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René Fabre , New Media Marketing

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First American Title
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I've been an avid student of the evolving social web environment since its inception. I started my career in title insurance back in the 80's and my many different positions through the years have always included customer facing programs of value primarily to real estate agents, brokers and lenders.

I'm an avid blogger and you'll find my marketing, technology, and community conversations here on Activerain and my other blogs you'll find listed on this page.

As a certified clockhour instructor in Washington and Alaska, I work for First American Title's Real Estate School and teach new media marketing and social media clockhour classes and give workshops for our clients. I also work closely with our sales and marketing team always exploring 'new opportunites for business' in the now and what lies ahead just over the horizon.

You'll find me often out and about exploring my community, meeting with friends, coworkers, and clients always with my trusty iPhone looking for photo and video opportunites. I'm also a frequent attendee and guest speaker at networking events.

Via my upbringing and my education, I'm an artist with a big passion for music of all kinds, art, photography, video, dance, literature, movies, and the theater.

I love all aspects of real estate and through my work in the title industry I enjoy the rewards by bringing value to the industry and the community. A healthy real estate market is essential to the economy and our quality of life.  

For me, communities are conversation, and conversation is opportunity...


René Fabre Expertise

Certified clockhour instructor in Washington and Alaska.

486,719 Points 34 Featured Posts Attended Rain Camp Called Shot Master
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Developing and implementing existing and emerging technologies for best business practices.

Sales and marketing leadership... Development and implementation of marketing strategies. Frequent speaker on new media marketing, social media, and web presence development.

René Fabre Testimonials

  • Adam Brown

    Rene is an amazing source of knowledge for all social media platforms. He has a comprehensive understanding that has practical and effective outcomes that legitimately helps his clients increase their business! He's also been an invaluable colleague as we together have been striving toward similar goals at First American Title. Thank you Rene!!!

  • Meri Aaron Walker

    If you're looking for a guy who can mix it up with people of ALL ages and persuasions, making the social media landscape not only business-friendly but big-time fun, then look no further than Rene Fabre!

    I met Rene online doing some virtual meeting research and very shortly he became not only a collaborator in some of my most important testing but a partner in helping real-estate and title folks make sense - and smart use - of real-time virtual meeting tools and all the other social tools, like FB, Twitter and G+.

    Rene's smart, quick on the draw, and - most of all - a fine human being to work with.

  • Cindy Slettevold

    Rene' is a networking genius. He understands HOW to position within a niche or market - who to connect to and the value to bring. I often come to him with a question or an idea for myself or someone else and within minutes he puts me on the right path.

    I am lucky to know him and I whole-heartedly recommend that you get to know him, too. He is a valued asset to my business.

  • Sherrie Reed

    Rene' was a joy to work with, always willing to provide education and taking my endless questions with patience. Knowing Rene' and working with him was a distinct pleasure. I highly recommend him.

  • Susan Edwards

    I work with Rene', he has a strong commitment to service. He's always helping someone, be it a client or co-worker. Additionally, Rene' has vast experience in our industry and brings that as well as many fresh new ideas to our clients and co-workers. Rene' has personally helped me and many others enter the world of social media and marketing. Rene' truly is the best "go to" person and adds huge value to our team.

  • Jenny Clauson

    Rene' is a social media "master". He really understands how to get the most web presence possible to grow your business. He's been a huge help to me.

  • Stacia Whatley

    Rene is a stand up guy. Not only is he very knowledgeable about all there is to know about Internet Marketing, he also is a great guy to know. He is passionate about what he does and he loves to meet other people and talk about his passion. I have learned a lot from just one meeting and would love to have more opportunities to talk to him and pick his brain. He is a one of a kind!

  • Rob Rieder

    As a teacher, Rene has a gift for making the complex seem simple. He has been intsrumental in explaining the how-to's and why's of enhancing my online presence in today's marketplace. I have seen immediate results personally and for the firm for which I work.

  • Todd Clark

    René is one of the rare people in the industry that really walks the walk when it comes to his teachings. To be honest it really isn't teaching that he does, he has more of a conversation with the groups he meets and wants to pass on the knowledge that he gathers day in and day out trying to help agents and mortgage officers take their business to the next level in this age of the internet.

    René and I met online and we finally met in person in the spring of 2009 at an event in Portland. I've now been to three of his events and have to say each time we have taught each other something new. He is a person that is never satisfied with his present online image or knowledge and is always searching for more and then shares it with the world!

    If you ever get a chance to attend one of René events, I suggest you do, because you will learn something about web 2.0 and how it can increase your business, no matter what business you are in.

  • Pam Lorange

    If you ever get a chance to take one of Rene's classes don't miss out. He changed my whole paradigm with regard to marketing myself on the internet. Thanks Rene!

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