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Yes, it's  true.  Any business that has a local presence online is in fact on the World Wide Web.  Therefore, as my business has evolved online, from real estate and the landscape business, what has held true over the last few years is my desire to build connections.  Online, I am building alliances here in the USA, across the pond in the UK and around the world.  The more I delve into internet the broader the reach.

I think it's pretty cool.

Now, building a presence on the internet is no simple task as many of you know.  Real estate opened my eyes to the possibilities.  I've taken a plethora of courses online and have made all the mistakes in the book, well that's not really true.  No one knows what's around the corner or what pitfalls lay ahead.  Sounds kind of negative but, it's not.  Guess I've learned that shouldn't hang on grandiose expectations.  Life is what it is and what we make it.

My newest platforms are my personal blog, Steve Miller-iMarketing and Garden Tips and Tools.  Of course, these are tied with Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and where ever else they get tied.  I'm sure you understand.


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I moved to Coeur d'Alene in the spring of 2005 to be near my family and I discovered that, in addition to the natural beauty of area, there is a wonderful sense of community here.  I have a host of friends and have come to know an incredible variety of people. In addition, because I love to ski, hike, fish and so on, I have really enjoyed exploring and experiencing the great outdoors here in Idaho.

I have always been a naturalist at heart.  There is a kinship I feel for the wonders of the earth, for the creatures, the flowers and trees, from the mountains to the sea.  Oh, the smell of the salty air, the fragrance of a rose, the wind whispering in the pines, a clear and starry night; these things all speak in a language beyond words.   What a gift we are given by way of the very ground beneath our feet, for our precious lives and for the new opportunity of each day.

When I was young, my father was in the military.  We were stationed in France where I started school on the base.  No, I don't speak French.  But fortunately, I was old enough to remember the highlights of our European experience.  Upon returning to the states, we settled in southern California where I grew up.  Later I lived in the Bay area and then in the Gold Country before coming here.

Having an affinity for the sciences, years ago, I chose a career in Chiropractic.   I enjoy helping others and, all in all, the business was going really well until the year when... if anything could go wrong, it did.  In addition to a family tragedy, I had a fall which resulted in a fractured wrist, a terrible plight for a chiropractor.  After a bone graft and years on the mend, strength was regained but the mobility never did, hence came the end of this noble endeavor.  And actually, as it turned out, I discover much later that the graft never worked.  That explains why the orthopedic would never show me the x-rays.  That's neither here nor there now.

As a means of self-preservation, I worked for many years thereafter in horticulture, nurseries, and gradually, more and more with clients and their gardens.  In fact, one of my projects, years in the making, won the local garden tour in 2003.  Along the way, I discovered a talent of building with stone, of piecing together puzzles that became patios, stairways and dry-stacked walls (example below).  In as much as I have enjoyed the work, my years in the trade and  time in the trenches, so to speak, beckoned for a change of direction once again.  It was time to move forward and work toward another dream.

In 2008, right before the economic downturn, I got my real estate license.  Despite the economy, over the next several years I had the good fortune of helping  numerous clients to buy or sell property and of course, a host of "other" agendas along the way.  Yet, while real estate as a career suits some people perfectly, it didn't exactly turn into the career of my dreams.  Hence, I migrated online.

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