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Selling older buildings in Greater Philadelphia. By making older homes and buildings more energy efficient, we are fighting global warming. By keeping older buildings in use, you save energy and conserve the heavy prior investment of resources and energy.



I have a client whose job takes him to various cities up and down the east coast. He is deciding where to buy his first house. Philadelphia appeals to him because of our green innovation and our mayor's committment to Green! I went to  Here is the list of th...
What a great, thoughtful post. And I really appreciated the Stephen Colbert at the end!While news stories, articles, and blogs continue to be written about “Strategic Default” and how those facing foreclosure shouldn’t be allowed to walk away or have their mortgage balance reduced, punishing fore...
Months ago someone lauded this color on AR. Thank you! This is neutral but elegant. Lots of colors look really nice in front of it. Black Hey stagers? Any other colors you like to use?

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Getting to Green, making older houses energy effic
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