Bill has given us some great tips on starting new seeds.Here in the colder climates, we don't always get a long enough growing time.Starting some of the longer growing seeds early can save us 2-3 weeks.This can be the difference of getting a crop and NOT.Give it a well all over. In M...
I know we all fall prey on this subject.   Giving free advice to friends and neighbors only to have them maybe disagree but call someone else to list their home or help them purchase. Bill does something that many of wish we could, BUT then takes the advantage and turns the tables and gets referr...
Here is a blog that more people should be looking and and thinking about their own areas. Every home that goes into foreclosure holds the market down.  Why is it we are trying so hard to get out of the how and the government in their thought of helping (Never does help) screws things up again by ...
While Bill Feela posted a somewhat humorous blog, it also holds a high degree of caution. The ending of this story could have been much worse and it is many many times every year.  Give this log a read and take heed for those of you not familiar with winter conditions. Today, I was showing a home...
Bill Feela posted this a few days ago. The more I think about it the more I think it has to be shared. Although it talks about good and evil, it can and does pertain to many aspects of our lives. Take a peak and jump over to Bill's blog and let him know what you think. I heard this some time ago ...
This post is worth of a re-blog.  If you live in Minnesota, and use Turbo Tax...listen up. The State of Minnesota is NOT accepting Turbo Tax filings. There are conflicting stories as to why, but never the less...the state says NO. If you usually use Turbo Tax to file, you may have to re-do it. Al...
I didn't say cold.  -5 is just chilly...but that darn wind makes it COLD. I can handle the cold fairly well even in my advanced age, but the wind-chill is another story. There is little one can do to stop the wind, unless you dress like the polar explorers.  I can't afford to do that. So, I just ...
Every year we hear of somebody that has 100 cats or house full of dogs. They are usually malnorished. Many are sick and need to be put down. Then we also see other pets that are just abused because they can be abused. The local humane societies get all kinds of animals every year.  Unwated puppie...
All kinds of resolutions are made for the new year. Many of them are weight related. A lot of them want to get into better shape...Usually weight is part of that also. But, it is a hard habit to obtain as so many issue can and do get in the way. I did not make a resolution...  
Today is the present, also known as a gift. A gift given by my Lord. And some day when my number of gifts have all been provided to me I hope to walk this staircase towards my final gift. Today, no complaints, just thanks for what I have. May God Bless us all.  

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