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  • Magazine Subscribe Order Your Magazine Subscriptions Online

    Magazine Subscribe offers you all your favorite magazines and lets you discover new ones then easily place your subscription online. for more information:

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    Las Olas Beach Club - Fort Lauderdale

    Las Olas Beach Club - Fort Lauderdale

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    Ask a Pro

    This group was started to host a series of ongoing interviews of Activerain Real Estate Professionals, conducted by Peter Hackett. Although this is a public group, members do not have the ability to post by default, and must email the administrator to grant access....this is strictly done to reduce clutter & extraneous posts. ALL members who are interviewed by Peter H. will be given permission to post their own blogs here as well.

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    Kirkwood, Missouri 63122

    This is a great place to find out what is going on in the Kirkwood area along with connecting communities in St. Louis.

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  • Jacksonville Real Estate Networking

    This is the place for realtors to network with real estate services and each other. If you are in the real estate industry and you are in the greater Jacksonville area then this is the place for you.

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    Clayton Missouri, 63105

    This is a great place to find out what is going on in the Clayton area along with connecting communities in St. Louis.

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    Coastal Alabama Realtors

    Realtors in Mobile and Baldwin County in Alabama.

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  • South Metro Agents

    This is a group that focuses on the South Metro Atlanta market.

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    Top Ten

    Everyone loves a good TOP TEN list. It is a great conversation starter and also tells a lot about someone. This group is specifically designed for your TOP TEN (or top 5) lists of virtually anything. Let the blogs commence and the debates begin.

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  • Muscles Building Tips

    Making you a hunk, Lean Muscle Mass will help you in attracting the female hormones like never before. This product is one of a kind dietary muscle building supplement that is developed to define your muscle mass with a ripping chisel by cutting down excess of flab.

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    An REO (Real Estate Owned) is a property that goes back to the mortgage company after a foreclosure. The bank now owns the property and the mortgage loan no longer exists. The bank will negotiate with the IRS for removal of tax liens and pay off any homeowner’s association dues. Banks always want to sell a property in "as is" condition. SIB Realty would provide to you everything you need to know about REO Bank Owned Homes and we will locate for you REO properties for sale in your price range ...

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    Miramar Florida Real Estate For Sale

    Miramar Florida Real Estate News and Notes

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  • benifits of online business

    Online business has become need of an hour. There are innumerable benefits of online business for consumers and marketers. Some of them are elucidated below Consumers • Convenient- For consumers it is a convenient method as they can interact with their seller’s site without visiting their store. • Interactive- Generally a good site have tab chat online, it is a place where you can chat with customer representatives regarding company’s products/services, costs associated with that etc. • Get p...

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  • How to find Cheap Life Insurance Quote Online?

    How to find cheap life insurance quotes online, if that thought rattled your emotions, then you need to identify the concerning areas and discuss your future plan with your peers. A fresher in this field can speak to colleague/ senior and seek their views on the same. If his approach doesn’t suit you then you can take guidance from the web world. This eases the aftermath of choosing life insurance cover. There are myriad of life insurance companies proffering cheap life insurance quotes, you ...

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    Vendors - Montgomery County

    This group is for recommending vendors that Real Estate agents and/or homeowners may want to use. The vendors must have the appropriate licensing (if necessary) and be bonded & insured. Recommended vendors should also have a minimum of 3 years experience in their field and have references available.

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    Robust Group for Professionals serious about their Wordpress Websites! Learn how to use it, optimize it and more. Will also post articles about various plugins and widgets to extend the functionality and user experience. This group is moderated by a Wordpress Expert.

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    Down Payment Assistance - Up to $46,300 That is Never Repaid!

    Help your buyers qualify and more sellers list with you using Down Payment Assistance Programs. We can show you how to offer buyers up to $46,300 in down payment assistance that can be applied to the purchase price. This is a magnet for home buyers! It is working for Realtors! Join the group and catch one of the upcoming seminars! I offer local seminars and nationwide webinars. The seminars are $100, but as a member of activerain, you can sign up for free, just put "ACTIVERAIN" as the invite ...

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    Foreclosure Education Forum

    The focus of this group is that every member can ask questions of the group in relation to Foreclosures, Short Sales, Forebearance Agreements, Bail Out Mortgages and any related subject matter. I will do my best to answer as many of the questions posted. Keep in mind laws may vary from State to State and I always advise that you seek the advise of a laywer that specializes in this area. I encourage the members to answer the questions that are posted by this group.

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  • Muscles Building Tips

    Lean Muscle Mass is a fantastic way to let your body chisel with a terrific edge. It has a superior blend of health boosting ingredients that help in muscle vasodilatation that helps in increasing your muscle mass incredibly well.

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    Home Staging Professionals

    A global networking group specifically dedicated to Professionally Certified Home Staging, Design and Marketing Professionals - by Karen Schaefer

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