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Road Maintenance Agreements.  The concern or need for this type of agreement may never come up where you live and work.  However in many markets this is commonplace and a concern that arises.  Here is the Lending Perspective and why we need this in order to close.   We recently worked with a Vete...
Who Makes a Good FHA Borrower? First Time Home Buyers Buyers with a lower down payment-3.5% down and the down payment can be a gift Buyers that are two years out of a Bankruptcy or one year into a Chapter 13 repayment plan (we would need permission from the Trustee to purchase a new home, but it ...
  No Thanks...I'm just looking. Those of us who began our career in retail sales are far too familiar with the classic buyer objection.  My first real job was in sales at Nordstrom when I was 16.  I am so thankful for the excellent training, leadership and business philosophies that I gleaned wh...
I have already had one VA Home Loan, Can I get another one? Yes, eligibility can be used multiple times depending on the circumstance.  Normally if a loan has been paid off, a Veteran is eligible to use their benefits again.  We request the Certificate of Eligibility on behalf of the Veteran aft...
"The Best Three Hundred Bucks I Ever Spent"I share this story with every new buyer I meet when they are deciding if they should waive or obtain a Home Inspection.  About five years ago I was working with an excited First Time Home Buyer whose daughter had a mold allergy.  She found a newer home i...

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