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Getting to Green. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, you make a smart investment. Buildings that save energy sell faster and for more money. They cost less to run--cutting your utility bills. They are healthier and more comfortable to live in--with less mold and fewer allergens...preventing drafts and hot and cold rooms.
A Terrific News Story about a realtor who stepped up and did something that makes all of us in real estate beam with pride.Wild Bill's house  Jim Bennett of Stonehedge Funding in Philadelphia and his realtor/colleague Linda Tosto were in South Philadelphia looking at a cheap row house to buy and...
12/15/2014 This list is courtesy of Elizabeth Larkin, an organizing expert. I like this because it is funny--Why are we all holding onto old soy sauce packets???? Getting started is half the battle ...
video 7724-26 Devon   NOW $485,000.  Busy physician seller has loved this location on a quiet cul de sac w/privacy + security. Located near CinCin, CH Friends Meetinghouse w/ world famous James Turrell Skyspace, Rollers, post office. Coming soon: New Fresh Fields market. 2 blocks from train to C...
My clients love a bargain. They spent hours online shopping for their mortgage. Previously, I had firmly believed that the law had been changed--that having different mortgage companies run your credit would not hurt your score. I just learned otherwise from the mortgage broker that they finally ...
Beyond downpayment, closing costs, inspections, moving costs, insurance, buyers get overwhelmed by all the cash they need to come up with to get into their first house. No wonder they shop around for home inspectors. My go-to home inspectors weathered the recession just like we all did. As a resu...
You've had your eye on a house. It's above what you want to pay. And it's been sitting. Over 60 days! Don't wait. Now is the time to make an offer. Most buyers keep waiting. I really think they are afraid of rejection--or something. Believe me, the time to make an offer is before the price drops....
11/18/2014 These tips are from Their bathrooms are just gorgeous--but the tips work for "the rest of us" with more run of the mill bathrooms too. Two jump out at me: 1. Buy a set of ne...
My buyers are buying a "fixer" that needs a major rehab. Can they get regular home owners insurance? They may decide to rent an apartment nearby while the work is being done. What is the smart thing for them to do? 
Any advice for my buyers who are buying a fixer and doing a major rehab? They are not sure if they will move in right away.....or rent something nearby while the work is being done. Can they get regular home owners insurance? Or do they need special insurance because of multiple contractors who w...
I got rid of cable so I have never seen their show. I did read about them in the NY Times.  I hate them because they give my clients crazy expectations. Buyers walk in every house and they want to knock down walls and redo everything--just like The Property Brothers. I'm going crazy! I would love...

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