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Good news for Real Estate Investors!!Effect March 1st, Fannie Mae has modified a policy that allowed real estate investors to have only four financed properties. The number can now be five to 10, depending on whether certain eligibility, underwriting and delivery requirements are met. To qualify,...
Can I really buy a home in this market?  YES You Can!Despite all the bad stuff that you hear in the news, there are loans out there to fit you, despite some credit hiccups.Improving your score can pay off in a lower interest rate and a smaller monthly mortgage payment. Fixing errors on credit rep...
A "short sale" is a distress sale in which the lender agree to take less than the amount owed on the home's mortgage, so it can avoid the costs of a foreclosure.  The home owner is either behind in payments, or possibly the home is "upside down", meaning the homeowner owes more than the house is ...
Many home buyers are considering more green features in their current home as well as when they are purchasing or building a home. The reason - lowering costs over the long term, becoming more environmentally friendly, healthier lifestyle for the home owner and potentially for generations to come...
I know it can be very shocking to answer the door and find out that you have been served.  You are just renting the home, right?  Now what?  Do you have to move out fast?  Fannie Mae has a new policy where they want the renters to remain in the home, even if the owner of the home is behind in pay...
When contemplating a purchase of a home, you may wonder..."what are going to be some expenses I can expect to pay prior to closing on my new home?"Once you find a home that you really feel called to, you will need to make an offer with your real estate professional and you will want it to be cons...
There are no words for all the hard work and effort you both put into helping me buy my first home. The experience was wonderful and I could not have asked for better individuals to help me make this dream a reality. I was able to utilize my VA loan, since I had served in the US Navy for 9 years ...
The worst thing on a homeowner who is behind in payments... a completed foreclosure on their credit. Once the shortsale is approved, and noted on their credit as paid as agreed, the seller's credit should rebound in time, if they are paying on their other bills as they should. Now they can move i...
Buyer, beware and ALWAYS do a final walk thru before won't believe this! A customer of mine was extremely interested in a Cory Lake Isle Preforeclosure, on a ski lake. It was really a beautiful home directly on the water with all the extras. The seller had taken the kitchen applianc...
Why should you work with one Realtor Pro for your home search?Working with one realtor can save you valuable time.  Sometimes buyers call on sign after sign in the neighborhood in order to find out information on each home.  If you work with a realtor that you feel comfortable with, you can ask f...

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