ok: Home Inspection = Buyer Protection - 08/14/14 08:00 AM
No home is perfect, especially if it’s “lived in.” Your new home may need some sort of repair or improvement. That’s why a pre-purchase inspection is the best way to make sure you’re making a sound investment. The few hundred dollars you spend on the inspection will be well worth the peace of mind you’ll get in return. Typically paid for by the buyer prior to moving in, a home inspection is a complete evaluation of the condition of the home and its perimeter—from plumbing and electrical systems to windows, doors and appliances—that provides you with an official report of … (1 comments)

ok: Home Buying 101 - 11/22/13 09:02 AM
Every home buying experience is different. Each has its own twists and turns. But there are general guidelines as to how the home buying process works. Keep these in mind before you buy a home.
Deciding to Be a Homeowner
Owning a home at some point in your life is a good decision. Mortgage payments help to increase the equity in your house, as opposed to rent checks. Plus, rent usually increases with inflation, while mortgage payments are generally more stable. But owning a home is also a long term decision, so there are several things you have … (1 comments)

ok: 4 Must-dos to Get Your House Ready to Show — and Sell - 05/18/13 11:46 AM
Putting up a "for sale" sign turns the spotlight on your home.  Remember to pare down your things and spruce up your place to seal a good deal.
1. Clean It
 Squeaky clean.  Not only must floors shine, chrome sparkle and sinks glisten, but appliances should be spotless — inside and out — dingy grout bleached, and sidewalks and driveways power-washed.
Give rugs and upholstery a deep cleaning and keep them free of pet hair. Before showings, send furry friends to visit a neighbor.
While wooing buyers with scrumptious sights and smells, don't neglect the old grocery store ploy — encourage … (1 comments)

ok: Pricing Your Home for a Sale - 08/13/12 10:42 AM
If you are currently at Tinker AFB, OK and are getting ready PCSing out of the base.  Here are few tips for you selling your home. 
You hope to sell fast for top dollar. You probably have to compromise with a price that not only satisfies you but also attracts the right buyers and won't exceed the market value determined by your buyer's appraiser.
Agents don't pull a list price out of thin air. To begin homing in on the best price, you should expect that your agent will look at recent sales of homes similar to yours, current listings and … (0 comments)

ok: Common Mortgage Questions - 06/20/12 05:56 PM
Veterans Affairs (VA) This is a 30 year mortgage that is available for qualified veterans, reservists and active-duty personnel and their eligible spouses. This mortgage may be the right choice if you want: 1) To buy a home with no down payment and no Private Mortgage Insurance. 2) VA funding fee is much less than having to pay PMI. 3) A loan that can be assumed by other eligible veterans. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans Provides a variety of loan options from fixed-rate to adjustable-rate mortgages. A good option for first-time homebuyers. This mortgage may be the right choice if you: … (0 comments)

ok: REMODELING TIPS - 03/19/12 10:58 AM
Spring is here and most of us are getting ready for spring clean up. Some of us may want to do a long awaited remodeling project for our house.  Avoiding scams when hiring a contractor. Here are few tips from the National Association Remodeling Industry.
 * Check references.  Look at photos of past projects to determine quality of service and products.
* Make sure the contractor has insurance.  Request a copy of the certificate or get the carrier's name and inquire directly yourself.
* Compare estimates.  Make sure they all cover the same scope of job.  Beware of … (0 comments)

ok: PCSing in or out of Tinker AFB, OK - 02/20/08 10:11 PM
Welcome to Midwest City the home of Tinker AFB. Oklahoma. The weather here is beautiful most of the year. It is a little cold right now and it is really unusual for us to stay cold this long but the weather should be better this weekend. If you are relocate to Tinker AFB, OK and would like to know more about the city and housing market or anything else for that matter. Please contact me I'll be glad to get the information to you. My husband is retired from the Air Force after 20 years. I know what it was like … (3 comments)