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 Find and Repair the Source of the Water Intrusion First.  I know you are having moisture problems when it rains, I can see the sagging paint on the wall. This is a great indicator of a bad roof which needs to be repaired first. Any other repairs will be premature, the source of the moisture intr...
 A Little More Color Today    There is a lot going on right now with the family and friends. I get to be a part of some tough decisions and help in ways that need to be. It was good to be able to just look at the surroundings for a while.  
 A Good Day For Color       We were having some wonderful weather here in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. The skies were clear and the temperatures in the low 80's. We had a brief rain yesterday, maybe enough to freshen up the blossoms. Judging by the blossoms we have had some great weathe...
  The Good News Is That The Post Isn't Supporting A Lot Of Weight  In looking at this overhang corner post, there is a clear separation between the post and overhang. This needs to be corrected for several reasons. The good news is that the post does not seem to be bearing a lot of weight right n...
  Take a look at your brass fixtures, are they looking bad? Many of the brass plumbing fixtures that we see have discolored or tarnished over the years. Many of the fixtures are cheaply made and do not last long before looking bad. Sometimes it is worth paying for better plumbing fixtures.  
 That Plumbing Drain Needs to be About 9 Inches Lower While remodeling in the McKinley Park Area of Sacramento, we come across some things that differ in size and height requirements when install new products. This can show up in many forms when working on those older buildings in Sacramento. Kno...
 That 71” Refrigerator Won't Fit  In That 68” Opening  Often times when buying new appliances for that older home, you come to realize that the new appliances do not fit in the openings in the home. Sure they may fit in the door but will they fit in the final location? This can be a problem if yo...
  Installing Apron Sink Before Granite Counters in Sacramento  When remodeling or updating your kitchen in Sacramento, it is a good idea to have a good working schedule for a successful construction project. It is a good idea to have a contractor with experience in the flow of the project so that...
 Of course the City Offices are going to be Closed on Memorial Day, so check out the El Dorado Veterans Monument Instead.  There is going to be some interesting celebrations happening over at the Veteran Monument in El Dorado County. It will be starting at 11:00 am sharp! Everyone is welcome to j...
 I Like Unique Bridges - Photo    Is it just me? I love looking at the unique bridge that can be found in the older communities in California. I guess back in the day there was no real standard in how to build a bridge, so we have a variety to look at. Of course, they were built back when vehicle...

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