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Today I had a short sale denied. Why? The offer was good, very good in fact. The problem was one of paperwork. See, the property address is 123 North Gooberwood Drive. But ... Equator thinks the loan is associated with 123 South Gooberwood. So I looked at the tax records, and the address is indee...
Today I read in the news: "OnStar is attempting one of the most brazen invasions of privacy in recent memory," said Schumer. Really?? I guess he has forgotten about the Patriot act and about Obamacare. We had to pass obamacare to see what was in it. Guess what. It is really, really bad in terms o...
Subscribers to this blog know that some investor friends and I recently flipped a house in Phoenix. Ultimately, we bought for around $120k, put 10k in it, and sold it for 180k. Hold time was just over 3 months. This was a great transaction, and everyone is happy -- including the buyer, who absolu...
Yet another blog post about Tony Robbins' Leadership Academy... (see my last few blog posts) The event this year is being led by Joe Williams, who is a very, very good speaker. He shared a little bit of content today about public speaking and making presentations, and presentation skills. Of ever...
Part of the content today at Tony Robbins' Leadership Academy was about metaprograms. In NLP, a metaprogram is a specific type of filter we use to pare down the influx of information we get to a manageable level. We all delete, distort, and generalize information coming to us from our senses so t...
This evening at Leadership Academy in San Diego, a Tony Robbins event, we learned about nonverbal communication. Studies show that in the USA, body language accounts for fully 55% of communication; that inflection accounts for something like 38%; and that the words we use account for a mere 7% !!...
Today at Anthony Robbins' Leadership event in San Diego, Robyn Benincasa was the guest speaker. She is an adventure racer, firefighter, and operates a company called World Class Teams. An adventure race, such as the ones she races in, are a little like the recent TV series "expedition", except th...
So you are probably thinking, maybe I could use an anchor if I was selling a boat! But that is not what this is about. Anchoring is an NLP process by which we can associate a specific sensual event, such as a touch, a smell, a taste, or other unique event coming to our senses, with a specific men...
Today I am on the way to another Anthony Robbins seminar, Leaership Academy: Bootcamp in San Diego. I have been privileged the last couple of years to be invited to volunteer at this event, and I am excited to be going again. At these events there is often little time for food or sleep, so we cat...
Every now and then I run into a real professional. I recently sold a property for an investor, and the buyer's lender struck me as being particularly competent. Now, I have worked with many lenders, and I have to say that more than 50% of the ones I have worked with are competent; a number are ba...

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