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  • Website Design- Mistakes you need to Avoid

    When you’ll browse the internet, you will see that some sites are not attractive. Making the quality website is not a daunting task; all it needs is some extra efforts. It is necessary to create website that score well on website usability. It is a known fact that a poorly made website will skim down the visitors. Here are some of the mistakes that a website design company needs to avoid. Poor Navigation Techniques A professional cheap web design company should provide standard navigation tec...

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    Pennsylvania Historic Towns, Sites and Homes

    Pennsylvania is part of the birthplace of our nation - and historic sites abound throughout the state. This group will explore and share some of the great homes, towns and neighborhoods that we as Realtors get to work with. Share your listings here too, for homes older than 1910.

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    Wednesday Wordles

    This group is a place to share any Wordles that you have created. Wordles are "word clouds" that are created from text or from the text on a web-page. The images can be modified with different colors, shapes and fonts. They are fun and can be used in your posts or printed materials. You can create your own Wordles at

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    The other side

    This group is about how we as Realtors can make everything better by WORKING TOGETHER! In the hussle and bussle of the Real estate industry sometimes we forget the other side. This is a group where you can post thoughts on how to help your fellow realtor make a deal smooth, or they may help you. Example: Have a prepaired offer system, send initialed legal description, and signed disclosure acknowledment with all offers. This saves 2 trips to the fax machine for both agents, and cuts out the c...

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    Droid users

    Welcome to the Droid users group. I created this group for real estate professionals who use the Motorlola Droid. Please post your Droid tips & tricks; favorite apps (free or paid); what's new; things that work, and things that don't; Problems and answers.

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    International Real Estate

    Since International Real Estate is a growing division and market, I thought it would make a good blog topic.

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    So you post your crap here.

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    The Best Business of Tampa

    General information about some of the best business as interviewed by "The Best in" Please no posts about listings -- This is more of a community page for local business in the Tampa / St Petersburg MSA

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    ISREP - the International Society of Real Estate Professionals endorses "ACTIVE-RAIN" as the preferred Real Estate Social Blogging Site in the Industry. This GROUP brings ISREP members and non-members together to socially interact to further enhance their respective professions.

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  • KittyHarris

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  • Bgpic08062010113038 s

    Relocating to the Pittsford, NY area or any town in Monroe County? Find homes, learn about the area, research school districts, anything you need to make an educated move here. It's a great community of friendly people.

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  • Short Sale experiences

    This group is intended to be a place to voice your opinions and share your short sale experiences with individual financial institutions. My goal is to shine some light on the problems we as agents are running into with some of these companies in hope that it will get them to change their ways. By posting to the site, you are agreeing to have the content of your to be reposted and used to achieve this goal.

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    New Technology, Gadgets and Things To Make Life Easier...

    A place to let everyone else know about something (technology related) that's pretty cool...or free...or whatever...

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  • JerroldYoung

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  • Availability of best quality and affordable

    The printing online store has many options for you to create and design any marketing tool for the sales promotion and other things. The business has started to fulfill the printing requirements for both large and small business holders and that is why it sells all products at discounted prices for the benefit of customers. Uprinting Coupon code

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    Mediation for Realtors

    Unlike arbitration, and litigation, mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral part (Mediator) helps people resolve conflicts. The heart of mediation is getting two or more people with a problem to talk to each other. Mediation is a confidential settlement process that honors the principle of self determination from the parties involved. This is something that we as Realtors, Board staff and Board Officers can promote to reduce arbitration and build relationships. This Group is not a...

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    Florida Luxury Home Liquidators

    Florida Luxury Home Liquidators specializes in buying and/or procuring buyers for luxury homes in South Florida. Our objective is to provide an effective and very expeditious means to purchasing high-end real estate that has not sold through traditional means.

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    Quote of the Day

    Share your quotes A group for positive thinking

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  • HRT to skip Mugello testing

    F1's first in-season test since 2008 offers a rare opportunity for teams to prepare for the forthcoming European races, starting with the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona on May 13. The team, however, claim they are now completely focused on their relocation to new headquarters in Madrid, which is taking up time and money. ppi claims claim

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