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7-31 Apologists and other spineless hacks OK I'm in a rant mood today - I'm going on vacation (again) next week so I need to get this off my chest NOW. Because next week I'll be relaxing on Kauai with my kids and my Honey and getting married next Friday and this won't seem like such a big deal then. But today I'm in a tizzy, or maybe a snit, or maybe just plain honked off at the continuing excesses of our government. Just this week I got all exorcised about LA banning fast food restaurants and then about Congress shutting down today with no movement on the oil crisis.

They couldn't spend the worthwhile time debating our energy policies and what we can do TODAY about reducing our dependence on foreign oil BUT they did have time to apologize ON MY BEHALF to Native Americans, Blacks and victims of Jim Crow laws. What in hell are these demagogue apologists doing? This absolutely chaps my hide that the people who are supposed to represent me not only don't spend time working on important issues but waste time on stupid counter-productive issues like this one.

There is no question that slavery was wrong - but at the time it was the way of the world. Why are we apologizing today for transgressions none of us committed and none of us condone? How stupid is that? My ancestors lived in Europe until about 100 years ago, they never owned slaves, never committed an offense against a Native American, what gives these bozos the right to issue an apology on my behalf?

I doubt that any of us alive today have ever owned a slave or been a slave and that our parents probably didn't and weren't either nor our grandparents. Actually there weren't a lot of slave owners even back in the day. Slave ownership in this country was confined to a few wealthy individuals, farmers and plantation owners who owned slaves by the hundreds. Not only that, the slave trade was a prosperous business throughout the new world long before it came to America. The entire Caribbean cotton and sugar trade was built on slave labor for the Spanish, French, Dutch and British long before the American Revolution. We were an afterthought in the process, Johnny-come-lately to the practice and a relatively minor contributor to the problem.

And here's another historical tidbit for you. While the Portuguese, British and Spanish often supplied the ships, who supplied the slaves? Why that would usually be other Africans. They'd raid other tribes and sell boatloads of their Brothers into bondage, often treating them worse than the treatment they received on the ships or when they arrived. Most Plantation owners who spent hundreds of dollars on slaves and relied on them for production made sure their investments were fed and treated with some care. Again, it was a less than ideal situation and from our enlightened perspective today, it was morally wrong and a repugnant practice. But it was what it was at the time and it was deemed an economic and cultural necessity by the builders of the new world AT THE TIME. Throw out the history books and let the liberals explain reality as it should have been in the 1500's based on how they think in the 2000's.

While most Caribbean nations today are the result of slave revolts, in the US it was resolved by white men fighting white men for the abolition of slavery. Did some injustices carry on in the form of Jim Crow laws, segregation and racial bias? Absolutely. The problem continues to this day IN SOME CIRCLES and ON BOTH SIDES of the color line.

So you liberal hacks, please don't apologize for me or on my behalf for something I had no part in and which nobody alive today took part in or was subjected to. We've got plenty of real issues to deal with, if you have the balls.

And if you're going to continue in the apology and reparations mode, my Austrian ancestors were not well treated when they arrived either. My ancestors were often called Italians, Wops or Dago's in spite of the fact they were Austrian.
I lost one Grandfather in a mine because of unsafe working conditions (roughly equivalent to conscript labor). When another group of miners tried to protest working conditions, they were vilified, persecuted and even prosecuted during the Colorado mining strikes in the early 1900's. A whole group was rounded up, had their possessions and property confiscated, were chased over a mountaintop by militia members and barred from returning to their homes under penalty of death - all because they were Italian or some derivative of middle-European heritage. 

I trust my Congressional apology is in the mail right along with my hefty reparations check - you spineless, gutless hacks.
Well, that's just my opinion - I could be wrong.

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Mike Frazier
Dyersburg Tn Real Estate
Carousel Realty of Dyer County


It is a crying shame that congress left without even voting on drilling.

August 03, 2008 09:45 PM
Gene Wunderlich
Realtor & Legislative Liaison
1st Action Real Estate

Thank you Simon & Mike/Mike. You seem to have read the simple message that my rant was about. Congress left without voting on the very important issue of our energy crisis - whether they actually did anything or not, I believe they owed that to the American people. Instead, they made time to issue an apology on behalf of some Americans to some other Americans for wrongs that none of us participated in to people who have had nothing done to them. Sheesh.

August 03, 2008 10:35 PM
Sherry Lee Cox
Platinum Properties
Just received this email today...  Thought you would enjoy it:)

Good old Harry Truman could have been correct when he observed, "My choice early in life was either to  be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician.  
And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference. 
I, for  one, believe the piano player job to be much more honorable than current politicians."
August 04, 2008 08:58 AM
Jon Michael
DeGeorge Realty LLC

Well, with the liberals just salivating at electing that pop star broke-back obama, it is no suprise that they want to make extra nice with "his" people.  I had nothing to do with slavery, nor am I sorry for it happening.  I am no sorrier for slavery happening than I am sorry for any other historical injustice even if it was perpatrated by ancestors of mine.  As a proud Norweigan I'm sure there are countless people who were affected by my Viking ancestors, but I feel nothing for them.  It was not me, and I am NOT sorry for their ancestor's weaknesses being exploited. Period.

August 04, 2008 01:56 PM
Gene Wunderlich
Realtor & Legislative Liaison
1st Action Real Estate

Just imagine in another 200 years, following the election of BH Obama and a pronounced leftward slide as people demand more and more from their government. Private property ownership has been abolished in favor of communal ownership of resources so the divide between the have's and the have-not's is minimized. Food is raised on collective farms, only the ruling party leadership has dachas in the country, and after a bit of revisionist history, the era of private property ownership is reviled and congress issues an apology on behalf of anyone whoseancestors participated in the unequal division of wealth, who bought or sold private property, or, God forbid, whose ancestors may have actually been involved in that odious market as a Realtor. Sounds silly? Well that's just what Congress did your behalf. Want to hear more silliness? Tune in to the Democrat National Convention on the all-Democrat all-the-time news channels.

August 26, 2008 03:37 PM

Gene Wunderlich

Realtor & Legislative Liaison
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