facebook   Just wanted to invite the folks of NW Tucson, including Marana, Continental Ranch, Twin Peaks, Gladden Farms, San Lucas, Dove Mountain, etc. to take advantage of this neighborhood opportunity.   The opportunity to showcase your business, hob...
You May Be Wasting Time...   I stumbled across a headline this morning that said..."You may be wasting time on Laundry".  It was kind of one of those "well...yeah" moments but I actually backtracked to find the article to see if it had any ah-ha moments in it.The article made me think back to my ...
Fog Over Gladden Farms Metropolitan Tucson Arizona.  Home to over 358 days of sunshine per year. Having a rare week - everyone is out taking photos of fog, clouds, rainfall. When I moved here in 2000 I thought people were crazy to get so excited about a little rain.   Now I understand. (Lake Glad...
Urban Myth Debunked...It IS True!!!! 99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer take one down pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall Looks like they're on 92 bottles of beer on the wall... So, Urban Myth...or...Things you See when out showing homes... Nope, no offer made.           ...
Your Long Realty, myLongRealty - New APP! Long Realty has just unveiled a new and updated search engine for our clients here in Arizona.  Imagine - no need to shop around for information on various websites - wondering if the information is current, correct, etc.  All the information you need is ...
 Are You a Renter On the Fence About Buying You probably have lots of questions, right?  Perhaps you’re worrying about a down payment, what your credit rating is, what effect interest would have on your monthly payment – and a slew of other thoughts running through your mind. The amazing thing is...
Downright Silly Laws in Arizona In my first TRIVIA21 post, I mentioned that it is against the law to refuse a glass of water to a person in the state of Arizona.Certain there were more interesting laws out there, I did a bit of research and will share a few that raised my eyebrows the highest: In...
5 Bedroom Homes for Sale in the Tucson, AZ Area Are you looking for a larger home in the Tucson area.  Five bedrooms perhaps?  Over 3000 square feet? (Available listing in gated Skyranch, Marana, AZ) I was surprised to find 169 in Tucson city limits alone. Add Oro Valley, and you have 14 more.  M...
Awesome Gossip A strong believer in passing on good things about others....a co-worker stopped to tell me a story this morning.  It seems while holding an open house, she made a connection with a couple and received their email address, phone number, etc.  She explained to the couple that she wou...

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