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Anita Eaton

Real Estate Agent / Independence, MO
First Place Real Estate Corp.

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My first job was a carhop for Dog ‘N Suds in Riverside MO in 1961.  They were the only company that would hire an 11 year old, but they only paid 25 cents an hour.  In the first night I proved the work ethic my parents instilled in me was correct.  I discovered that if I was honest when I gave change, provided fast service, and paid attention to the customer’s  needs I could make a lot of money.  By the end of my first week I had accumulated over $50.00 in tips and wages.  Since then I have always strived to work for the best interests of the people I serve, be honest, dependable and expeditious.  My "Treat People Right" philosophy includes the implicit understanding that I need to earn your trust and confidence.  

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Extensive experience in Multi-family and Residential Real Estate including Broker Price Opinions and Real Estate Owned Properties, loan origination, working with bankruptcy courts and clerks as well a
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