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Ken Cook, Writer For Hire

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Three Decades of Marketing and Technology

For the last many years I was employed by mortgage lenders to help them excel and move to the top of their industry. Fortunately it has worked quite well. I am now free to move about the nation and you are one of my first stops.

I write custom created content (articles) for your blog or website. As a ghost writer the content belongs to you to do with as you may. I provide in-depth intelligence about your brand or reputation. Many of my clients call me after their online reputation has been challenged or tarnished though it often is more economical and less stressful to build a good online presence and reputation before that happens.

Since before there was a Google I have studied and applied search engine science using special forces intelligence tactics and operations for brands and reputation.

Twitter http://twitter.com/thekencook Facebook http://facebook.com/kencook LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/kencook Skype: thekencook   Seriously, call me or email me any time!


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  • English
After many years as a marketing director or similar for the real estate and mortgage industries I have moved to a writer position only. I am available to write for you: blogs, books, speeches, & more.
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