speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Windmills - 04/13/14 12:04 PM

The Netherlands is known for many things; one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of the Netherlands is the windmills. The definition of a windmill is a machine that takes the energy of wind and turns into energy by vanes or blades. The name “windmill” was derived because they were originally used milling grain. Also, the windmills have been used for land drainage and to extract groundwater which is vital as most of the Netherlands is under sea level. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Have a great Sunday!

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday the Netherlands - 04/06/14 11:01 AM

We went to the Netherlands for Bob’s birthday. It was so fun, the first ½ day the weather was miserable. We were supposed to have that weather for the entire stay but we lucked out and only had it for the 1st half day and then we got caught in a small hailstorm that lasted about 5 minutes. Amsterdam and the Netherlands are very picturesque. There was not a time when there was not a good shot to take. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Have a great Sunday!

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Seattle - 03/16/14 12:18 PM

 If you are an aviation buff, the city to visit is Seattle. We went there for a couple of quick days this past week as a belated birthday present to my son who just received his pilot’s license. We toured the Boeing Factory. It is quite amazing. The news keeps saying that the reason Boeing stock is down is that there is a glut of inventory for the 787 the Dreamliner, not sure where they are getting there information but if I were to have an extra $300 million or so then I could get my new … (15 comments)

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Spring Break - 03/09/14 12:20 PM

This coming week will be Spring Break for Katy ISD from March 10th-14th, classes resume the 17th of March. We went to Amsterdam last Spring Break it was fun. I think after this Spring Break, I only have 2 left with my son Alex. I remember when the kids were little now time just flies by. Amsterdam is a really cool place. I love the canals it is a very picturesque city and wonderful for walking. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Lost Pines - 02/23/14 10:04 AM

My wonderful husband Bob and I are at Lost Pines right outside of Bastrop, Texas. We stay at the wonderful Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. We just love it here. The fauna is beautiful and the Staff is wonderful it is true Hyatt and Texas Hospitality. We have come here since 2006 when the Resort 1st opened; we come here as it is a short drive from Katy, Texas down I-10 and then 71 W. Texas 71 is one of the prettiest drives when the bluebonnets are in bloom.  If you have not been to the Hyatt Lost Pines … (12 comments)

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday The Seine - 02/09/14 01:49 PM

Paris is magical no matter what time of year you are there. You feel the City of Lights weaving its magical spell over you.  I love the history and the art it just has a mystique unlike any other city. These pictures were taken strolling along the Seine; the weather had called for rain the entire stay we were lucky it only rained at night! Viva la France.

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday 2013 in review 4th quarter - 01/19/14 03:49 PM
The 4th quarter we stayed home except a really quick 2 day trip to London as we had 2 certificates to use and they expired at the end of the month. In November, we went to see Peter White’s Christmas Tour in Austin with Bob’s cousins Linda and Lance. December we just stayed home as I ran really ran behind on getting ready for the Holidays. These are the men in my life, I sure am lucky; they are all so good looking especially the 2 younger ones! Happy Sunday!


speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday 2013 in review 3rd quarter - 01/12/14 01:17 PM

Last year’s 3rd quarter saw Bob and me celebrating our 15th anniversary in Japan. I could not believe the years have flown by. My dad and I went to see my mom’s gravesite for her Birthday in July it is always bittersweet when I go to San Antonio and I expect it always will be. In August we went to Chicago for the Tall Ships Festival that was so awesome! As these ships travel across the country it is a must see. Happy Sunday and I hope you enjoy the photos!

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday 2013 in review 1st quarter - 12/29/13 12:50 PM

I feel that the years just go by faster and faster. Last December was so busy here at work I barely had time to go to the bathroom. This year has not been the same but I was busier at home and the Holidays kind of sneaked up on me. As we look forward to 2014 I am reviewing our 2013. Here are some bright spots in the 1st quarter of 2013.

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Christmas Time 2013 - 12/22/13 02:44 PM


I love to decorate my home for Christmas this year I am not quite done but just about there. I have decided next year I will skip decorating for Thanksgiving andjust do Christmas. I am just sharing a couple of my favorite Christmas pictures of beautiful cities this time of year!  Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us!

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday December 2013 - 12/15/13 02:53 PM

Well it is almost here Christmas. I am so far behind I have wrapped all the presents and found I need to buy a few more that is scheduled for Wednesday. Cards are still being addressed and will be sent out Tuesday. Decorating started. Menus are set, invites are out. I hope you have done more than me. Happy Holidays!

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Holidays - 12/08/13 12:37 PM

Last year I was lucky enough to get to NYC for the Holidays displays. I think I like looking at the window displays best of all. I was hoping to get up there this year, but I am terribly behind on Holiday stuff. I do have the tree up but not decorated. I have not had a chance to decorate for Christmas my days off went just trying to keep up with everyday life. This morning I did get 4 Christmas presents wrapped. It will be decorating only this “weekend.” Next weekend finish the shopping and then we are … (14 comments)

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday on to Christmas 2013 - 12/01/13 02:39 PM

Well Thanksgiving is over now; Black Friday has passed so now we are on to the next Holiday for us it is Christmas.  So are you ready for Christmas? Are the presents bought? Are they wrapped? Have you put up the tree? Have you finished decorating? What are your plans for the Holidays? Do you have your menus yet? So much planning goes into the Holidays please do not forget to enjoy them because bottom line is about family and friends.

speechless sunday: The Victoria and Albert Museum - 11/24/13 01:00 PM

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is a really spectacular place. They have all kinds of arts and design. It houses over 3000 years of art and design. The entrance is a beautiful dome and it has a big Chihuly Crystal hanging from the ceiling. They have a gorgeous jewelry section a definite must see in London.

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday NYC great for the Holidays - 11/17/13 02:36 PM

When I was working out today, I was listening to a show on Fox about cool places to travel in the United States for the Holidays. I came in at the tail end of the show; the cities that they listed were Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas and New York City. I could also add to the list from personal experience San Antonio, Texas and Washington DC.
It made me long for New York. My husband used to have to go to NYC the 1st weekend of December every year for a meeting. It was great fun and … (10 comments)

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Parks - 11/10/13 02:54 PM

I love to walk and photograph parks no matter what time of year. I went to a photo gallery and just stood and looked at the photo of a park for at least 15 minutes. The photo was over $3,000 dollars not sure I can justify that kind of money for a photo but the solitude spoke to me. I hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday.

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Doors - 11/03/13 12:31 PM

I love doors that look so inviting that you just want to go explore the inside of the house. These doors piqued my interest. It made me wonder; who lives inside? Is there inside as cute and colorful as the outside? What do they do for a living? I hope you have a wonderful Sunday no matter what you are doing.

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday the Royal Christening - 10/27/13 12:32 PM

Prince George was christened on October 23, 2013 at St. James Palace where his Grandfather Prince Charles and his wife live. I like watching the Royals, my heart broke for Prince William and Prince Harry when their “mum” was killed. I am a big Diana fan she was a great mother and a great humanitarian. She would be so proud of those boys. I like the way Prince William always keeps his mother’s memory alive and involved in his life. Here are some pictures of St. James Palace on the eve before the Christening; there usually are not … (6 comments)

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Colors - 10/20/13 12:09 PM

There has been much to do about colors over the past few years. It seems that we are tired of colorless world. People want color in their lives in their homes. We now have appliances available in color, pots to cook in color blenders, mixers and so on and so forth. I thought I would just share some colorful photos that I have taken along the way. I hope you a wonderful Sunday and it is as colorful as you would like.

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday Summer of 2013 - 09/29/13 03:20 PM

I know that the summer of 2013 has passed a few days ago, it was a good summer and it went way to fast! I feel that life is going way to fast this summer my wonderful husband and I celebrated 15 years of matrimony and that has flown by! Just like the summer so I just wanted to post a few of my summer memories and share them with my wonderful Active Rain family!


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