mitchells: WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.. THINGS HAPPEN - 02/22/09 03:29 PM
This morning, Sunday was a crazy time.  It is the last day of school vacation and my sons wanted to make the most of it.  So they slept in and didn't get up until 11:00am.  At this point it didn't want to cook breakfast, then turn around and make lunch.. so I took them out to Mitchell's here in Cromwell, CT, the breakfast's there are phenomenal.
Any way, it is pouring rain, and instead of getting working on getting my hair presentable, I just graped and put on my *Realtor* hat (baseball cap).. and ran out the door.
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mitchells: MITCHELL'S ON MAIN IN CROMWELL, CT - 08/11/08 12:54 PM

Mitchell's  On Main
317 Main Street
Cromwell, CT  06416

Do you miss those homemade breakfasts that you used to get when you go out to restaurants?  They are back, and can be found at the restaurant Michell's On Main, in Cromwell, CT.  They have been open for a while now, and I have been in there a few times for breakfast.  Being that my office at Johnson Real Estate is almost right next door it is convenient.  Yes, I do walk there.  This way I can say I am staying in shape.. LOL.
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