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 FAQ – Can we add an outlet in this wall?     As a long time General Contractor in California there a some questions that seem to come up a lot. Many of the questions happen when I first come to give a free estimate for home improvements in Sacramento. The questions can be vary and the answers wi...
 Taking My Disposal For Granted  Nearly every home that I have owned has had a garbage disposal in the kitchen, it is a standard feature in most homes today. I older homes, like my first, I had to add it myself. I don't know about you but I that the disposal for granted. Rinsing off the dishes be...
 Light Showers in the High Sierras  The rain has stopped here in the foothills but it will continue for a while longer in the higher elevations. Any rain is good, in the higher levels the rain (and snow) will help us also. The downside is the clouds block the beautiful view of the snow covered mo...
 Flowers Continue to Bloom  Despite the limited recent rains the blossoms on most of the plants were not bothered by the rain. Though only small amounts of rain were recorded, it it always good to get the precipitation in California. If we can't get the rain, we will at least enjoy the blossoms.
  Waiting on the Birds   That new bird feeder in front of the window has drawn the attention of more than the birds. The cats have found that they can get a good look at all the activities the new feeder has created. Sometimes we enjoy watching them watching the birds. 
 Get your Mother's Day Flowers in Placerville, CA  My mother loves flowers! Fresh grown flowers for any occasion can add something special to the day – especially Mother's Day.In Placerville, CA you can be sure to get the finest and freshest flowers to pick up or delivered. Here is where you can ...
 Home Improvement Starts In The Framing  There is a lot to home improvement and construction, all of it depends on a strong base in which to build. It may be the foundation, solid framing, or any other surface that can be built on. If that base is not right, it too needs to be improved if the pro...
 Deck Rot Finally Shows Itself  Wood decking can add value and enjoyment to your backyard experience. Maintaining it can extend the life of the wood decking and even hold off the rotting and decay of the wood members. Despite our efforts, wood will one day rot and show itself.If your deck is in n...
 Let's Start with the Can Lights In the Kitchen  There is nothing wrong with acting as your own contractor when doing a kitchen remodel or improvement. If you know the process, you can save a some money in completing the project. I was asked to help out this homeowner in getting some can lights i...
  You Might Be From ActiveRain If... While the intent of Rick Obst's April Contest may be to target a geographic locality, I think that many will be able to relate better to being from ActiveRain than from Placerville, CA. It may even be more entertaining!Though only here for about four years, I ...

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