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  I Got Two Calls From Homeowners Looking To Rebuild After Water Damage.     There is no correlation between the two but both called in hopes of paying for the repairs out-of-pocket. That's right, they were looking to pay for the damage themselves to avoid having a claim on their insurance. This ...
  How About If I Come Back When You Are Ready?       One of the most frustrating things that happens when doing repairs in an apartment community is that the tenants aren't always ready and respectful of the contractors time. So if there is something that needs to be done inside someones unit tha...
  My Guess Is That It Was Not An Expert's Repair     While I was climbing around working on some dry rot repairs to the siding of a building in Cameron Park, I noticed womething that did not look normal. I was convinced it was not done by an expert. What I saw was the end cap to a gutter that had...
  I Have To See This Plant Growing Through The Concrete     Okay, so I get a feeling this may be a little complex. Sure roots grow under the concrete slabs in Sacramento many times. This root is actually growing up through the hole. We could have a tree in the next year or so.
  The Meds Must Be Working     We had a scare with our cat Mr. Kitty just a few short weeks ago. He was not doing well at all but the vet gave us some medications to give to him. While the vet believes that the cat is still seriously ill, the little fighter is doing much better. Although his time...
  The Decorations Have Reached The Gates     This past week the decorations throughout the Greenstone Country Community has grown to include the entry gates. Many of the common areas; the clubhouse, barn, etc had been started last weekend. I noticed that the gates had wreaths as I pulled out of G...
  Had A Little Time This Weekend For A Wood Building Project     I haven't had a lot of free time in the last few months and I've been putting off some things around the home. Rather than dwell on all the things that need to be done soon, I just picked something that was on the list that I could ...
  Winds And Rain Can Make For Quite The Clean Up   There has been some property damage done to homes and buildings in the Sacramento area as a result of the storms. The winds have really made a mess of things around town. This backyard had branches and debris blown on the deck, pool, and landscap...
  Some Spotty Rains To End The Day     The skies began to clear up after a few days of rain in the foothills of the Sierras. The clouds were still dark and isolated but a reminder of the storms yet to come. It was good to get a break from the early rains, we are far from the levels that we need.    
  Christmas Show at Green Valley Church – 2014     Green Valley Church offers so much the our local community throughout the year, we are blessed to has the church and it's members. This time of year we get a chance to see a wonderful Christmas Show put on by the members. There is always a ton of...

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