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When I started my real estate journey in 2009, most folks thought I was crazy.  It actually began back in 2006 when I decided to sell my house.  I had an old relocation manual that said to interview three agents.  Knowing what my home was worth was probably my primary concern.  I was shocked as the range I was told to list my house spanned a $60k difference by the agents I interviewed.  I knew what I wanted to net and had done somewhat backward CMA's using the county tax records & property transfers in the newspapers.  In no hurry to sell, I decided to put a sign out and create some cute flyers. End result, I perservered and sold my home for more than I hoped in record time.  It was both a hard process but awesome!  I loved meeting new people, giving the tours, making the flyers, marketing my own home! Shortly after the sucessful first sale and move in 2006, life got in the way and I put pursuing real estate on the back burner.  Finally the summer of 2009 rolled around and I began taking real estate classes at night.  I pushed the time limits on both taking my state exam and placing my license.  A year later after interviewing three local brokerages, I decided to hang my license at Keller Williams.  I felt that they offered the educational advantage I was looking for.  Jump ahead two years, I am been both blessed and fortunate to become a top producer at my brokage and it my area, which it suburban-rural. Immediately I began winning awards.  My local office jokingly awarded me with Pleasant View Rookie of the Year Award in summer of 2010.  I also received Robertson County Association of Realtors Gold Award of Excellance for 2011 for achieving multi-million dollar sales. Early in 2012, I was hopeful and elated when I received Clarksville Rookie of the Year.  No one who was in attendance willever forget my reaction. Most shocking and exciting was to be honored with Keller Williams Realty Southeast Region Shooting Star Rookie of the Year 2011 and top performing individual agent.  For those expecting a reaction, I was numb...it was surprising.  All I could think was, "how big is the Southeast Region?" Well, its all of Tennessee, Georgia & Alabama. Wow!  I just have to stop and say, thanks life for getting in the way, thanks for the good and bad.  I feel like everything has been part of a recipe to get me where I am today. I am trustworthy, passionate, confident and the hardworking person you want on your team.  I willing to work the different angles and the hours.  Real Estate is urgent and unpredictable. Living out in a slow moving area, you have to do it all; short sales, foreclosures, manufactured housing, farms, residential, new construction, commercial, land, rentals & more! I have been nick named the "double wide diva," but also the "hardest working agent" in Pleasant View.

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Trustworthy, Passionate & Confident that you want me on your side when buying or selling a home. Earned Keller Williams Realty Shooting Star Rookie of the Year 2011 & Top Performing Individual Age
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