listing sold: IS *SOLD* THE SAME THING AS *UNDER DEPOSIT*? - 04/13/12 09:44 AM
Is *SOLD* the same thing as *UNDER DEPOSIT*? 
To me this is VERY misleading, and needs to be addressed.  I received a postcard today from a realtor, farming this area.  On the postcard it states where a condo in my complex HAS BEEN SOLD.  As I mentioned I received the postcard today.  This condo was listed on March 21 as being ACTIVE, 18 days later it is under contract/deposit... kudos to the realtor.
I know the market is turning around.. but this quick?  So I went online, and saw that this condo is *UNDER DEPOSIT*, not sold.. not closed.  What happens if something goes wrong during the home … (21 comments)