buyer: Memorial Day Memories - 05/26/12 11:30 AM
Memorial Day Memories
When reflecting upon past Memorial Days, I must admit my lack of recognition and heartfelt gratitude for our Military.  Like other memorable holidays, we tend to overlook and forget the true purpose of the day, while focusing upon the joy of having a day off work.

Why is this Memorial Day different than any other?
It's different because I'm different.  I no longer take things for granted, walk by without noticing or fail to appreciate and honor things deserving of recognition.  Let me say, "Thank You!" to all that have served America and sacrificed for Our … (16 comments)

buyer: Man, Woman, Female or Male, which do you prefer? - 04/19/12 05:58 PM
Man, Woman, Female or Male, which do you prefer?
Buyers and Sellers, 

It's a choice, and it's your right to decide on who you prefer to represent you on the purchase or sale of your house.
How do you decide?
Is your decision for selecting a Real Estate Agent Based Upon Experience, appearance, age, reputation or company affiliation?  In many cases, a Real Estate Agent is selected by default, a casual meeting at an open house or a phone call seeking property information.  Is that a good way to select an agent for such a major purchase?  NO!  … (36 comments)

buyer: He said, She said, "Buyers are Liars!" - 03/04/12 08:34 PM
He said, She said, "Buyers are Liars!"
Is every Real Estate Transaction a combination of truth, exaggeration, fabrication and lies?  Who is telling the truth and who is lying?  Is it the Buyer, Seller, Buyer's Agent, Seller's Agent or The Lender?  Does it even matter, as long as the transaction closes?  What if it doesn't close?
Anna Banana had a brilliant idea of creating MasterMind Groups that bring together the talents of individuals, working as a team to deliver better results. 
A team of five individuals accepted Anna's Challenge and collectively wrote a "FICTIONAL" Story about a failed Real Estate … (43 comments)

buyer: It's the little things... - 02/29/12 12:21 AM
It's the little things...
It's the little things that can make a big difference.  
When writing a blog post, The Title plays a key role in whether or not we attract the attention and interest of a reader.  Our goal for every post written is to get the reader to "click".  If you're reading this sentence, YOU clicked.  ;-)
The first sentence and paragraph of a post may determine if the reader will continue reading.  
The proper use of "Keywords", short-tail and long-tail, makes a big difference in being ranked higher by Google.  Check out The Essentials for Effective … (124 comments)

buyer: YouTube Video Tips: Link Early and Link Often - 02/26/12 08:30 AM
YouTube Video Tips: Link Early and Link Often

When completing the description section for a YouTube Video to improve SEO, be sure to include a link to your most preferred website.
BUT, be certain to begin it with http:// or it will NOT become a link.  We like links!
A little effort can do a lot of GOOD. (not a link)

But, extra effort can make a GOOD thing BETTER.
Presented By:
Because Experience Matters
(949) 395-6939

Every video description uploaded to YouTube should include a link to your website to add extra purpose to your … (49 comments)

buyer: A Timely Timeless Post is better than a "FEATURED" Post - 02/20/12 07:41 AM
A Timely Timeless Post is better than a "FEATURED" Post
If you don't think that being FEATURED by ActiveRain is helpful, think again.  But a Timely Timeless Post is better.
After reading about The Top pageviews for posts from 2/10 - 2/17/2012, I took a closer look...                             
#1 Written on 2/10/2012Is 10:00pm Too Late To Call My Realtor®?
3,874 pageviews 2/10-2/17/2012
FEATURED By ActiveRain  Current # of Comments: 294RE-Blogged: 2 TimesThis post has been included in Indiana Real Estate News Allen County, IN Real Estate News Fort Wayne, IN Real Estate News Re/max Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN) … (51 comments)

buyer: Free Advice - 50% Off - Today Only! Create or curate? - 02/14/12 11:33 AM
Free Advice - 50% Off - Today Only!  Create or curate?

This series provides YOU an opportunity to receive My Advice for FREE.  In fact, for Today Only, it's 50% Off. 
We all have challenges and often seek the advice and opinions of others.  Luckily, I have lots of opinions and like to share.  If any reader has a question, simply state it in your comment.  I will answer your question and invite others to share their advice, in the comment chain.  Think of it as brainstorming or group therapy, for FREE! 
Today's Question
Dear Richard,I'm not very … (42 comments)

buyer: Dear First Time Home Buyer, Can you afford NOT to buy a house? - 01/25/12 12:40 PM

Dear First Time Home Buyer, Can you afford NOT to buy a house?
How long have you been renting? 

It's the perfect time for moving-up to home ownership and taking advantage of lower pricing, historically low interest rates and some well deserved tax deductions.  If you're qualified for FHA Financing you only need a 3.5% down payment.  In addition, as your agent, I'll be sure to ask the seller to pay for all of your closing costs. 
The FHA loan limits for Orange County, California in 2012 is $729,750 (Limits may vary depending on which State and … (12 comments)

buyer: Dear First Time Home Buyer, I've been looking for you. - 01/23/12 08:30 PM

Dear First Time Home Buyer, I've been looking for you.Have you been told that it's a great time to buy your first home?  It really is!  The interest rates are unbelievably low and if you're qualified for FHA Financing you only need a 3.5% down payment.  In addition, as your agent, I'll be sure to ask the seller to pay for all of your closing costs. 
It's a great time to be a buyer!  The home prices are very attractive and your monthly housing expense may end up being less than you would pay to rent the same home.  By … (31 comments)

buyer: There's A Disclosure For That: Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement - 01/23/12 07:22 PM
There's A Disclosure For That: Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement
When it comes to Real Estate Transactions, disclose early and disclose everything.
Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement
In California, most sellers are required to provide buyers with a Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement.
This document is only one of many required disclosures, however, is definitely very important.  The seller, to the best of their knowledge, is advising the buyer of certain features, conditions and specific issues that pertain to the property.  This does not relieve the buyer of their responsibility to inspect, discover and satisfy themselves of the property condition, within … (5 comments)

buyer: Affordable Housing in Twin Oaks, California - 01/21/12 02:37 AM
Affordable Housing in Twin Oaks, California
Six months ago I wrote a post about Affordable Fixer Uppers in a remote area of Kern County, California.  Today I received a comment from an ActiveRain Member because of this photo:

It's a Miracle!

The miracle is that Sally Lawrence found this photo, since it didn't have a Title or a Description.  It does now, but Sally's comment led me back to my original post and I recognized several other corrections that needed to be made.  

It also served as an important reminder of how much stuff is floating around that … (24 comments)

buyer: LinkedIn or Left Out? - 01/12/12 01:56 PM
LinkedIn or Left Out?
Although currently writing a series, The Perfect Social Media Networking Marketing Plan, I wish to encourage you to join LinkedIn and begin working on your Profile.  This professional site allows you to connect with and redirect prospects or clients to Your Preferred Website/Blog.   

Many of our clients are professionals and may already be on this site.  We should include LinkedIn as part of our Social Network, find our existing clients, make new connections, ask for recommendations and continually work to improve the appearance and content of our profile.  MY LinkedIn Profile
Think … (42 comments)

buyer: The Social Universe and Beyond - 01/10/12 07:22 PM

The Social Universe and Beyond                            
There are many people lost in the worlds of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They sign up, make a token effort and then disappear.  You will find many dormant accounts that have been abandoned. 
Failing to have a positive experience and not seeing personal benefits are valid reasons to walk away.  Believe it or not, Social Media, Social Networking and Social Marketing are not important to everyone. 
For Real Estate Agents, Home Stagers, Home Inspectors and others, Social Media, Social Networking and Social Marketing are very important. 
Last year, I devoted vast amounts of time learning about The Social Universe and was impressed by the … (38 comments)

buyer: A Social Marketing Demonstration: Act Fast! - 01/04/12 03:19 PM
A Social Marketing Demonstration: Act Fast!
Learn how to effectively use Social Media to Network and Market Your Product.
Social Marketing Demonstration For The Day...
* A well known member, Ambassador and supporter of ActiveRain, Stacey Smith, wants to win a FREE iPad 3.
* Internet Marketing Specialist Designation training requires her to direct people to a specific site via a link.
* She's given credit for each individual that clicks on the link.
* The person that collects the most clicks on their link by 9:00 PM TODAY (PST) will win the iPad 3.
Let's Help Stacey Win An iPad 3 … (9 comments)

buyer: My Last ActiveRain Post - 12/23/11 03:01 PM
My Last ActiveRain Post
When I joined ActiveRain a year ago, I was confused about the site and about blogging, but I was willing to give it a try.  I may have made a few mistakes, however, I learned a lot about people and about blogging.
Right or wrong, good or bad it's all been a positive and valuable experience.  I'll get better with time, practice, learning and discovery.  I'm looking forward to it.
This is My Last ActiveRain Post for 2011, but I'll be back next year.  ;-)

Thank you for sharing so much with me and Happy Holidays … (44 comments)

buyer: The Official Unofficial ActiveRain Guide - 11/28/11 06:28 PM
The Official Unofficial ActiveRain Guide

ActiveRain encourages all members to share our knowledge, and everything we need to know is just waiting to be found.
How do we easily find what we need?
A new member of ActiveRain (Newbie) has little knowledge of what to search for and if they begin their ActiveRain experience by reading The Dead Rain Scrolls and scrolls and scrolls of outdated Posts, they may be lost forever.  Newbies need a current Beginner's Guide To Success in the Rain. 
Per ActiveRain, this is required reading:
Weltanschauung: The guiding principles and philosophy of an organization; a world view Understanding The Guiding … (114 comments)

buyer: The ActiveRain Free Press: Publication #1A - 11/28/11 05:37 PM

   The ActiveRain Free Press
 Publication #1A
Topic Of The Day
What was Wrong is now Right, Thanks to Kerrie.
See The ActiveRain Free Press: Publication #1

The Leaderboard for Members That Joined Active Rain in 2011 
#1 and #2 are about as close as they can be.  GOOD LUCK!


buyer: Dear Homeowner, I've just sold a home in your neighborhood. - 11/18/11 02:10 PM
Dear Homeowner, I've just sold a home in your neighborhood.
It's a tough market, but when homes are priced right, given the right amount of exposure and all parties work together, there is no reason not to expect success.
With over 25 years of Real Estate experience, I offer unique marketing advantages that exceed the capabilities and efforts of most agents.  While practically any agent is capable of listing your property, not many actually market your property.  I even use video.  In fact, I created three videos of my most recent sale at 24092 Castilla Lane in Mission Viejo, CA, plus … (24 comments)

buyer: Women Are Smarter Than Men. True or False? - 11/17/11 06:20 PM
Women Are Smarter Than Men. 
Generally speaking, are these statements True or False?
    #1:  Women are smarter than men.
  #2:  A bald man looks more intelligent than a man with hair.
  #3:  Women want total equality with men.
  #4:  The man should pay for dinner on a first date.
  #5:  Women are better drivers than men.
  #6:  Men don't know how to follow simple directions.
  #7:  Women lie about age, weight and coloring their hair.
  #8:  Men think about sex more often than women.
  #9:  Women think about sex more often than men. 
#10:  You're thinking about sex right now.

buyer: Best Pet Halloween Costume Contest "WINNER" - 10/19/11 04:32 AM

Best Pet Halloween Costume Contest "WINNER"

Kristin Hamilton and "Gidget Ballerina" will soon be receiving a very nice Treat.
Congratulations to all participants.  Any pet in a costume, is a pet that is loved.

My Halloween Blog: Frank N. Stein Buys A House

I was working in my office, late one night, when I looked up and saw a terrible sight.
He was standing at my door, looking ten feet tall, and I asked him, Why didn't you call?
He looked kind of creepy, but I wanted a buyer, plus he didn't look like a great … (41 comments)