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  I recently got ripped off by Google Adwords... I mean... this time I didn't even see what I got for my money it was just... POOF... gone... I got about... 36 webviews for $50 bucks. I ran a text ad too but cannot see where any of the impressions stats were... that should scare the pants off of...
I don't like Google ad words --- I used to..... but I don't anymore. They are too expensive for one thing and the action fell off a long time ago. Another reason why I don't like them is because you can get your account taken away for literally no reason at all.... and the same goes for Ad Sense....
Looking for a better way to connect with people with real money for your real estate listings. Check out the new Whale Trader blog network and Facebook page. The focus will be on high end real estate listings, money markets, stock trading and connecting peopl...
Confused about the web? There's a lot going on these days -- especially with the new Google disruption from Hummingbird. This is going to be the kiss of death to content spammers and more sites are taken down and disappearing altogether. You need a better strategy if you are going to stay in this...
If you're like most real estate professionals I know you might hate to market yourself. I always hear the best leads are from, "Word of Mouth" but guess what? That sort of mentality has killed Metro Detroit. A lot of our top gun real estate professionals have actually left the state. I was horrif...
Do Keywords Still Matter on Real Estate Websites?This was the question I saw on a Active Rain forum post lately ---  the answer is yes. But it's nothing like the old days. The formating for web sites are a far more grey than they used to be. There is a term you will want to write down and remembe...
Now if you are looking to stand out from the rest - Style Jab needs to hear from you. This is a magazine website that offers advice on shopping, entertainment, spirituality, women interests, arts, and more.The site is a collection of real women journalists and professionals and not a bunch of glo...
  Al Havner and Sons have been creating their unique floors for years. But you won't find them in the popular Detroit magazines. They are usually too busy working on classic Michigan homes throughout Oakland County and in majestic homes in Novi, Michigan. They travel from word of mouth and from h...
Lansing,  Michigan – The popular $30,000 home giveaway is back at JR Neely in Lansing, Michigan.This home makeover from one of Michigan’s top premiere home improvement companies is being extended into these cold winter months. The Lansing JR Neely has been Central Michigan’s “GoTo” home remodelin...
Troy, Michigan - January was a terrible month for business. We're already into the new year and January has zipped by. Most of the people I know ran in circles trying to keep warm and cancelled all their appointments. I haven't had a month like this in 2003 when we went through a terrible recessi...

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