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Golf? Sure but everyone knows that...Shop? of course...Art Scene? absolutely...Fine dining? d'uhsports? ok, please refer to the above?Wine tasting? Whaaaaaaaaaaat....Olive Oil mill? HuhTombstone? yeah I knew about that...wait a minute back up to the wine tasting and the olive oil mill...I was at ...
I have a MySpace account, I couldn't even tell you what my log in and password is (ok hackers, I'm not asking for help here) - I never bothered putting together my profile, occassionally I'd get emails telling me someone wanted to add me as a "friend".  I read various articles (trade articles) su...
Ok, I know a lot of my recent posts have been devoid of Goodyear info so here goes: Goodyear Lakeside Symphony Pops Concert: presented by West Valley Arts CouncilJoin an Adult Sports Leage (softball, vollyeball - drop in tennis, you name it) More infoParent/Tot Music time - presented by the city ...
Yesterday before the game I volunteered with my husband and The American Muslim Women's Association (AMWA)  at the Watkins shelter for a meal drive. The shelter located off of 7th Ave and Watkins in downtown Phoenix is home to single women and families.  For sometime the shelter operated as an ov...
7.8 seconds on the shot clock...the score SUNS trailing by 5 points...Diaw passes to LB and voila he nails it for a three pointer...there is hope, the crowd roars and cheers...playoff fever has come home once again...a nailbiting end to a game that many have said (post game) was not one the playe...
I just read Tom Davis's blog entry on OPEN HOUSE ideas and it got me inspired to ask a question of my own.  Is it ok to watch TV or read a book (not Real estate related) while holding an OPEN HOUSE?  Personally I'm equipped with my lap top, verizon wireless internet and typically a lot of work so...
As a REALTOR(R) I have the privilege of walking into some of the finest homes in Arizona and I have to say I have first hand seen some fabulous properties with over the top super duper "phat" kitchens! yet what amazes me is how much we patronize restaurants in the valley of the Sun.My husband and...
The Arizona Republic, recently reported that the Arizona Board of Appraisal has issued two cease-and-desist letters to the popular real estate web site, claiming Zillow needs an appraiser license to offer its "zestimates" in Arizona. has been popular since it launched last y...
When: This weekend (April 21st & April 22nd)Where: email me and I'll tell yaWhy: information isn't free...just kidding...I went furniture shopping the other day and didn't find much to my liking or in my budget.  I'll be rolling up my sleeves and driving down in a truck to pick up some awesome pi...
An analysis courtesy of our Team Leader at the office...I thought I'd share some of the highlights of Susan's analysis...The data was compiled off the ARMLS and includes 36 months aggregate, including March 2007 figures...The number of sales in March increased to its highest point since August of...

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