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Selling older buildings in Greater Philadelphia. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, we are fighting global warming. By keeping older buildings in use, you save energy and conserve the heavy prior investment of resources and energy.



I put my really cute, affordable listing on Craigs List. It is a starter home...a row Rocky's old neighborhood--South Philly. At $165,000, a buyer could get it with $7000 out of pocket (the required 3.5% FHA downpayment) and the seller could cover closing costs if we boost the price to...
It is not my idea. It is the idea of a great American Ed Mazria and his firm Architecture2030. It is a plan to kick start the economy, using the private building sector. Offer homeowners a buydown of their mortgage interest rate if they make a substantial investment in t...
Seller Caution: Buyers can easily find out what you paid for your house and that can be a factor in negotiaton. I had a lovely house for sale for $335,000 that was beautifully decorated. A couple about 30 saw the house and fell in love with it. They had wanted to find something under $300,000 and...
I did something dumb. I am so convinced that I am a great agent...that I care about my clients and knock myself out for them that I took a 2-month listing contract. The sellers were a smart, attractive 30-something couple with a lovely house in a popular neighborhood that we listed for over $300,...
I did something dumb. I was so confident that I am a great agent and that I work really hard to please my clients that I took a 2-month contract. The sellers are a 30-something couple with a very lovely house in a popular neighborhood. We priced it over $300,000 and did not get many showings. Sti...
Here is Philadelphia we have a lot of houses that are next to...or very close to another house. One of my client's houses is very close to the the house next door. It is a charming 80 year old house sideways on the lot so that her front door faces and is just steps away from her neighbor's front....

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Getting to Green, making older houses energy effic
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