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Good Morning Friends,

This is a LONG post, but worth reading!

I laid awake last night thinking alot about my new friends here on ActiveRain, and kind of getting an education on some things myself as to how ActiveRain works. and I was looking at the activerain network and had a great idea. This will work if you all work together on it.

Any SEO will tell you that you need links. Google will tell you that you need great content, I would say you need both!
Google however is cracking down on the link farms. They are de-indexing sites and also penalizing the sites that use them. Google has made the statement that links are important, but their webmaster tools state that they want you to get links "naturally". Google's idea of "naturally" means that if you have great content, people will love your site, and they will automatically link to your site... Hmmm. Ok, we just wait for the world to find us. The question is how do we get found if we aren't indexed and visible? Catch 22.. What google states is that they don't like link exchanges because there is no merit to them. Google sees a "link exchange" as site 1 links to site 2, and site 2 lnks back to site 1.. I am going to propose a process to you in this post that I know will work for you without getting you penalized.

Up until the latest algo updates, google didn't go after un-natural links because they didn't have the capability to track them. The game has changed. Google states that this action is for the purpose of "leveling the playing field" I would speculate that if a given site has been near the top of google, and gotten used to the amount of traffic afforded by that position, they might just be willing to invest in ADWORDS if they suddently dropped to page 20 or so, and their business just dropped to NOTHING. Hmmm... Google also KNOWS that these sites have paid ALOT of money buying the links that got them to the top.. Hmmm.. If they will pay for links, why wouldn't they pay for ADWORDS??

OK, google gives value to ONE WAY links (site A links to site B) far more than TWO WAY links (I link to you, and you link to me). Pardon the expression, these are "CRAP LINKS" they have little to NO value (if they don't get you penalized for having too many of these types of links)

They now even have the capability to track the 3 way links.. (Site A links to Site B who links to Site C who links to Site A).. everybody gets a link, and everybody's happy right?? NO, everybody gets penalized and spends the next 6 months sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, or telemarketing and getting hung up on.. Not why I got into business..

Google tends to be double minded with regards to what gets you into trouble vs what is ok. Example, they say buying links will get you into trouble with them, then they say it's good to have links in directories like Yahoo dir... HUH?? How do you get a link in Yahoo dir without "buying" it?? The issue is that google values Yahoo dir because it is manually verified and paying Yahoo dir does NOT guarantee you inclusion. Yahoo states the $299.00 non refundable fee does not guarantee you inclusion in their directory, it guarantees you they will consider including you. :(

OK, here is my suggestion.. Some of you may be doing it, but many aren't. I know this because I have looked at many of your A/R pages..

1: Find 10 people you trust who are not direct keyword competitors. (direct keyword competitors have your city in their keywords also).
2: All 10 people put links on their ActiveRain page to eachother's regular website (not the ActiveRain page).
3: After you have the first 10 setup, pick another 10 and do it again.

The example is like this:

My ActiveRain page puts a link to Margaret Rome's regular website
My friend Margaret Rome's ActiveRain page puts a link to my regular website
etc. etc. etc...

Google will NOT see these links as either 2 way, or 3 way links - GUARANTEED!!! This is in the book of Joe..
Google WILL see these links as quality one way links
Google will NOT see them as un-natural, nor will they trigger the "TOO MANY LINKS TOO FAST" demon...

EVERYBODY WINS, and No one spends a single penny... You could see results from this in as little as 2 weeks.
I have used and seen this technique work well for many of my SEO campaigns..

ActiveRain is the PERFECT netowork to employ this technique, and this will NOT get you into trouble..
It is win/win for everyone!

This will help you get great organic SEO fast without being penalized by Google:

Before you contact your 10 partners, make sure you do the following:

RESEARCH your keywords!
Figure out your link text. Don't depend on someone else to do this for you..
I will create a spreadsheet that you are welcome to use to track your link partners. Just email me for a free copy of it.
DO NOT RUSH THE PROCESS.. Don't do anything to run a big red flag up that says PENALIZE ME GOOGLE!

Here is an example of my link text on a site that helps people to market real estate property. You can Sell Your Home quickly on our website. Add a link to your site in our Real Estate Directory.

Here is another of one of my link text on a site that focuses on helping people with SEO. Visit our site and get quickly to page 1 in google. Affordable Quality SEO is what we are all about!

Here is the html code that equates to the first 2 links above:

<p>You can <a href="" title="Sell your home">Sell Your Home</a> quickly on our website. Add a link to your site in our <a href="" title="Real Estate Directory">Real Estate Directory</a>.</p>

Notice the title="Sell your home" in the code? That creates what is called your "Anchor Text" Anchor text determines how Google indexes the link target.. It is best to wrap your link in relevant content (Like your activerain page)

In case you didn't notice, I just targeted a new set of keywords for my good friend Mr. Search Engine to find..

The site is currently #1 in both Yahoo and MSN ( for the term Quality SEO. I just added the word "Affordable" as another keyword for them to index for me.. :)

Good lnks are vital to your SEO efforts, but BAD links will get you in trouble fast.

Here is my FREE offer to all reading this post..

Email me at if you are interested in getting links on 3 of my sites (this will not cost you a penny)
These 3 sites are as follows:

2 PR4 sites (soon to be PR5), and 1 PR2 (soon to be PR3) site. (one of them is over 20 yrs old, one is 17 yrs old, and one is 14 yrs old) I own these sites, and your links will be permanent.

FYI, I had a realtor call me for SEO 2 months ago. He had keywords he wanted to rank for. I put a link on one of these 3 sites to his site with his keywords in the anchor text. At the time he was on page 5 in google for those keywords. 7 days later, he was in position 2 for those keywords.. I normally sell a single link on that site for $120.00 per year, but I am offering them to you (ACTIVERAIN MEMBERS ONLY) at no cost. I will want a link from you, but that is more than fair considering what I am giving you. So email me.. My offer to you is links on 3 of my sites for 2 links to me from your ActiveRain profile page... fair? NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS, and the links will be permanent..

I want to start hearing some success stories folks.

Have a GREAT day!
Best wishes to all of your great success!




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Joe Smith
Great SEO Services that you can afford!
Nebraska Networks

Kris, Thanks for visiting and commenting! Great to hear from you.. It's been awhile. I appreciate the vote of confidence... I kind of feel dwarfed among all the great people in A/R.. I am having alot of fun getting to know everyone.. I took a peek at your site a few weeks ago, and it really looks nice and professional! Keep up the GREAT work! To your great success..

April 11, 2012 12:42 PM
Markita Woods NMLS#190699
Queen of Mortgages - FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA
WestStar Mortgage Inc NLMS#2925

You are already an AR rockstar, thanks for sharing this great information. I too will shoot you an email!

April 11, 2012 07:43 PM
Mike Frazier
Dyersburg Tn Real Estate
Carousel Realty of Dyer County

Joe, Activerain should be a good place for a seo guy like you to make a great living. About finished with that new website you want me to take a look at?

April 12, 2012 08:35 AM
Joe Smith
Great SEO Services that you can afford!
Nebraska Networks

Markita, Thanks for commenting! I don't feel like any kind of star, but I appreciate the vote of confidence.. Looking forward to your email.. Have a great evening!

April 12, 2012 06:20 PM
Joe Smith
Great SEO Services that you can afford!
Nebraska Networks

Mike, Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I have a START for you to take a look at.. is the temporary place I have the site setup for my development team to work on.

Most of the links on the page don't even work yet. This is just a start and out there to work on the look of the site.

I welcome your thoughts..



April 12, 2012 06:45 PM

Joe Smith

Great SEO Services that you can afford!
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