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  Building Code Violations Need To Be Addressed       Apartment communities are subject to inspections and the findings need to be taken care of in a timely fashion. The time frame is usually gracious enough to complete as long as steps are being taken to move forward. Waiting until the last minu...
  Concrete Wall Clues of Proper Construction     I had to do some repairs to a cracked section of a concrete wall in North Highland area of Sacramento. The cracks were causing the wall to lean into the adjoining property and was at risk of falling over. A section of the concrete block wall need t...
  Insurance Claim in the Apartment May Have Opened an Upgraded Market in Roseville     There is an apartment community in Sacramento Region, in the city of Roseville, that had a moisture condition that destroyed the common wall between two kitchens of two units. The water damage included the dryw...
  You Know You Measured Right When There is Only Tiny Pieces Left     It is always a challenge to order enough materials but not too much that you have to lug it back to the store or store it in the garage for eternity. Sure there will always be some waste but minimal amounts are ideal. Today we ...
  I Swear, It Had To Have Been Leaking Before     After doing some water damage repair in Rancho Cordova, the client noticed water seeping into the bedroom a few days later. Hearing this, I rushed to find out the problem. I think I found it. The drain pipe was cracked inside the wall and when we ...
  Keeping the Concrete Block Walls Free of Cracks The Sacramento County Inspectors have been through many of the apartment communities and have come up with a healthy list of things that needs to be done. The list can be extension and time consuming for the property to get completed on time for t...
  Odd Sighting in Elk Grove Today   So I was driving down a small country road in the middle of farmland in the South Sacramento area and I can across a large field of solar panels. It must have bee 50 acres or more of these panels with little room for anything else. I noticed the weeds and wild ...
  Screenless Entry Is For The Birds     I had an opportunity to look at a ranch home that needed some repairs today, among the things that needed attention was the fact that some of the attic vents were missing. Attic vents allow the free flow of air through the attic, but if there is no screen a...
        Happy St. Patrick's Day!     Okay, so maybe I'm not Irish. There is a very good chance that I can not play the bagpipes in any way. It has been a while since I've been in a parade, but I'm sure it wasn't in a quilt. What I do know is that I have fun on St. Patricks Day, without the need t...
    Your Balcony Is Falling Apart   As a general contractor in Sacramento, I get to see a lot of problem decks and balconies. Some are dangerous and in need of repair. The danger is not always easy to spot, especially when it has been covered up for so long. Look at this balcony…   The railings h...

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