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    This Group is for all First Realty Agents in the Cookeville and Crossville Tennessee Area. With over 100 agents, our experience in the Real Estate industry for our area is renowned. We cover all major aspects of Real Estate in our area and with gross sales volume in 2007 of 147 million, we can say without a doubt; "Our Real Estate Knowledge and Experience is the best in our area" Thanks for joining, Al Enochs

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    Jacksonville, Florida Real Estate

    This is a group for people that live, work or play in Jacksonville, Florida!

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    HUD RURAL Loan

    This may be the last true 100% Program available!

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    Recommended Realtor

    This is the Place to Recommend your Favorite Realtors. Be sure to use their name, city, state in your title lines for Google indexing.

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    Complete Body Fitness

    Welcome to the group. This is for total body fitness. This is for the body, mind, soul, spirit. I would love to see posts about yoga, meditation, exercise, thi chi, stretching, body building, mentals exercises, etc... ANything having to do with the "body". I am excited about this new group, and can't wait to see where it takes us. Enjoy. Feel Good!!!

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    Apartment for Rent

    rent, rental, apartment rentals, apartment for rent

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    Fort Bend Commercial Real Estate

    Focusing on the commercial real estate community in Fort Bend. A place to post listings and news about the area.

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  • Food Surprises

    This group is a place to share foods that you have discovered have uses that surprised you. For instance my daughter served me Kasha this morning for breakfast. It is buckwheat. I have grown buckwheat as a cover crop for years but did know it was so delicious and nutritious until this morning.

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  • Repogate

    For discussion about the crisis involving flawed foreclosures and flawed titles for foreclosed properties. Posts should include news and updates, as well as possible strategies for agents, buyers and property owners and former owners who have been affected by the crisis. Group members may post general posts about almost anytthing not related to the "Repogate" crisis on a second group, the Repogate group membes showcase.

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    ActiveRain Cartoon Network

    This virtual home is for the very talented bloggers who have a unique market niche: Pure Original Content. It's all about original Eye Candy. Warning: Copyright Violations Will Be Reported so pay attention to your clip art licenses. Illustrator? Photographer? Designer? Musician? Can you do animation? Do you video-blog? Do you have a wickedly delicious sense of humor? Wanna have some fun? If you own the total rights to an original work of visual art and are very creative in the graphics and fi...

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  • Short Sales For Mortgage Brokers

    If you are a mortgage broker or loan officer, you need to be in this group. This group offers mortgage training specifically in short sales. You will earn 10 times your fee per file by adding short sales to your business. Included as part of the mortgage broker training in the group is a free course on short sales. Loss mitigation training is an essential part of your mortgage training in today's market. This group covers all topics of mortgage training, online mortgage broker training, mortg...

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    Nitric Oxide Supplement

    Nitric Oxide is a powerful element that can easily transform your bodyline. NO supplements pumps up your muscles, increases energy and give you that physique which you dreamt of. One can easily buy these supplements online. So get one for you and make your muscle mass harder and stronger in short span of time.

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  • Wide collection of technology products

    There is no doubt that HP Home Store Promotional Codes, Coupon Codes & Discount Coupons are effective & economical tools to have great deals. They will also help you save big bucks. So visit the online store today! Hp Coupons

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    Pennsylvania Historic Towns, Sites and Homes

    Pennsylvania is part of the birthplace of our nation - and historic sites abound throughout the state. This group will explore and share some of the great homes, towns and neighborhoods that we as Realtors get to work with. Share your listings here too, for homes older than 1910.

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    Keller Williams Front Range Properties

    Keller Williams Front Range Properties located in Boulder, Colorado.

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  • smoke without harming your body!

    A smoking revolution Regal E Cigs are advance designed to provide to freedom to smoke anywhere even in the no smoking zones without any restriction. As they don’t produce any second hand smoke and don’t lead to passive smoking.

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  • go shopping

    i like shopping online

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  • Website Design- Mistakes you need to Avoid

    When you’ll browse the internet, you will see that some sites are not attractive. Making the quality website is not a daunting task; all it needs is some extra efforts. It is necessary to create website that score well on website usability. It is a known fact that a poorly made website will skim down the visitors. Here are some of the mistakes that a website design company needs to avoid. Poor Navigation Techniques A professional cheap web design company should provide standard navigation tec...

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    Wednesday Wordles

    This group is a place to share any Wordles that you have created. Wordles are "word clouds" that are created from text or from the text on a web-page. The images can be modified with different colors, shapes and fonts. They are fun and can be used in your posts or printed materials. You can create your own Wordles at

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