prospecting: There is grass under all that snow! - 03/09/15 12:47 PM
Reports are saying that this February was the snowiest February that New Jersey has ever seen.  We haven't seen our lawn for at least 6 weeks!
Yesterday the warming trend started and today temps peaked near 60 degrees!  The snow is finally melting!  
When I pulled into my driveway this afternoon I took this picture, to prove that there really is green grass underneath that white and grey blanket.  
How does this relate to our business?  We have been actively prospecting, knowing that the Spring Market is going to be hopping!  So shake off the cold and get ready … (13 comments)

prospecting: Sometimes You Have To Shovel Sh**!!! - 02/03/15 06:32 AM
Yesterday we got about six inches of snow at our house.  It was followed by about an inch of ice.  Not pretty.  Our "third child" Sam the Amazing Wonder Dog, was having difficulty walking on the icy snow.  She's fourteen and not as nimble as she once was.  So we were concerened for her.  And we were also tired of her using the 2 feet in front of the back door as her bathroom.  So I did what any good dog-father would do.  I took a shovel and cleared a 12 foot circle for to venture out onto the grass.  

prospecting: Get in the zone! getting out of it! - 11/24/14 01:47 PM
Just what does that mean? Get in the zone! getting out of it!
Simple, if you want to take things to the next level, maybe get more appointments or listings, you need to get out and prospect for business.  Let's face it, there are too many realtors out there for business to just fall into your lap.  Make it happen!  Make it rain!
You need to get out of your comfort zone and do what is uncomfortable!  This is what will get you to the next level.  
How do you do it?  Simple. Call that expired.  Knock on that FSBO's … (12 comments)

prospecting: Going Up? - 07/31/14 11:00 AM
We're going to make a presumption here - that you want your business to increase. If that's not true, then this isn't the post for you. If it is true, then carry on.
The only way to increase your business is to get more clients. Duh. 
And the best way to get more clients is to tell more people what you do. Again, duh.
So it makes sense that you should spend a little time preparing a 2 minute advertisement that you can deliver whenever you find yourself in a situation where you could tell someone what you do … (6 comments)

prospecting: Thursday's Thought: Suit Up - 04/03/14 04:20 PM
You win some, you lose some, and some get rained out, but you gotta suit up for them all. (J. Askenberg)

While prospecting, I probably reach 20-50% of my attempts. So I have to dial the phone or knock on doors about 5 times to get one contact. 
Conventional realtor wisdom says that you've got to make 100 contacts in order to get 1 appointment. That means 99 people are going to say NO to you for every ONE appointment you get. You might be able to improve your odds a bit if you practice your "pitch" or connect with a … (6 comments)

prospecting: Thursday's Thought: Are you having a good time? - 04/03/14 04:14 PM

George Burns famously said "I'd rather be a failure at something I enjoy than a success at something I hate."
How are you doing today?
Whether you're succeeding or not, are you at least having fun?
It's certainly more fun to be successful than to fail, but there's a real benefit to enjoying yourself despite stumbling blocks. The benefit is that the more you enjoy it, the more you'll do it. And the more you do it, the better you'll be at it. 
So whether you're failing at networking, or prospecting, or following up with leads - enjoy the effort and … (5 comments)

prospecting: Is it worth it to Prospect in December? - 12/08/13 04:37 AM
We're strong advocates of prospecting, as evidenced by posts like Keep Your Wood Pile Fully Stocked,  Is Prospecting the Monster You've been Fearing and Prospecting is Like Raking Leaves.
But we take December off, and here's why. 
First, homeowners who are going to sell their homes are usually highly motivated - certainly motivated enough to pick up the phone and call a Realtor. The door-knocking Realtor, no matter how well-crafted the pitch, isn't going to persuade someone to list with them. Even the phone-calling Realtor is unlikely to "catch" a homeowner just as their considering the wisdom of listing their home. 
Secondly, … (96 comments)

prospecting: It's July - How's 2013 going for you? - 07/09/13 10:18 AM
Spring was crazy busy - the phone rang all day and all night, we had appointments nearly every day, and clients came out of the woodwork. Our current inventory is nearly double what it was at this point of 2012, and our closed sales for the first half of 2013 are about equal to our closed sales for all of 2012. 

Now we enter the doldrums of summer, where living is easy and the lemonade pours all day long.....

Or so one would think. Here at Hallmark Realtors, we're working double time, not just to complete the … (3 comments)

prospecting: Don’t let fear have you... - 03/01/13 03:30 AM
Ever since I was 10 years old and had to have a spinal tap, I’ve been terrified of needles.  Imagine how I felt almost 4 years ago, when I found out I had Type II Diabetes and would have to prick my finger several times a day.  I was horrified, devastated and anxious about it, that’s how I felt.  So I worked to get rid of my diabetes, and I’m happy to say it’s been gone for almost 2 years now.   But I still fear needles.   I also knew that I wanted to overcome that fear...
For years I’ve thought of … (0 comments)

prospecting: Is prospecting the monster you've been fearing? - 01/13/13 01:12 PM
Ah, prospecting - the necessary evil!
There are some real estate professionals who recognize the value in prospecting and enjoy the routine of dialing their way down a call list or knocking on doors. 
Then there are the rest of us.
We say we "hate" prospecting, but isn't it really just fear? When we don't "feel like" prospecting, what we really mean is that we don't feel like being turned down.
Here's what I think about fear:
"There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them." (Andre Gide)
And here's what I think about prospecting:
"In … (77 comments)

prospecting: Perfecting Our Craft - 12/11/12 01:34 PM
"The dog that trots about finds a bone." (Golda Meir)
Selling real estate is a craft - one that many of us work at quite a bit.
How do we perfect our craft?
Just like learning to multiply or ride a bike, being a good real estate salesperson requires learning the skills and then practicing them until mastery.
Not only do many realtors attend continuing education courses, we practice scenarios and role play, learn scripts, and hone negotiating skills. We study listings and tour the inventory on a weekly basis. We read books about salesmanship and study contracts … (3 comments)

prospecting: 3 Steps to Earning Repeat Clients - 12/08/12 07:40 AM
How do Realtors earn Repeat Clients?
Wayne got his real estate license about 5 years ago. New agents have it tough – there’s no way to get clients except prospecting, cold calls, and working your sphere of influence.
So that’s what he did, eventually landing his first client, a woman we’ll call Gianna. She bought a 1 bedroom condo in a smooth and easy transaction that closed on time with no hassles.
One client does not a realtor make, so Wayne continued prospecting, cold calling, and working his sphere. Clients dripped in, not poured in, and sales were rough. We … (2 comments)

prospecting: 12 years is a long time to hold a grudge...... - 11/03/12 09:40 AM

-We prospect to expired listings a lot. We find that other realtors don't provide the same service and marketing that we do and we're almost always able to get an expired home sold. We send flyers and postcards and visit or call these expireds over a three week period, and manage to list a pretty good percent of them.
Today, a woman we had prospected to called us. It started out as many of these conversations start. “I got your flyer in the mail about my expired listing.” But then it took a downward turn quickly.
“I see you … (4 comments)

prospecting: Keep your Wood Pile fully stocked - 10/15/12 03:53 AM

Some call it the pipeline, but we like to think of it as the wood pile. In order to stay warm all winter, you've got to stock pile wood all year long. When the colder days come, nothing beats knowing that you've got enough wood to help you keep warm all winter.
To keep our wood pile stocked, we never, ever stop prospecting. Even when business is booming as it has been these past few months, prospecting is still the foundation of all that we do. Every day, even if it's only for a few minutes, we contact leads … (18 comments)

prospecting: Play and Work and Play - 10/14/12 02:00 PM

Play and Work and Play. Notice, please, that play comes both before and after work. 
Before you can work, you have to acclimate. No one sits at a desk and gets immediately to the chore. We click on our email, sort photos,  make a phone call to a friend. It's sort of the warm up to the work.
But then we work. Prospecting isn't easy, nor fun. But we do it. It's the only way to keep the pipeline full and the wood pile stocked, so we do it.
And afterward, we reward ourselves. Another phone call to … (7 comments)

prospecting: Our First Repeat Client! - 09/26/12 05:35 AM

Since Wayne first got his real estate license 5 years ago, he's pounded the pavement prospecting every day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. We would sit in envy as other agents in our office would describe clients they'd had for years, often buying a home and then selling it years later and buying another home. When would we ever have repeat clients?!
Five years ago, Wayne first got his real estate license. His first client was a woman we'll call Gianna, and she bought a 1 bedroom condo. First deal, smooth as silk, life is good.
Last … (4 comments)

prospecting: Prospecting is like raking leaves..... - 09/22/12 06:10 AM

Which way is less work?
To rake 30 minutes every day for a month - moving small piles of leaves out of the way every day.
To rake 16 hours at the end of the month - move them all at once.
Scientists of course would say that 'work' is the same - the same mass of matter being moved the same distance - but I'm pretty sure that the one day at the end of the month when you give it your all is one of the worst days of the year. Even when you try to make … (4 comments)

prospecting: How is real estate like summer camp? - 07/19/12 08:35 AM

Building a business isn't unlike attending summer camp, at least not according to  Dave Ramsey.  

The first thing all campers have to do is find the counselor who makes sure you get to the right activities and to whom you can go for advice and help when something isn't going well for you. In the business world, some people call them mentors and they know the business well and can help steer you to the right activities. They're also great when you're stuck and need some guidance getting un-stuck. Our camp counselor is our Broker who is wise, … (3 comments)

prospecting: Be Good, but Be There - 06/28/12 03:20 PM
"The dog that trots about finds a bone." (Golda Meir)
Being good isn't good enough. You also have to be there.  
Selling real estate is a craft - one that many of us work at quite a bit. We can learn scripts and hone skills and practice scenarios and role play all day and all night and still find room for improvement. But spending all day improving your craft won't get you any sales.
No matter how great your salesmanship skills are, they're useless if you're not out prospecting. Negotiating skills are great, but if you're not using them to … (0 comments)

prospecting: 4 Easy Steps to a Great Elevator Speech - 04/09/12 04:11 AM

Do you need an elevator speech? Probably, if you ever encounter people who might be potential clients or referrals. Here are four steps to creating the perfect elevator speech:
1. Set a timer for 10 minutes and spend that time brainstorming phrases or key words that describe how you help people. Write them down.
2. Use the words and phrases that you brainstormed to write sentences. Eliminate industry jargon or phrases that the average consumer won't understand. Use descriptive words, focusing on how you are the best at helping people accomplish their goals.
3.  Choose the best 2-3 sentences … (66 comments)


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