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 My Wood Deck Has Holes In It  It may make sense to have a licensed general contractor come take a look at those holes in the wood deck. Those areas that you may think are holes are actually large sections of rotted wood that is just falling out in large chucks.These area are very dangerous, some...
 Check for Dry Rot Behind Those BushesAs a general contractor who has been working at removing dry rot and water damaged wood for several decades, I have seen more than my share of rotted wood in the Sacramento area. When looking for dry rot there are some common areas that this can occur.Areas o...
 I don't have to grow my own food   Some people are really good at growing vegetables from seeds. My experience is usually limited to the heartier plants like tomatoes, zucchini, and such.  I have never tried growing beets but had some seeds and thought I'd give it a shot. They have spouted prett...
   Come join us in Folsom, CAMeet with follow bloggers and area Real Estate Friends. Never been to a MeetUp?Give me a call and let me explain what it is all about!916-765-5366 No Cost!No Commitment!Just getting together with local ActiveRain Members.  May 13th, 2015  4:00 to 6:00pm At BJ’s Restau...
 I don't see it but I think there is a piece missing.  Every once in a while I come across something that just doesnt look right – something is missing! As a general rule, homes should not have openings into confined spaces. This sort of opening invites many birds, rodents and guests to use that ...
 It can start as the simplest little sign.  The idea a wood rot can sometimes sound like a sign of neglicect. That can lead to much of the problem, but knowing what to look for when it comes to rotted wood and where it is likely to happen is important. If you have a concern about wood rotting at ...
Daytime Activities When We Are Away From Home  In our neighborhood the animals roam the property without much fear. The are a welcome and protected bunch that, for the most part, are easy to live with. Of course the eating of the landscaping can be a problem.This guy was spotted while I stopped b...
 I know It Doesn't Look Safe, But I Needed Some Quick Power  There are times when I am trying to get some things done in an area that is far from a power source. The nearest outlet may be 300 feet away, this makes repairs and improvements difficult to complete. We had a job yesterday that include...
 I Really Am Listening  I was caught off guard when asked for an estimate today. I didn't have any paper or pencil to take notes of the list of miscellaneous items on the to-do list of the client. I often use my phone to capture photos just because it is handy.Today I used it to take notes of all...
 The Importance of Priming Siding Before Paint  Many of the problems that occur years after painting of siding is due to the fact that the bare wood was not primed. Applying a coat of primer to the wood siding will be a long way to help preserve the weather tight finish.  

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