David Wright, Ecosystem Rainmaker (Ekōbius International Cooperative)

David Wright, Ecosystem Rainmaker

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Ekōbius International Cooperative
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I have had a long and wonderful life and one of my first and best jobs in my professional life was selling real estate in Beverly Hills, that's when I was 24. Now today 26 years later I am doing it again, but the idea of owning landed real estate will soon change globally because of Agenda 21, whether we like it or not its here and needs to be realized.

Over the past few years I have been working on a tract of land that is the size of the country of Finland. Its not for sale outright but you can buy into it through my project and you can become involved in ecological community development as a stakeholder. 

David Wright Expertise

  • Co-ops
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Investment Properties
  • Land
  • Time Shares
  • Vacation/Resort Properties
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Biodiversity
  • English
  • Spanish
Ekōbius: Ecovillage and green intentional community property development concept that manages carbon forests, biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Venezuela and Guiana Highlands for ecotourism.
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