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Valentine's Day brings on the creativity for many people - for me - the day is all about chocolate - something I am very fond of!  But today - I came across some fun surprise hearts to make the day brighter - the first "treat" came out on my early morning trail run - came across two heart shape r...
Happy Valentine's Day America - and if you live in Tucson - you consider yourself and your sweetheart extras special because CNBC TODAY released the news that Tucson is the most romantic city in America. One thing I know for sure - I am in love with the Tucson weather - with lows in the 40s and h...
Not sure what it is about February in Tucson - but it is a month packed with almost everything - from outdoor events, running events, to garden and home shows and more! The weather is in February can vary from day to day but for the most part it is nice enough to be outside all month long! Here a...
Realtor Magazine has a nice article about which of the four seasons is best to sell a home – looking at the statistics nationwide – it really just confirms one thing I have always thought – that there are only two seasons to consider: one season when people are spending a ton of money – and one w...
The numbers are out for Tucson homes sales - interesting information if compared to this time last year in Tucson! Below are some highlights from the January Residential Sales Statistics form the Tucson Association of Realtors: The Average Sales Price fell slightly this month from $205,015 in Dec...
  The numbers are in for Tucson Rental market statistics for January 2015 from the Tucson Association of Realtors (graph chart photo also from TAR).   Below are some highlights from the January Rental Statistics:  Total Active listings for January -928  (880)  Number of properties rented this m...
For some, saying no is very easy - for others - not so easy. With age and experience behind me, I have learned how to say no - it depends on how much time I have, how much money I am willing to let go of or if, I just do not want to do it. A few months ago though I was met with a real test of the...
Hikers are coming out all over Tucson as the weather nears 78 degrees this week!  There are many trails to take advantage of - from easy to more difficult - one of my favorites is Blackett's on Tucson's Northeast side of town. This classic hike takes you to the top of the ridge that separates Sab...
Buying or selling a home in itself can be a frustrating, emotional process - so to add or create problems doesn't help.  So why do it?  Pick your battles, if things do not work out, don't force it or get angry, you can't change people, or make them do what you want - so, why invest all the time a...
A rare occurance in Tucson - fog!  It was breathtaking being above it while on a hike this morning!   Although our Tucson weather has been all over the place lately - from high 70's to drops into only having high temps at 50s - then rain - then sun - all within a week --- this is one rarity - fog...

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