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Energy Efficient is My Home in need of an Energy Audit, this is a question that I'm ask by many homeowners. I have even had Home Buyers Call and E-Mail asking if they should have an Energy Audit performed on the home they are looking to buy.

Home Diagram

Virtually all homes can stand to gain from some form of energy efficiency improvement. However, in general, older homes are significantly more inefficient than newer ones. To be more specific, those who stand to gain the most from an Energy Audits being are.

  • Folks that are interested in purchasing a new home.

  • Homeowners interested in adding value to their homes.

  • Homeowners with homes 10 years or older.

  • Homeowners who notice a variance in temperatures from one area or room to another in their home.

  • Homeowners who suspect that their homes are losing air (and Energy) but can’t definitively identify the source or the cause. (who want to promote more even and comfortable temperature throughout their home).

  • Homeowners who want to do their part to improve their environment, and/or reduce their carbon foot-print.

  • Any homeowner who just wants to save money on energy costs.

Pie Chart

Energy Efficient is My Home in need of an Energy Audit, in addition, if you are purchasing a new home, there are several reasons you might want consider a thorough Energy Audit being conducted of the property you are interested in buying.

  • Given the dramatic seasonal variances in New Hampshire, recent energy bills of those selling the home can often paint a very misleading picture regarding the reality of the property’s overall Energy Efficiency.

  • The information gathered by a Home Energy Audit can give you a distinct advantage when negotiating the terms of the purchase.

  • There are numerous Mortgage Lenders who reward homeowners who have had their homes tested for Energy Efficiency.

Home Air Leakage Diagram

The fact is, almost all homes can benefit from conducting a Home Energy Audit or take steps towards ensuring a home  is Energy Efficient. Given and all that folks stand to gain, there is virtually no viable real reason to not have a Home Energy Audit in this day and age.

Energy Efficient is My Home in need of an Energy Audit, Home Air Leaks - almost all households across our Great Country leaks enough air that can fill up three to four Goodyear Blimps each hour. All the air leaks through the windows , doors, recessed lights and the attic access are responsible for high energy bills.


A home's Basement - Not all areas of our Great Country have Basements and not all homes have a Basement even in areas which there are a lot Home Basements, but for those homes which do. Hot air generated by boiler raise temperature of your home and into the attic through leakage. This makes a home feel drafty and cause high energy bills. Rim joist air sealing is especially important at bump out areas such as bay windows that hang over the foundation.


Home Cellar Doors - Cellar door, also known as, Basement Door, a Bulkhead, a Cellar Door, or a Bilco door, are one of the main sources of moisture in basements. A Cellar Door sure is responsible for the "stack effect" in your home.

Basement Bulkhead

Energy Efficient is My Home in need of an Energy Audit, Home's Crawlspace - A Crawlspace sure is an area that homeowners don't visit very often. But this is an area that venture into your home in the form of cold air, moisture, mold, and mildew. IF a rim joist is leaky, than it will allow warm air to come inside during the summer causing moisture and cold air in during the winter causing discomfort.


Drafty Doors and Windows - Doors and Windows sure are inherently deficient in their R-values. A single pane of glass has an R-value of 1, wood doors have an R-value of 2.5, and insulated metal doors have R-values that range from 6-10. The real trouble with windows and doors is not the material used but recklessly they are installed in the framed with rough opening. The gaps that are left around windows,doors and were never sealed properly.

Plumbing Penetrations - If plumbing penetrations which are properly fitted in the existing wall are major cause of exaggerating the stack effect.


A Home's Chimney and Flue Chase - Whenever cavity of Chimney/Flue Chase is heated, the air rises into the attic, turning the shaft into a chimney for the home's conditioned air.

Fireplace Diagram

Recessed Lights in areas of a Home - As per US Census Bureau, there are around 300 million recessed light fixtures have been installed in American homes which caused serious degradation to your home's energy efficiency. The average home has the equivalent of a 2 foot-square hole in the ceiling from recessed lights through which warm air can leak out through from a home's the attic.

A Home's Attic Access - Most home's attic access doors and hatches are neither insulated nor air tight. This lack of insulation and air sealing allows heat to escape up into the attic in the winter and brings hot air in during summer.

Dirty Insulation in a Home - Insulation with dark coloration indicates dirt collected by the insulation as air passes through it. Insulation with dark coloration sure is an indication of air.

Attic Insulation

Missing Home Insulation - Improperly insulated or completely un-insulated areas of your home cause colder rooms in the Fall and Winter Months, hotter rooms in the Summer Months, and responisble for extremely high energy bills. The easiest and most cost-effective way to insulate your home is in the attic.

Thermal Scan

Dropped Soffits and Dropped Ceilings - Generally, builders more focuses on air leakage through windows, doors, and walls. Many of these key areas are hidden from view and are not air sealed or insulated properly.

Air Handlers in an Attic - Air handlers installed in attics that typically reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit put a strain on your air conditioning unit are responsible higher electric bills and shorten the life of your equipment.

Energy Audits is My Home in need of an Energy Audit, A Home's Heating System - A normal residential heating systems of United States, generally have a heat capacity ranging between 1.5 to 2 times which is larger than that needed to maintain room temperature even on extremely cold days. Due to this over sizing of the heating system, the burner will cycle on and off repeatedly to prevent overheating of the system.

Heating System Diagram

Inductive Motor Loads and Electricity - Your electric provider sells 3.2 kilowatt hours of energy to use 1 kilowatt-hour in your home. This loss is attributed to the resistance and heat which is generated as electricity travels over transmission lines and into inductive motors in our homes. These motors have coils of copper wire that receive an electrical current to produce an electro-magnetic field to turn the shaft inside the motor.

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Adrian Willanger
Profit from my two decades of experience
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Dale, great photos of ways we can possibly be robbed of our energy. I think I've discovered several more ways after looking at your illustrations. 

June 07, 2012 10:14 AM
Adam Brett
The Adam and Eric Team, Setting the New Standard
The Adam and Eric Team

Your posts always have such valuable content. As always thank you for posting, I enjoy your blog.


Best Wishes,


June 07, 2012 10:40 AM
Yolanda Cordova-Gilbert
David Weekley Homes in Cinco Ranch
David Weekley Homes


               I too had to stop back by to congratulate you for your featured post! We at David Weekley homes feel in Texas it will be a must to have an energy audit for all homes sold. They are already doing it within the city limits of Austin, Texas. It is like a MPG sticker on new cars. Take care and have a great weekend!

June 09, 2012 08:22 AM
Sharon Parisi
Dallas Homes
Keller Williams Dallas Premier Realty

Dale, this post is filled with some of the most valuable information, I have seen to date.  Thank you for taking the time to put this together! Now we all need to check out our homes and make them more efficient!

June 16, 2012 08:50 AM
Dale Baker
New Hampshire Relocation and Views Info Blog
Baker Energy Audits and Commercial Properties Inspections

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Dale in New Hampshire

June 29, 2012 01:20 PM

Dale Baker

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