Mortgage PRO Week in Review -- 12/10/07 through 12/16/07

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I was honored when Jeff Belonger asked me to write this review. This is the first time I've written the Week in Review and I spent most all of last week thinking about what I would use as the theme. I also have seen so many different excellent mortgage posts from so many different and excellent loan officers. Hey guys, we have some great talent here!

So what makes a great loan officer, great? Is it product knowledge? How about salesmanship? Negotiating abilities? Communications skills? Financial know how? Legal and contractual IQ?

You know the answer - it's a combination of all of these ingredients and more.

For my Mortgage Week in Review I chose to highlight the best of the best in each of these ingredients.

With the holiday season upon us, and my underlying theme of ingredients, my theme for this post became obvious.


Michael Chiarello and I have a little history together so I chose his recipe to feature.
I've linked his picture to the recipe on FoodNetwork.
Nothing says Happy Holidays like a great Cioppino, and a good bottle of spicy Zin or Sangiovese!

For a Great Cioppino, gather the following...

The Base
2 quarts fish fumet or stock -
You need to start with a good base. It's the foundation that everything is built upon.

The Body
a pinch saffron -
Nothing adds body like a hint of saffron. Wars have been fought over this simple flower part.

The Lubricant
6 tbs. olive oil -
A good oil can bring the flavors together, and it can also keep items apart.

The Aromatics
5 large garlic cloves, 2 medium onions, 1 head fennel -
Aromatics fill our senses. They draw attention to particulars we might have passed too quickly by.

The Dry Spices
Grey salt and freshly ground black pepper, 1 tbs. toasted fennel seed, 1 bay leaf, 1 tsp. dried oregano -
Although these are considered dry, they are still very potent when used appropriately.

The Acids
2 tbs. tomato paste, 1 (28-ounce) can whole plum tomatoes -
It's the acid in food that delivers the spark. A wine without acid is flat. The proper use of acid in food delivers that same spark and vibrancy

The Wine
2 cups dry white wine, 1/2 cup Pernod -
Some say wine make the world go round - I say it's the wine that makes Cioppino SING!

The Heat
5 whole jalapenos -
The heat of the Jalapeno brings out the intensity of the flavors. Cooking for just myself, I prefer the slightly hotter Serrano. If I'm cooking for the family, it might be the low level Poblano. To each their own.

The Herbs
1/4 cup fresh chopped parsley leaves, 3 tbs. fresh chopped basil leaves, 2 tbs. fresh chopped tarragon leaves -
Fresh herbs. There's nothing like fresh to bring out the best in a dish. Never substitute frozen when you can have fresh.

The Fish
2 lbs. littleneck clams and PEI mussels, crab legs, large shrimp, 2 lbs. halibut fillet, 3/4 lb. sea scallops -
Everyone knows to use only the freshest fish. Just one piece of bad fish will ruin the whole dish. Know where your fish comes from and how fresh it is. Do your homework.

The Butter
1 stick unsalted butter -
Butter brings it all together. It makes everyone happy. Always invite butter to the party.

All in all there is nothing like a great Cioppino to help celebrate the holidays.
And like a great loan officer, a great Cioppino brings together many different ingredients.
It's the combination of those ingredients and not one single ingredient that makes both great.

NOTE: I read every single post written by a Loan Officer or Mortgage Company over the last week. Every single one! It was the first time I had done this. I was surprised at how many posts were cut and paste hacks, or reposted over and over again in hopes of Search Engine Rankings. If I found your first post wonderful and enlightening, it was eliminated when I saw it reposted again with just a few keywords changed.
Also, if your post started out as great but was abruptly halted with a Read More... it wasn't really a post here on ActiveRain was it? Sorry about that.
If your post was marked by a splot it wasn't good enough for AR, so I figured it wasn't good enough for me.

What I did learn was that it was so easy to make the Mortgage Week in Review. All you have to do is write compelling original material. Do that and do that once.

Enjoy the Cioppino and Happy Holidays!

The next 3 members :

1. Cheryl Hale 12/17/07 through 12/23/07

2. Jeff Belonger 12/24/07 through 12/30/07

3. Jason Sardi 12/31/07 to 01/06/08

Mortgage blogs by loan officers Here is a list of Loan Officers. If you are not listed, please email Jeff Belonger to be added. This way the person doing the Mortgage Pro week in review can try and find most mortgage related posts in one section. ActiveRain is growing rapidly and it is difficult to keep up.... If you think you have been ignored, you have not. This is open to all!!!

MORTGAGE PRO Week in Review A repository for the Mortgage Week in Review. Please don’t hesitate in joining this group.

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MORTGAGE PRO Week in Review
mortgage pro week in review

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Mike Jones
Mike Jones NMLS 223495


Absolutely delicious!  Your mother raised you right!  Thanks for the mention. 

Mike in Tucson

December 18, 2007 06:21 AM
Anonymous #34
You did such a good job on this that I'm sure you'll get the honor again.
December 18, 2007 06:49 AM
Mike Mueller
Tech and Social Media Consultant

Peter - Trust me.  It is.

Sandi - You are much too kind, thank you!

John - You are welcome.

Jess - Interesting tact.  I'm not convinced that the Who's Who is a prerequisite for inclusion.  Quality original content is all that's required.  Although I'm subscribed to around 100 bloggers - I had never heard of three of these people.  As for the others?  Read there blogs.  They produce quality original content daily.

Ed - You are welcome.  AR is a much better place with you in it.

Mike - Sorry.  I was raised by Wolves.  It was a well appointed cave, and they had good taste, but they were wolves.  ; )

Diane - Thank you.  Not sure if I could handle it.  It's a lot of work.  I had no idea until I did this one just how much work these wonderful people put into this reviewing thing, and they do so week after week.  Wow!




December 18, 2007 07:46 AM
Josette Skilling
Keller Williams Capital Properties
What a fun and informative way to present the info!  I'll go peek at the ones I missed along the way.  I think the mortgage reading is equally as important as the real estate reading lately!
December 18, 2007 06:11 PM
Wendy Cutrufelli
Contra Costa Realtor
Alain Pinel Realtors
Mike:  You are such a creative bugger!  The information was good but your presentation was great!
December 21, 2007 09:05 AM

Mike Mueller

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