Obviously, making an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION is key to forming relationships with prospects ... but how to do it through the WRITTEN WORD is not so obvious. Here's some help ...

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Making an emotional connection to begin a relationship with your prospects is necessary for getting new clients. It's what personal marketing is all about. If this were not true, those Sunday newspaper ads with your company name, photos of homes and agents' head shots would keep the phone ringing at least all day Monday, if not throughout the week.
By far, the best way to connect emotionally with prospects AND help them remember you is to use your personal brochure or Web site's "About" page to tell them a story. A story grabs attention and keeps prospects engaged. Plus, stories have the uncanny ability to fly under prospects' sales radar and deliver your message straight to their hearts.

See which of the following examples engages your interest ...

  • Example #1 - Story-based information delivery
    Marcie's love for sales began one fateful Saturday when she was just a sixth-grader growing up in the small town of Mason, Alabama. Marcie's parents owned the local drug store where her father was pharmacist and her mother was the store's only clerk. The drug store soda fountain was a popular hangout for local teens, and Marcie's big brother worked part-time as soda jerk. It was the middle of flu season. Both Marcie's mother and brother were sick, so Marcie had to help out. "I'd never had as much fun as I did that Saturday morning selling cherry Cokes and making change," she said. "And since that day, the thrill of making sales has never left me. Only now my passion is for selling real estate instead of cherry Cokes."
  • Example #2 - Fact-based information delivery
    Marcie grew up in the small town of Mason, Alabama. Her parents owned the local drug store where her father was pharmacist, her mother the clerk and her brother the soda jerk. Occasionally, Marcie had to help out. This was the beginning of her love for sales.


Which example do you think you'd be more likely to remember next week?


Now, if that were your story and  ...

Real Estate Copywriter


Your prospect grew up in the era of the 1950 and 1960's drug store soda fountain, the story in example #1 triggers a wealth of memories connected to all kinds of emotion within him.

And even if the prospect is younger, movies like The Last Picture Show and the TV series Happy Days and The Wonder Years are such a part of our shared culture and the American psyche, that the story in #1 still has the power to trigger a younger person's emotion-filled memories.




Maybe your story would be about your love for fishing ...Real Estate Copywriter






Or maybe it's about the fun you have gardening with your daughter ...

Real Estate Copywriter

Or coaching Little League.

Real Estate Personal Brochure



It doesn't have to relate to sales.

But whatever it is, my point is that stories paint vivid pictures in prospects' minds, and these pictures conjure up memories, which are tied to emotions.

And therein lies your story's power to make emotional connections with your prospects.

What story can YOU share in your personal brochure that would get you out from behind the Realtor® mask and show prospects you're real?


Writing for your success,

The Real Estate Copywriter




Kay Steele Faulk
The Real Estate Copywriter

P.S. If you'd like to WRITE YOUR OWN COPY for a new personal    How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure
brochure or your Web site's "About" page, I've created a GUIDE
to help you out.

It's entitled "A Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals - How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure." Check it out at www.RealEstatePersonalBrochure.com.










If you found this post helpful, you may like "What is a Personal Brochure and Why Should You Care?"



Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Kay Steele Faulk, The Real Estate Copywriter
Specializing in Real Estate Sales Letters and Real Estate Personal Brochures

In the Heart of the Mississippi River Delta ~ Lake Village, Arkansas
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Kay Steele Faulk
The Real Estate Copywriter
InHouse Writer

HI, CHRISTINE: You're welcome. I just visited your blog and found your posts very engaging. You kept me reading. Your love for writing certainly shows ... as does your love for real estate. Coming up with a story is easy when you have a creative brief to guide you. It's what professional writers and ad agencies use to prepare for any marketing or sales project.

If you'll forgive the shameless plug, my new Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals on how to write your own personal brochure has as a free bonus a 99-point creative brief included. Among other things, it enables you to step back and take an objective view of yourself. You'd be pleasantly surprised at the personal stories that emerge ... things about yourself that you never realized were story material. And the good part is ... the simpler your story, the better. Thanks for commenting. And please come again......Kay

July 01, 2008 12:00 PM
Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Real Estate Agent, Top 1% of Lyon Agents
Put 40 years of experience to work for you
Lyon Real Estate

Hi Kay:

Rather than trying to teach non-writers to compose creative content, wouldn't it be easier for them to simply hire you to do it? Not everybody can write nor can they learn. In my younger days, I used to believe that any person who had a thought in the brain could transpose that thought into a cognitive sentence on paper. But it ain't so. Some people can't do it. They generally excel at other things, but writing isn't one of them.

elizabeth weintraub sacramento real estate agent

July 04, 2008 10:26 AM
Kathy Anderson
Arizona Retirement Homes For Sale, Sun City Grand

I have people tell me they love my website and come back over and over but I know I need to put more of a personal profile on there.  I haven't really let people know too much about myself yet.

July 04, 2008 10:36 AM
Kay Steele Faulk
The Real Estate Copywriter
InHouse Writer

ELIZABETH: that's a very good question. And my answer, in a word, is yes. However, with the market downturn, my brochure fee sends agents into sticker shock. I wish I could lower it to help folks out, but copywriting is a business for me and I simply can't. So I've done the next best thing ...

I created a guide for those who want to write their own, and I priced it at about the cost of a Friday night's dinner out and a movie.

What led me to do this was the dramatic increase in the last 12 months of visitors coming to my Web site via variations of the search string "how to write a personal brochure," instead of the usual "copywriter for personal brochure."

Smart agents know that marketing must go on, despite a shrinking marketing budget. So for the do-it-yourselfers, the guide includes five free bonuses, which are the tools needed to make a personal brochure project a success:

  1. A 99-point creative brief -- a tool used by professional copywriters and ad agencies ...
  2. A ready-to-mail letter requesting a testimonial ...
  3. A list of questions and topic suggestions to include with each testimonial request ...
  4. A ready-to-mail letter requesting permission to use an existing testimonial and ...
  5. A must-see list of free and cheap resources.

Although the guide does include valuable tips on the writing process, it's not a course in creative writing, by any means. But by using the free creative brief, agents WILL discover their story, develop a core marketing message and have a blueprint to keep both their writing and their project on track.

Plus, by avoiding the mistakes pointed out in the guide and using its suggestions, agents wanting to do their own writing now have a way to ensure their personal brochure is the best it can be. I've also removed all financial risk with a 3-month money-back guarantee.

I apologize for the length of this answer. But I'm convinced "A Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals - How to Write & Lay Out Your Own Personal Brochure" can help agents. Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth...........Kay

July 04, 2008 06:58 PM
Kay Steele Faulk
The Real Estate Copywriter
InHouse Writer

KATHY: I see why people come back again and again to your site. You do an excellent job of carrying on a conversation with your visitors, starting right there on your home page. That's how it's supposed to be done!

I think you'd be pleasantly surprised if you start letting prospects get to know you. But even without that, your personal "voice" comes through so well in your Web site copy, visitors get a sense of you. I can only imagine how wonderfully your story would come across written in your voice. Thanks for commenting........Kay

July 04, 2008 06:54 PM

Kay Steele Faulk

The Real Estate Copywriter
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The Real Estate Copywriter: no one knows more about your real estate business than you. BUT can you communicate your information and ideas with clean, simple, direct writing that gets prospects to respond AND gets them to do it sooner rather than later? Not sure? My blog, "A Copywriter's Guide for Real Estate Professionals," is written just for YOU.

I'm a real estate copywriter specializing in direct response and persuasive copy that delivers an emotional punch. My clients say this is what works.

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