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  Lack of Insurance Trend   When hiring a local company to do work on your home, be sure to verify that the company has proper insurance coverage to handle any problems that may occur during the repairs and improvements done by the contractors. Many will assume that if the contractor is licensed ...
A Public Park with Room to Roam in Carmichael, CA     I can remember growing up and my parents taking the family to the park and how much fun that was. It wasn’t just a patch of grass with a few trees stuck in the acres of residential homes that we see in the newer communities in the Sacramento ...
  Folsom ActiveRain MeetUp – A Reunion for Many   Many have said that a successful MeetUp is whenever two or more Rainers get together. I was getting concerned when the 4:00 start time came around and I was the only one there, I was reminded of the last MeetUp in which no one came. Yikes. A few m...
    Ringing and Singing – Rod Pierson     I have a few hundred people that I follow here, each one was selected for a good reason. I think it is safe to say that liking what they write is at the top of the list. It's funny how some of the people who you have been following just sort of disappear ...
Sure Is Nice Weather in California     This photo was taken nearly 40 years ago in San Jose, CA at a miniature golf course. We had recently moved to California and “putt-putt golf” was much different back in the east. The weather here on the west coast made for many months of outdoor activity.
"My Mechanic is in Cameron Park, CA”   My day started with a final coat of paint over in Rancho Cordova, before heading out to Rocklin, CA I had a request to fix an exterior lighting issue in Carmichael, CA. This was all before noon but things were going well, until now. As I start the truck and ...
  Ringing and Singing – Dan Mincher   So I was looking through some of the past MeetUp attendees and was wondering where they had gone. I thought that I'd call them up to talk about how their business was doing and maybe talk a bit about what is going on with them personally. Maybe I could kill t...
  Ringing and Singing – Ray Henson   So I was looking through some of the past MeetUp attendees and was wondering where they had gone. I thought that I'd call them up to see how their lives were and maybe talk a bit about what is going on with them.   One of those that have been to a few past Mee...
  New Medical Group For Us In Folsom     It was tough hearing that we know longer had health care coverage through Kaiser Permanente. We had gotten used to the way things were done over there after many years but that was no longer an option. In going through our list of choices wioth our new pla...
  Hope To See You in Folsom, Ca For The MeetUp on Thursday   I can't believe the MeetUp in Folsom is this week. I am looking forward to seeing members new and old this Thursday to BJ's Restaurant on East Bidwell in Folsom.   I hope to see the regulars like DeeDee Riley , Mike Young , Doug Bullwin...

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