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Alliance Short Sales is a Washington State mortgage broker and licensed real estate team that specializes 100% in the negotiation of short sales for homeowners in Washington State.


Why we are so good at what we do:

Lending expertise and inside banking knowledge have added to the success that Alliance Short Sales has experienced working with sellers and Realtors to get short sale homes sold throughout the country.  (Alliance Short Sales was founded by CEO Matt Side who was formerly a Vice President at the largest mortgage servicer in the United States.)  Beyond this we just work really hard.

Matt Side Expertise

Alliance Short Sales is a real estate team and licensed mortgage brokerage.  Our focus is to help homeowners in Washington State specifically the Spokane County area avoid foreclosure, minimize negative credit impact and sell their home even if the owe more than they can sell it for.

Alliance has trained hundreds of other real estate agents and real estate teams to help them lock in the Alliance time tested short sale strategies and techniques that consistently help sellers close on the sale of their home.  Training DVD's are available for real estate agents who are struggling with the short sale process.

Alliance is a real estate team licensed to practice real estate and we make sure we are continually in touch with the needs of real-estate professionals and brokers around the country.

Alliance Short Sales NEVER charges a fee directly to the seller for our services.  Our fee is paid only when the sale closes and it is paid out of the proceeds to the bank.  No performance, no payment.  The way it ought to be.

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Killer short sale negotiators focused on the Spokane Washington market.
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