PART 2 - RendezVous in Black & White Waxes Exponential...In Terms of 10!

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The butterfly

A Rendezvous is A Gathering Place where people meet to Celebrate, Learn, Exchange Ideas, Share and Relax.

That being Said, WE CONCLUDE our CELEBRATION of Exponentials in Terms of 10, Featuring the Favorite Posts of Fraiche Aire Moderator, Lola Audu.

To Read Part 1, Click here....Otherwise, continue & Enjoy!

Barbara Martino takes some of the prettiest pictures of homes in Vero Beach Florida.  This Open House Listing is my favorite because the pictures invite you to take a trip to see this home!

Athrine Matthews can usually be counted on to tickle the "funny bone" with her posts although she has also posted some important safety related material as well. I am choosing as a favorite, one of Arthine's more recent blogs simply titled "Letters to the Landlord."

Did you know that had a FREE Library available on-lineKelly McDonald posted this helpful piece of information to Fraiche Aire.  As a lover of books, this is my choice for my favorite post.  Thanks for letting us know about this resource!

We've got a lot of construction going on in downtown Grand Rapids!  A number of these projects are generating a lot of excitement.  So, I understood the feeling that Terry McFarland was referring to in her blog post about a stunning new development under construction in downtown Austin!  Great localism content.

This post by Doreen McPherson about directions from Google Maps is really funny.  Check it out...Active Rain Flower

Eric Medemar specializes in investment & rental properties and does he have stories to tell!  I am choosing as my favorite a list he complied which summarizes 13 Things He has Learned While Managing His Grand Rapids, Mi properties!  I looked through this list & thought...Now, THIS is the Reason why I cannot be a Landlord!

I thought this post by Joan Mirantz about Biotica was really descriptives, cool graphics...refreshing visit!

Sometimes, just as you're needing the answer to a question, a post pops up with the it Luck, Call it Coincidence  or Serendipity... Caron Mosey's post about a Lease With Option to Purchase was one such post which contained all sorts of resources in a handy reference format. 

janeAnne  Narrin is one of Active Rain's most interesting contributors.  She has spearheaded an awareness of Green Issues and how they relate to real estate thus educating many members of the Active Rain and real estate communities.  For this reason, I am choosing as my Favorite a post that janeAnne simply titles..."A Different Perspective."

Home Stager Penny Nowakowski talks about something which we have all probably dealt with at one time or another..."I Want to Move, But My Foot is Stuck in the Door" is a post which takes a deeper look at some of the reasons why we resist moving & progressing in her life.  Using her experience in interior design, Penny brings a fresh perspective to this dilemma.

Ralph Nudi's post is targeted towards real estate agents & the issues of violations or perceived violations of The Code of Ethics.  "Are You the Bored Police or the Board Police"  is a clever play on words, but also addresses the issues of the necessity of knowing what the rules actually are before making accusations.  I've chosen this as my favorite for this reason.

This is a great blog title..."What Kind of Day do YOU Want Today?...I'll Take it Great Please! Written by Carole Provenzale, this post deals with the choice we all have to create our outcomes & is chosen as a favorite because it's a message which we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

This title caught my attention on a blog post by Kathleen Lordbock...It was simply stated "I DARE YOU!"  Well you know, I had to look!  Kathleen was challenging readers to read a chapter of the book of Proverbs a day.  This is something that I've done for quite some time, so I appreciate  her challenging others to research the wisdom for life & business which is so clearly outlined in this book.Rain Drops

Renee Burrows wrote a blog that could go down in the annals of Active Rain History.  I choose this post as my favorite. It was entitled "*MY* Top 100 Most Influential Post, People, Products, Groups, Ideas That Have Influenced/Changed Me on Active Rain!"  It was one of the most descriptive Thank You Letters that i've ever seen!  And...I know, it was a TON of work...for this reason I choose this post as one of my favorites.

Kelli Fronabager shared some interesting insights into the origins of sayings & customs that was really an interesting & delightful read.  This is one of my favorite blog post because..." I Learned Something New!"

This blog post by Abby Reilly proves that sometimes the TRUTH is stranger than fiction.  It's chosen as a favorite because it involves FREE staging of Vacant homes & FREE rent for "transients"  You've got to read it to believe it...

From Diane's a Blog About Fresh Fruit...Active Rain Style!  This was a very imaginative post!

Deborah Ryman's question about "How Many Posts Are Really Worth Reading" is chosen as one of my favorites because she writes about something which is so easy to do...Blogging When Uninspired.  Perhaps, we sometimes do this because...we're afraid the inspiration may "not pass this way again." :)

Suzanne Sands continues to challenge us...or rather I should say ME to stay in shape!  She's started the Active Rain Fitness Club & has managed to post a number of creative posts to encourage us to get off our back ends... Thanks Suzanne...

This post by Heather Saul had me stumped...How do you market a building with several units when you can only place 1 Sign For A Building???  Just hope this type of wacky ordinance creation does not spread across the country.  Realtors need to get on local zoning boards!

Craig Schiller is one of the most creative individuals I've encountered on Active Rain.  He also inspires demonstrated by his leadership in the Stagers Group & a Series he created called Good Words For Friday in the Rain. This inspiring series is chosen as my Favorite from the individual who refers to himself as simply ME. :)

Connections are VERY important...especially Logical Ones!  Carol Smith's posts about Connectin' demonstrates, with some trepidation, the implications of not understanding the connections between real estate & the economy.  I found the story very surprising...for a number of to find out why.

Allison Stewart was another individual that I found challenging to pick a favorite for.  Allison excels as a Mentor/Teacher & uses these skills in writing a lot of very helpful posts.  Her leadership in the Realtor Group is a tribute to this gift.  For this reason, I'm choosing one of Allison's recent posts entitled "If Only I knew then...What I know Now" as my favorite because she talks about the importance of being a "continual learner"...a disciple of the profession in a way.  Thanks for leading by example Allison.Rain Boots

Eddie Taylor's blog post is a poignant reminder of the power  of "Starting Over."  Best Wishes Eddie, Never Give Up!

Now, I've got to tell the truth...I've never been quite sure which one of the 3 Heads on the Harper Team moniker was blogging at any one time...but in any event, I've enjoyed several of their posts!  So now that we're clear on the Truth, I am Selecting as A Favorite an Excellent Post they have written on the subject of Frankness..."Truth Seems Difficult."

This post by the Zuidema Team deserves recognition & encouragement!  They are committed to creating a healthier life. Please drop a comment to support their efforts to lose weight, preserve health & RUN a MARATHON!

The Thayer Team has a post that has potentially significant implications for the real estate industry.  The MLS system as we currently experience it is being challenged in a number of different ways.  This blog post discusses a recent launch of a New System that you may not have heard of but which is being launched in 20 States!

A CELEBRATION is in order...Alex Harb just passed the 100,000 Points Mark!  That's  a Huge Accomplishment & certainly in keeping with the Celebration of the RendezVous in Black & White Waxing Exponential in Terms of 10!  This Ten has Mega Zeros behind it!  Kudos to You Alex & Best Wishes for The Next 100,000!

When I saw the title for this post..."THIS is my LAST POST,"  I thought Oh NO...But as I read, I smiled & thought OH YES!!  Here's to Jeff Turner's decision to take a day OFF from Blogging...Namely Sunday...And to Have Fun Outside the Blogosphere.  WE're rooting for him to make good on this decision...we know it will be hard!  So for courage in breaking the "habit", I choose THIS IS MY LAST POST as a Favorite! to Rick!  The post FLIP THIS HOUSE shows how we can utilize the forum of Active Rain to make useful connections.  Looking at Rick's blog, I saw he has a very nice property with a lot of potential that would be great for investors looking to Flip a Property.  Eric Medemar, also a member of Fraiche Aire,  has done a lot of Flipping of Properties very successfully in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I'm hoping that Active Rain Facilitates an Active Connection for Rick Turner to FLIP HIS LISTING!

Picking a Favorite for Broker Bryant is almost impossible.  Some of the recent posts about the Alternative Broker Model are really educational & eye opening.  I've learned a lot from reading Broker Bryant's blog.  I've also admired the way he handles controversy with wit, intelligence & grace.  But, I think my favorite blog is a blog he wrote about Martin Luther King.  This honest, raw & deeply human portrayal about the realities that still scar our nation in the area of race relations will always hold a special spot in my heart.  Thanks for being real Broker Bryant!Window Full of Fraiche Aire

Those who are interested in technology & gadgets will want to check out this blog post by House Txtr about a service that allows you to get a TEXT message for information on homes by simply calling a certain number. & entering the address..Very Interesting!

"Why Do I See Wedding Gowns in Real Estate?" was the title of one of my Favorite Posts by Therese Vandermeer
This topic of this post has often featured in discussions we've had about the real estate industry as she connects more dots & draws parallels as a New Agent.  This was a well written post which used a different paradigm to make some really good points!

This post by Edwina (ED for Short) Vogt was a question on my mind too...How Long is One a Newbie on Active Rain?  Do we measure time in Dog Years or what??  How & When Do you Graduate & Move into Grade School?  Does Anyone out there Know??? Calling Cyberspace...Active Rain...Is anyone out there?

If you're able to visit Temecula, CA, during the month of June, the gorgeous picture on Sandra William's blog indicate that it will be well worth the trip!  You will probably want to tour the winery as well.  According to Sandra, Southern California "overflows with color!"

Ron Winthers' Post which is A TRIBUTE closes this article & I think rightfully so.  Ron has written a very special post  It's a post about Honor & Sacrifice.  A post that Celebrates Life & Honors the fallen.  It's a Fitting Tribute to all who are sacrificing & have died to defend our country.  I say Thank YOU Ron for your service & Thank You for contributing this powerful entry to the Active Rain Network

So, That's it Folks...from the Lady who Flitted onto the Screen on Active Rain as Butterfly, Emerged from her Cocoon & Thanks All of You for Your Part in the Metamorphosis!  Blessings!


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Joan Whitebook
Consumer Focused Real Estate Services
BHG The Masiello Group
Lola:  Thanks for the overview and comments -- I will have to go back and read some of the posts that I have missed.  It is becomming difficult to catch all of the great posts -- and a review such as yours is very helpful to catch any that have fallen through the cracks.
June 09, 2007 12:56 PM
Craig Schiller
REAL ESTAGING, a nationally recognized leader in Staging.


THIS is a SPECTACULAR BLOG POST! I jumped right to making a comment and did not even read the whole thing. NOW I am gonna go read. But I love this post... so much commitment to others.


Ok so now I read it... and I found an error! SCANDAL!  Diane Rice's blog link is wrong. BUT if you ask me this is STILL a 5 star post.

Me (Again)

June 10, 2007 09:43 AM
Lola Audu
Audu Real Estate~Grand Rapids, MI ~Welcome Home!
Lola Audu~Audu Real Estate~Grand Rapids, MI Real Estate
Hi Craig!  Thanks for reading...really reading! :)  I even missed that link, so I really appreciate your bringing it to my attention.  Correction made!  I'm so glad you enjoyed this post.  I've enjoyed reading many of you excellent posts & appreciate the Five Stars!!!
June 11, 2007 01:05 PM
Anonymous #28


Great post!  Thanks for the recognition and mention.  I do appreciate your efforts and presence here in AR.

Ron Withers

June 12, 2007 04:31 AM
Allison Stewart
St. Cloud Fl Realtor, Osceola County Real Estate 407-616-9904
St.Cloud Homes


I am so honord to have made your list- Thank you sincerely for the kind words. I deeply appreciated reading them.

August 13, 2007 06:00 AM

Lola Audu

Audu Real Estate~Grand Rapids, MI ~Welcome Home!
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