Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust! (Friends & Neighbors Real Estate)

Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust!

Managing Real Estate Broker / Elkhart, IN
Friends & Neighbors Real Estate

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At last, one place to go to for help in determining Elkhart County Subdivision preference. Home Owners Assoc. Docs, garage sales, and sometimes plot maps and home plans by the builder on several hundred subdivisions! Uploading new information weekly!

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  I have made it my mission to help as many people as I can prevent foreclosure, by selling their home prior to a foreclosure deadline, thereby avoiding the stress and embarrassment of losing your home to the bank.  A pre-foreclosure sale has the same outward appearance as any other sale. I am a real estate agent with Elkhart County Subdivisions, LLC. I have excellent client care skills and most of my Clients have become my friends.

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ABR, Accredited Buyers Representative, a course completed so that I can help YOU when buying a home, whether a First Time Home Buyer or and Experienced Home Buyer, the service I offer YOU is above and beyond your expectations!

SFR, Short Sale and Foreclosure Prevention, and Short Sale Expert. Two courses taken to make sure I can help a distressed home owner.  

PB, Principle Broker, Elkhart County Subdivisions, LLC. With over 1250 subdivision in our County alone, I have combined all statistics for five years in one convenient, searchable website to make YOUR search easy.  Whether your goal is to buy or sell a home, you will know where YOUR subdivision stands in todays real estate market.

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Evelyn Johnston Testimonials

  • Jason and Cici

    We Want A Place To Call Our OWN!

    Courtney and Jason were living with her parents and his young daughter use to come visit almost every weekend. Everyone got along just fine and in fact Courtney’s parents thought of Audrey as their own Granddaughter. But Courtney and Jason kinda just wanted a place to call their own They knew they had the credit and soon the savings would be enough for a modest home. She wasn’t quite ready to buy and was talking with a co-worker about buying a home in the Spring.

    Her Co-Worker told her she absolutely positively had to use me as their REALTOR® because I was awesome (Her words, not mine, but I like them) and Courtney called me.

    At our very first meeting we sat down for about an hour and a half and went through every step of buying a home from pre-qualifying to talking about what they wanted in a home, what location they wanted to live in and how long they planned on staying there. She knew what steps we were going to take and what to expect along the way.

    The very next week we started looking and the homes in their price range and location were in short supply. We looked at several and got a little discouraged that we would find a home they could move into without a total renovation, but I would not let them give up. I knew what they were looking for was out there. If I hadn’t sat down and gone over everything they would have been overwhelmed and stressed out. However, they knew what was happening and what the steps were ahead of them and were relaxed and enjoyed the hunt.

    When we drove in the driveway of the last one we looked at we all knew it was THE ONE. Inside was immaculate but very outdated, which they said they could live with and fix up as they were able to.

    On the day of closing Courtney brought ME flowers, this was the first time anyone had ever done that! THANK YOU Courtney!

    Are YOU or someone you KNOW itching to own a home of your own but don’t know where to start? You can start here, with a Real Estate Professional who knows how to get you to where you want to go. Please call me, Evelyn Johnston at 574-304-7148 and give me their name and phone number and I PROMISE I will give them the excellent care they deserve!

  • Mary Davidson


  • Chase and Vanessa

    Evelyn walked me through the process of buying my first home. She is extremely well informed, dependable and just plain great at what she does. However, what I liked most about working with Evelyn is that she is an honest and caring person that takes pride in getting people what they want. I trusted Evelyn with one of the biggest purchases of my life, and I’d do it again.

  • Nathan Kavoric

    I have Saved My Money, I Have Good Credit
    and I Want A House!

    Nathan knew we were in a Buyer’s Market. He has worked hard and saved his money, has good credit and now he wanted to buy a home…

    The area he chose to look for a home was large. He works at the north end of the County and all his family lives in the South end of the County, so his options were pretty much open. Nathan had been pre-approved and knew what he could spend. The problem was, the homes in his price range were not acceptable living quarters. The property conditions varied from horrible, run down to, this could work... but he just wasn’t feeling it.

    In the meantime, I received a call from a distressed home owner who had done his homework on the internet. I have written extensively about Short Sales, and the options a Home Owner has. This Home Owner was transferred out of state and could not afford two homes.

    I listed the property and immediately called Nathan and scheduled a showing. I told him if he was willing to wait about 6 months I thought he could get this home in his price range. He said if he could get this home at his price he would take it! The Home Sellers bank countered his offer and eventually approved it.

    Nathan bought a great home at a great price and has moved in…

    If you or someone you know has some down payment money and wants a home of their own at a great price, please call me, Evelyn Johnston, at 574-304-7148, give me their name and phone number and I promise you I will take really good care of them, just as they deserve!

  • Missy Foor

    Hey Evelyn its Missy, I just wanted to let you know that we are in the house and we are really settling in now and I am soooo loving it. I just wanted to just call and not say goodbye but just to thank you for all you did for us and thank you for the extra stuff that normal REALTOR®’s don’t do and hats why I love you and I know you bent over backwards for us and I always have a friend or two here and there looking for new homes and I will always mention your name and tell them what a good job you did for us, and hopefully help your business. Please stay in touch, come and see us some time and thanks again for everything Evelyn.

  • Barb Rossi

    I wanted to take the time to let you know how grateful I am that our paths crossed.
    I was in a very untenable situation looking at a potential foreclosure and thinking that was the only option I had. After getting your flyer, knowing I had to get out of my house soon, I contacted you to see if you could help me find a place to live.
    After explaining my “unique” situation to you, even though it was a Sunday, you immediately went into action, contacting your connections to see how you could help me out. You got me the answers I needed immediately and offered me solutions to my problem that I had totally discounted previously due to not having the proper information.
    You continued to work with me, listing my house and doing whatever it took to show it and get it sold. I immediately got responses from prospective buyers and within a very short time, had several offers on my home.
    You continued to not only work on selling my home, but spending consecutive weekends showing me prospective houses, cutting into your private time with your family due to my crazy work schedule.
    You always had a smile and a good attitude!
    My house was sold within a short period of time, thanks to you, and it was now time for me to find a new place.
    You worked tirelessly with me showing me house after house until I found the place I’m living in now.
    You connected me with Roger Maxwell, who worked his magic to help me get the financing secured in spite of a weird set of circumstances.
    Not only did I get a great realtor, but I also got a new friend in the process.
    You went above and beyond by coming over and helping me out when various people needed access to my house, and I couldn’t leave work to make it happen. You babysat my dog and really showed exceptional customer service, which is a very rare commodity these days.
    You are a very special person Evelyn and I continue to sing your praises to whoever will listen.
    Anyone who I know that is thinking about selling their house, or buying one, will hear about you and what a wonderful job that you did for me.
    You gave me a “happy ending” that I probably would not have if our paths did not cross.
    You helped me to change my life, and for that, I will always be grateful to you.
    As soon as we can coordinate schedules, I want you and Larry and Roger to come over for a cookout so we can all celebrate my good fortune for having a bunch of great people in my corner, working for my happily ever after!

    Warmest regards,

    Barb Rossi

  • Korey and Stephanie Baker

    They Were Young, and Made Some Bad Decisions,
    They didn’t know Credit Was So Important…

    Until their family outgrew the rental and they wanted to buy a home. Kenny and Samantha called a local Real Estate Company and was fortunate that I was on floor time. This was during the First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit and because of bad decisions made in the past, they were not only unable to take advantage of the $8,000 First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit, they could not buy a home at all!

    I recommended they contact a local Credit Repair Company that I knew would really try to help them. The were educated on how to fix their credit and advised what types of credit an underwriter would be looking for. Job stability for the Kenny was not a problem. Samantha was employed by the RV Industry and as almost all of the Manufacturer’s were cutting back drastically, Samantha’s employment was up and down. She found another job that was stable and has worked her way up into a management position.

    Friday, March 11, 2011 their American Dream of Home Ownership became their reality. After almost 4 years of making sure their decisions were to their benefit, the Baker’s were packing and moving and crying, all at the same time…

    Many times over the past several years Samantha has called me with the names of her Family and Friends who even mentioned they were thinking of moving. Everytime I see them I get hugs and smothered with love.

    If you know someone who is dreaming of Home Ownership, but isn’t quite there because of credit woes, call me with their names and phone numbers and I will help them get on the right track so that they too can live the American Dream!

  • Caraisa Bowman

    Champaign Taste,
    But Not The Budget…

    Chris and Caraisa have lived in a manufactured home for all their married life, and decided a stick built home was more to their taste. They had no basement, no garage and little storage.

    After getting them pre-approved we found several homes suitable, but the one they had their hearts set on was an REO Property that needed a lot of renovation. The very worst thing that could have happened would have been if they bought the home and then not had the money, perhaps for years, to fixed it up according to their standards, instead I educated them about FHA’s 203K Streamline Loan that would allow them to purchase the home and give them money to fix it up now. Caraisa got down to business shopping for the features she wanted in her dream home, turned in the estimates to her Mortgage Professional and we were on our way. Chris and Caraisa were so excited!

    Just about this time GMAC halted all sales on REO Properties in 22 states, and this was one of them. The Listing Agent only knew that the hold affected this property. I pointed Caraisa in the direction to go to seek answers about this property. She kept in touch with GMAC every week, then after a month or more Caraisa received the call from the GMAC’s Spokesperson letting her know that her dream home was one of the first to be released because of the effort she put forth.

    Chris and Caraisa are right now happily providing some elbow grease in the finishing of their home. Plans to move in are within the month.

    Caraisa has told me over and over that she couldn’t have done it without me, I’m the BEST and I am the BOMB! (Big Smile)

    Whom do you know that has Champaign Taste, but not the budget? Are you, or they, willing to give up some time and elbow grease to get a fabulous bargain? Call me now at 574-304-7148 with their name, phone number and situation. I will gladly give them the excellent care they deserve!

  • Dave Woodson

    I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of Elkhart, Indiana’s premiere Realtors over a year ago at a friends wedding. She told me then that she was shooting my then number 1 spot on ActiveRain. I laughed it off at the time. Well, I am not laughing anymore. As I fell from #1 to #2 to #4. While most agents and mortgage guys are here are blogging about the most asinine things in the all mighty search for more points. Evelyn does not do not. She gives pertinent information about not only Elkhart, but real estate matters as well, such Elkhart short sales, FHA Lenders, The Indiana FHA Expert.
    She uses her blog as an extension of her advertising of her Elkhart listings featuring many of the areas great subdivisions such as: River Shore, Country Creek and Whispering Valley. All the while she is gives out great information on showing other real estate agents, how to write up a short sale offer to helping "for sale by owners" sell their own property.
    I really cannot say enough good things about Evelyn, I think you need to go find out more for yourself.

  • Richey and Cindy Milburn

    Hey Evelyn,

    We got both checks today!


    You are awesome and we really are very lucky to have had your expertise throughout all of this mess.

    Please let us know when we can all get together...maybe dinner at our house.

    Thanks again...we REALLY appreciate everything you did.

    Love, Cindy & Richey

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