I have been hearing about a new Movie about Noah. Have not seen any of the trailers yet, but friends who have are not impressed. But it did make me thing about this cartoon I saw a long time ago. With all the complaining about the weather and such I thought a smile to start the day was in order.  
Bill has a valid point for buyers.  don't let the media sway your thoughts of purchasing a home right now. If you snooze you lose.  Many communities around the area a nd not only Minnesota has the same issues. There are good homes to buybut you need to be ready when they hit the market otherwise ...
Bill has put together a great outline on being ready for a storm. This outline can be used even for the warm weather issues we have. His main point is to be prepared and looking to get out of a jam. Time we take responsibility for our own selves.  And while we are at it, check on the elderly also...
I just had to re-blog this one.   Bill has a great sense of humor that he usually equates with real life. Humor is a way of easing our pain in life and is to short not to laugh at ourselves. If you have never read Bill's blog, you will find some scattered humor in it.  But don't be...
It is interesting how we ended up with a shortage of propane. Last winter the propane suppliers had a glut of propane. I know that I have heard about a pipeline shut down, but lately I don't hear about it anymore. Instead if is being blamed on the farmers using extra for drying the fall crops. I ...
Yes, there is a lot of snow out there. But, no leaves. For hunters, now is a great time to see the Deer activity and other wildlife by the trails. No leaves let's you see the terrain and the high and low areas. Call for permission to walk the land.  Strap on the snow shoes and explore.  Some sell...
If you don't Read Bill Feela, you are missing out on his great humor.  I think many people missed this one.  Take a look if you need a smile.  The title may be a bit misleading, but the content is where it is at. Read it and then stop by and let Bill know of you enjoyed it.I am not ome to tell ab...
Bill Feela has brought to light the serious issue this flu strain is.  We need to be even more careful with this one than the first which was very bad.  Take the extra time and if possible stay out of areas that can be a breeding ground for this virus. This new virus strain is hitting the Nation ...
Many people have the entire week off.  Others just a few days.  So, what to do to fill in the time. For those looking to buy recreational land, now is a great time to look. Although we had a lot of snow, it has packed down to a small amount.  Now is a good time to walk the land and be able to rea...
Bill has brought up a very important subject.  There are many views on this one.  Even a few where the attorney says go for it.  I don't know why a Professional in law would tell anyone to write a contract that is not enforceable. If you have not read this yet, it will make you think.  Make sure ...

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