Palin is Completely Inexperienced and Incapable!!!!

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I had this forwarded to me this morning.  I love it....Sarah is the best thing that has happened to the US in years....

You heard me. The initial euphoria over the idea of a naughty librarian on the TV news each night for the next 4 to 8 years has worn off. Now, it back to hard, pragmatic reality and the reality is that she has no place in Washington, DC.

Want proof? Consider the following:

Only an amateur would speak off the cuff, as she usually does. Experienced politicians avoid speaking extemporaneously whenever possible.. Otherwise, the electorate might find out what they really think.

If Palin had meaningful experience, she would have known that the job of Ethics Commissioner is SUPPOSED to be corrupt, thus saving her the trouble of resigning in protest and then running for the highest office in the state.

Only an amateur would attain political office by actually defeating opposing candidates at the ballot box. An experienced politician would have eliminated opposition candidates by protesting technical glitches in their nominating petitions or petitioning to change the party rules on how votes are counted in primary elections or hiring groups like ACORN to register 14 people who all, coincidentally, have the same names and reside at the same abandoned and boarded-up restaurant. Did she not once consider taking lessons from the Chicago political machine that got Obama elected? Sheesh.

Any experienced politician knows that upon assuming high office, you are supposed to demand a larger plane; not sell the useless behemoth that was recently purchased by your predecessor.

Only an amateur would implement a comprehensive energy and conservation policy shortly after taking office. A more experienced politician would have avoided the issue outright for at least 30 years while demonizing oil companies, then banning any voting on the topic followed by a recess vacation through the next election

Any experienced politician knows that once elected, you are not supposed to spend your first 20 months in office actually doing the job you were elected to do. You should be campaigning for another office - as Obama could have told her.

Sarah Palin was only supposed to TALK about government reform and utter platitudes about exiling corrupt, entrenched politicians - not actually do anything about it. She demonstrated her naivete by creating a smooth running government that included representatives of other political parties, thereby making it impossible for her to find a scapegoat if anything goes wrong.

Only a political greenhorn would thumb their nose at the environmental lobby by hunting and actually shooting moose and caribou. Worse yet, she foolishly told the truth: the proposed oil drilling site in ANWR is NOT the secret location of Eden but is, in fact, a barren wasteland.

What Sarah Palin does not seem to understand is that here in the 21st century, chief executives do not negotiate beneficial business deals for their states with foreign nations or take time to actually hang out with soldiers in Iraq. That time is better spent preening for the cameras in Berlin - something else a more seasoned and experienced politician such as Obama could have told her.

Holding oil companies accountable and successfully negotiating mutually productive agreements with them proves she does not understand their true purpose: if you work with them to the benefit of your state, you will no longer have a faceless villain to scare people into voting for you.

By creating new jobs instead of demonizing capitalism, Sarah foolishly enabled people to become more reliant on themselves and less reliant on government, hereby diminishing the dependant voter base - a classic newbie mistake. After all, if people have jobs, they will not have much need for the government and will be too busy enjoying their lives to protest the U.S., its corporations and, of course, opposing candidates.

Worse yet, Palin created a budget surplus and mailed it back to the taxpayers. Doesn't she know that if the government generates a surplus, it's doing something wrong? An experienced leader like Obama or Biden knows that taxpayer money belongs to the government - not to the people.

In another rankly amateurish move, she cooperated completely with government officials investigating accusations made against her. Experienced politicians know that you are supposed to stonewall, obfuscate, pressure libraries to expunge any record of unsavory political associations and ship potential witnesses off to Caribbean islands - another good reason not to sell the executive jet.

Yup, she is hopelessly inexperienced.  I love all of her inexperience.

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Larry Bettag
Regional Vice-President
Larry Bettag - Cherry Creek Mortgage

Simon....isn't that marriage 101???? Love (a guy)/hate (Eskimo)...GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK!!!  So dumb!

September 16, 2008 10:19 PM
Stewart Penn - BRE# 01339266
Stewart Penn - Associate Broker
Windermere Real Estate - Palm Springs

Sarah Palin should be impeached for abusing her governmental powers.

October 10, 2008 08:06 PM
Stephanie Pitel
Smart Referral Network, LLC

Penn Properties - did you read the report or just a headline?  Her "abuse of power" was an ethics violation that states it's a violation of public trust for government officials to personally gain from official action.  Or, in her case, the panel felt from testimony, her inaction to stop her husband from pursuing the firing of the officer.

In fact, in the 263 page report available online, a legislative recommendation was made to revise a statute that allows those who file complaints about peace officers receive some feedback on the status and outcome of their complaint.  The report went on to say that they recognized Palins were frustrated because the law prohibited them from getting an update to know if their complaint was being investigated.  It was, but the investigative officer wasn't allowed to tell them such.  I conclude from that section that if the family had been given any feedback, the constant pursuit to try to get him fired might have been avoided.

The rest of the findings which you left out are that the reassignment of Monegan was done with proper and lawful authority by Governor Palin and that her "abuse" did not warrant any sanctions or criminal investigations.

October 11, 2008 12:18 AM
Mitchell J Hall
Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan, NYC
The Corcoran Group

It turns out Sarah Palin is a liability. McCain's lack of judgment picking her as his VP along with his statement on 9/15/08 "The economy is fundamentally Strong" (McCain is fundamentally Wrong!) will be remembered as the defining moments when McCain lost the election.

When Bush speaks the market tanks and McCain's poll numbers tank.

I can't wait to see Tina Fey tonight on SNL.

October 11, 2008 08:20 AM
David W. Bolick
Network Real Estate, Inc.

Penn Properties has the "answers". 

It's interesting that ALL of the Pro Obama people NEVER talk about what Obama is FOR or what he is going to DO but what McCain CAN'T do and said.  Interesting.

This county will get what it deserves...corruption at the top, coverup of Fannie Mae and ACORN...God Forbid...we don't want the truth about any Obama connections.

October 11, 2008 01:50 PM

Larry Bettag

Regional Vice-President
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