real estate and search engine optimization: New Marketing Podcast Episode - 05/27/11 09:42 AM
Its been three years since I created any podcast episodes !Can you believe it?
This is a recent one I created --
This is still my favorite podcast company. It is a great system and if offers zero advertisements. You can talk as long as you like.
I mention somethings of interest for real estate people in these episodes:* Social media* How to find qualified prospects using the web* Real estate leads* Using viral media to get real estate/invsetors

real estate and search engine optimization: Understanding Web Traffic: What To Watch Out For - 02/14/11 07:58 PM
What is web site traffic and what does it really have to tell us? You know the first thing you always hear is that free web traffic is never really free. You have to pay for this one way or the other. Either you can do press releases or articles or get some pay per click traffic. This is either going to cost you time or money or both.
Here are some things you will want to keep in mind......
BOTS - The bots issue is something to watch  out for. These are little spiders that crawl … (4 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Qualified Traffic To Your Real Estate Site - 01/29/11 12:34 PM
There are a couple of good reasons why you should be friendly with home services companies. They know people - bottomline. They also have a strong handle on word of mouth referrals...This seems to be the case for a lot of the ones I run into. I work with kitchen specialists, granite companies, and a lot of home improvement companies. It is usually the same scenario. A lot of these comapanies want to get the word out too about their services. They would like to do it with very little advertising costs.
Consider creating some space for these companies on … (0 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: MLS Accessibility - and the 50% Loss Rule - 11/28/10 01:48 PM
It is said that most online visitors leave after reading the first page of your website. Some experts place this number up to 50%. Thats a lot of traffic. From there the numbers get divided even smaller. As the online searcher goes through your site even more people leave after seeing 2 pages or 3 pages worth of material.
What has been your experience with MLS sites? There are a lot of directories out there but they ask for so much information up front, (with multiple menus) it is hard to believe that these are succesful websites.
Forms are really tricky. … (7 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Craiglist - Cyber Vandalism and Other Unwanted Online Attention - 11/28/10 10:59 AM
As the media changes new crimes will emerge. This includes safeguarding your credit card information and other protective measures. Recently, I have come across some bizarre ramblings with Craigslist. It has become an area of online marketing thaat I have chose to avoid.
There may be some good uses for it but I have had negative experiences with it for the last 3 months. These include episodes of:* Calling Bots, at all hours* Travel information and saving information on my 800 numbers* Work at home information* Get rich schemes
But the weirdest one was a death threat from some guy in … (4 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: SEO BASICS: Inform Your Customer Base !! - 11/27/10 08:49 PM
I got an email from a colleague last week. It was about 1600 words, all condensed, no spaces, just mashed together in a weird ransom note sort of way. He wanted to sell me something.... 800 rooms, a hotel or apartment building of sorts... It was confusing, and I did not finish reading it.
This is not the way to inform your customer base -- but it is a good way to befuddle them and send them scampering off in the opposite direction.
Websites come in different varieties lately. There are … (4 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: STRONGER THAN DIRECT MAIL..... !!!! - 11/18/10 10:02 PM
This statement is bound to get me some serious hate mail, but I will brave on....I want to talk today a bit about collapsed media channels. There are some that seem really obvious such as newspapers. There are other media channels that have taken a serious hit lately such as direct mail.I would also like to add to that list.....
Email - I usually read one or two emails and then throw the next 50 away. Because we are so bombarded with email I hardly ever take this media channel seriously. I feel that it has run its cycle and many … (3 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Even Commercial Properties Go Underwater - 10/15/10 07:59 AM
A couple of associates of mine lost thier businesses recently. The mortgage on both of their buildings went "underwater" and they had to get out of that situation. This is becoming more common these days. Both of these properties were commercial.The thing was they could have gotten out of this situation a lot earlier if they would have advertised. The buildings could be used for any number of things. There was enough room in them to hold artists studios and even a soundstage. But they were marketed poorly.They listed both buildings in a standard commercial property list site. This brings me … (1 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: SEO Preditions For 2011 - Chicago Real Estate - Search Engine Optimization - 10/13/10 05:57 PM
Here are some things to look out for in 2011. I hate to say this but the newYellow Pages is the Internet and if you are lost somewhere on page 567 insteadof page 1, you are going to have considerable problems, both financially and professionally.Here are some of the things coming up in our world....* Cities are putting forth code enforcement and cracking down on road signs,bandit signs, phone pole signs.* Radio stations are becoming outrageously expensive * Newspapers continue to fold up and close* Tradeshows are not well marketed anymore* Phonebooks are becoming obsolete* Bus benches, subways, and billboards are … (5 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Dude, Its 2010, and Your Site Is Still Terrible.... - 10/13/10 04:52 PM
Today I want to address EGO, (YES... I know... Everybodys Got One)....I coached a prominent business owner two years ago, back in the winter months of 2010 and showed him what to do on his website. Our combined intention was to bring in more customers....Sadly, he didn't implement a single strategy.Its 2010 - and he has 260 links..... and is a Global Corporation.... Now I see this sort of thing occur every once in a blue moon and sometimes the company actually does quite well. But in this case, the owner was trying to convince me that he was pulling in … (0 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Another Website Platform You May Want To Avoid..... - 10/12/10 09:46 PM
SWISH..... Yes, you can still buy a Swish template out there. I know they are somewhat dated. But these website templates are not a good choice for the website owner. These have the tendency to remain non- visible on the search engines......
Now, this is totally up to you. But for the most part I would avoid it.For those who don't know what this is I will explain. Swish is a lot like Flash. You type in the words into a template and the program animates pictures for you, animates your text and stuff flies around on the screen. They are … (2 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: FLASH SITES -- Luxury Real Estate Site Blunders - 10/12/10 09:30 PM
I got off the phone today with a client. They were gung ho on Flash websites. I had to explain that the core content is really not readable by search engine bots. I am not sure how effective I was when I described the situation because their eyes glazed over..... Apparently they had dropped a small fortune into this site.There are ways you can optimize these Flash sites to an extent..... But for my money, I would rather have an HTML website to get the job done myself.I would also say no to:* ASP sites* Wordpress sites, (for my main website)* … (3 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: MLS + ASP Web Pages Equal Invisibility! - 10/03/10 11:22 PM
WHOO... how often is this done on the web?
My colleague just sent me a website for review. It was just loaded with problems. I had to put all of these into a big checklist.....
* ASP pages -- these are hard to index, even though they are necessary
* MLS plug-in, without optimization of the major pages
* No Sitemaps!  We need sitemaps in our sites to be found on Google*  Javascript on the front page navigations -- search engine spiders cannot read them!
** Okay, thats just the SEO problems... Lets get into the photography a little bit. First … (1 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: SELLING - 09/29/10 12:28 AM
thats pretty blunt isnt it?You are in good hands if you are getting calls from telemarketers and MLM get rich quick schemes. You know your doing the right thing if your phone is ringing and other people are trying to sell you something. That is how you know you are in the selling game... you are out there.... you are in the open.
Too many times I run across people who tell me "My business is doing great ...." but they dont go into detail. I get sales guys on my team who tell me the same thing. I know they … (0 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Dallas Real Estate SEO: Good Mercy Stay Relevant !! - 09/23/10 05:07 PM
WHEW!Just helped a friend of mine get his business in order. IT turned out he had never changed any of the titles on his website. He had like 50 pages and they were all named exactly the same.....What do you think the search engines do when they see a sight like that? They jump right over it -- and index your competitor! This guy sells some high end goods. Nobody in his organization even caught it. All this time they were doing OK. But at the same time they were also handing over their lunch to their competitors......Make sure you don't … (0 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Online Plug And Play Advertising For Real Estate - 09/20/10 09:37 PM
THE ANN ARBOR NEWS IS KAPUT.....I feel bad about that. This was my childhood home. Ann Arbor, MI was my mecca of youth, pop culture and good times. The Ann Arbor News was iconic and now it is no more. This big concrete hulk of a building sits there cold and silent off to the distance waiting for a savior. This was a big news channel that distributed news, coupons and real estate information to the masses week after week.
We have entertainment papers but they only come out once a week. They don't compare to the glory days of newspaper … (2 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Blogger Grows Up - Thank You Google - 09/20/10 03:28 PM
This is still a great blogging option. I know its FREE and its been around for a long time. But I actually like this better than Typepad.... Here are the new features you should be aware of....
Posting on the go
Blogger has many additional ways for you to post to your blog. You can post to your blog from your mobile phone or through a secret Mail-to-Blogger email address. Or use the Blogger Post Gadget to edit and publish posts directly from your custom iGoogle homepage. With these options, it's easy to post to your blog whenever you want, … (0 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: YOUTUBE - Most Under- Utilized Tool In Real Estate - 09/18/10 03:24 PM
I was checking on real estate videos on YouTube for Detroit properties and found this....
"real estate detroit" results 1 - 20 of about 1,290 Result
That is outrageous to me. This is a very small number. But this should also be very exciting to sellers because it would be easy to stand out in this kind of market. For big industries the results can be much higher. You could be playing in markets of 47,000 + or even higher. I have seen these results go much higher and it is going to be tough to stand out in a market … (2 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Cult of the Amateur and the Rise of the Entrepreneur - 09/13/10 05:55 PM
I just read this slam on Internet culture..... We're not liked much by certain authors.... It appears that we have too much control in this Web 2.0 generation. User content is dictating what is cool, and what is worth it... this covers everything from homes, to the kinds of foods we eat.....
This is interesting to me.... As im cleaning my office I ran into a 2007 issue of the New Yorker and its about the rise of YouTube.Com. The article is promising a new future of user generated content and its supportive about the days we are currently living in.The … (0 comments)

real estate and search engine optimization: Real Estate Marketing Program Finds Investors Even in Metro Detroit - 09/13/10 04:35 PM
Who on earth would ever want to live here?I used to say that because I watched the news and stayed out of Detroit. Eventually I crawled out of my rock and checked out the downtown area and sort of fell for it... head over heels.I know there is a recession but you would never know it when you hang out in Comerica Park, the MGM Grand Casino, Greek Town and other cool night spots.... We just got another killer BBQ place too, this town is actually hoppin.People are figuring out new ways to make money in this economy.... … (0 comments)