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  Heavy Sacramento Rains Brings Water Damage   All this rain in the Sacramento Region is a good thing in so many ways. The drought is not over, we need a whole lot more of this before that can change. The rains do bring surprises that have gone unnoticed for years. In the years when the rain is j...
  Yes, I See Where The Problem Is       I got a call from an apartment manager this morning, a resident had called to say that they had a leak in their unit. The leak was in the master bedroom on the back wall up near the ceiling. All of this information was passed on to me, and it seemed pretty ...
So What Was In The Box Tom? A Whole Lot Of Love Mostly!   Celeste "SALLY" Cheeseman had sent me a text yesterday saying that my package was “near”, she was concerned about it getting to me and it did arrive. Though it arrived yesterday, I was not home until late because of a busy day. Sally sent...
  I Got A Special Package From A Fellow ActiveRainer Today!     I just wanted to get this out there as a “thank you” to Celeste "SALLY" Cheeseman  for the package from Hawaii. I know it was coming and hope that it is okay with her to write about it here. I just got home and needed to get a post i...
    Santa was seen arriving at Cold Springs Country Club in Placerville, CA this evening. This is an annual trip that is much appreciated by those in attendance.   Planning a meeting, banquet, reception or other party? The attractive Cold Springs clubhouse is available to rent for your next event...
An Experienced Contractor Knows the Value of a Good Breakfast     This morning I am choosing to eat a stack of pancakes for breakfast. The client is offering to pay and I do not want to disappoint. The choice was to have pancakes in the morning before work in Sacramento, the location is a myster...
  I Like The Rain, It Allows For More Burn Days!     Many of those who live in the foothills, rely on the burn days to clear their property of trees, shrubs, and foliage. These burnings can help clear and protect the home in the event of a wildfire as well as make the home curb appeal better. Be ...
  You May Be Surprised At What We Are Going To See Under That Wood Deck.   I have torn apart more than my share of wooded decks that have rotted over time. Dirt, debris and moisture can cause wooden deck to get mushy pretty quickly if they are not maintained. Here is just a quick look at what a d...
    Would You Re-Install These Ugly Counters Just To Save A few Dollars?     Homeowners are sometimes stuck with a decision between putting back the existing pieces or paying a little extra to upgrade to something better. Though it may cost a little more and not be covered under the insurance cla...
  After The Shower Pan Demo, This Was Discovered in Sacramento   I get calls for dry rot and water damage repairs at various stages. Sometimes, I get to be a part of the whole process and other times I get to do a part of the restoration of the damaged property in Sacramento. It is all good and a...

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