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 Cracked Curb Crisis  Okay, maybe it isn't a crisis but there are some areas where a concrete curb gets pretty broken up. This is due primarily from large trucks cutting corners and crushing the curb. We have a plan to increase the strength of this section to help increase the life of the curbing...
 We Had A Little Bit Of That Rain Again Today  It certainly wasn't a “drought buster” but it was helpful. After a short break a second storm came through the area today. I took this shot today while driving into the incoming storm. The rains were heavy at times and welcomed by many of us in the a...
  We Got A Little Bit Of Rain         The rains have been quite scarce this year and as we head into the warmer months it is not looking good for much more. We did get a little yesterday and late tonight and early tomorrow we are expecting to get some more rain. It won't end the drought but we ca...
  I'm Sure You Can Fix That Door, But Why Would You?   There is always pressure to save money with investment property. The less you spend, the greater your return on investment. Squeezing expenses can look good on paper, but there are some other things to consider. If you are putting in a lot of...
  Today was A Good Friday     I don't really know what all can be said here today buit I'm glad it is Friday. I have heard the term “Good Friday” being used today and it was a good Friday. I know the meaning and how it was being used. I am simplifying it quite a bit, it was just a good day. A goo...
  Someone Punched a Hole In My Shower     Those of us who repair apartment buildings in the Sacramento area get to see some things that are out of the ordinary - things that are beyond the normal wear and tear of apartment living. Take this hole in the shower for example, this is not considered n...
    You Walk In The Bathroom And See This   Water damage can happen in many places, it really depends on where the water is located in your home or business. Water supply lines, drain lines, exterior walls, condensation pipes and more can all be potential sources of water damage in Sacramento. Th...
  Some Fresh Flowers On This Beautiful Day    
  The Speed Limit Can Be Maintained     The speed limit in my community is 25 mph, it is something that takes getting used to. So many visitors seem to think it is impossible to drive so slow, but not everyone. I was driving behind this beauty for miles after getting through the entry gates, he n...
  Easter Egg Hunt In Lions Park, Placerville, CA       Looking for a good Easter Egg Hunt in Placerville? Kiwanis International in Placerville will be hosting a hunt at Lions Park in Placerville on April 4th this year. There will be other games and contests for all to enjoy, there will also be a ...

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