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It begins - late rent checks.  It ends with- no rent checks. This week, a story was released about the increase in property management fraud in Tucson.   Arizona was hit hard by the housing crisis - we became a paradise for investors - with an abundance of affordable homes - investors scooped the...
It is always difficult this year to narrow down things to do in Tucson to just five!  The weather is gorgeous and there is an abundance of farmers markets, charity events, outdoor activities, etc., to do - but here are the top 5 on my list: Trek Tech 5/10k and Family Fun Run on Saturday January 2...
Parks in Tucson are heavily utilized - for all kinds of events, any type of outdoor fitness you can think of - or simply just a way to spend the day with your family and friends - and even your pets. Here are 5 new park amenities that are happening around Tucson: 1. Seven new fully lighted soccer...
The question of the year, "Should I raise rents?"  My answer always is - it depends.  Each landlord and tenant are different and though the rental market seems to be improving - it generally correlates with the interest rates on home purchases, the time of year, and other factors. Looking at 2012...
I wrote a post a few days ago about Tucson weather - and how we shovel sunshine most of the year - but that it has snowed in Tucson 4 times on Christmas Day. Well, our New Years Eve, right at midnight came with a very big surrpise - Snow! Welcome 2015 Tucson - and here is to shoveling snow!
Some sobering statistics for Arizona: According to the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division there were nearly 40,000 alcohol related crashes and nearly 1,800 fatalities between 2004 and 2009. The Arizona Department of Public Safety reported that there were nearly 230,000 DU...
For the most part, it is great that Tucson residents only shovel sunshine during Christmas time.   But there is something about snow that we do miss during this special time of year - and many residents strive to find it - wether it is up on Mt Lemmon (the photo is one of snow on Mt Lemmon)  a sh...
First, Tucson was swamped with the burger craze - no matter what corner you were on - burger places were opening like crazy! Now the latest craze is PIZZA!  There are five new Pizza Places in Tucson - with a few of those opening several locations around town.  If you want a pizza from order to yo...
Surely the staff and volunteers have been up all night getting the roads of Tucson ready for the El Tour De Tucson, which, for the 105 mile riders, starts at 7am. Will your neighborhood be affected by the traffic and cyclists?  Here is the updated route map for today - the good news for all who's...
The 31st Annual El Tour de Tucson is back - this Saturday November 22nd. After 31 years of this event slowing down traffic you would think that people would be used to an inconvenience one day a year. But people seem to be less and less patient with cyclists as they ride 105 miles around the peri...

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