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Real Estate Broker/Owner / Surrey, BC
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OK. From award winning Realtor, top office, medalion winner and all that meaningless rot...  to independent Real Estate Agent to my Local Real Estate Board and Real Estate Council's "MOST NOT WANTED" List.

Creating a Virtual Real Estate Assitant on my company web site to do the listings and sales almost automatically to enable me to crank out 250 paid listings and sales over a 2 year time frame did NOT make me friends with the Rulers of Real Estate who depend on their old print and office based business model circa 1935 to survive.

In other words they need lots of agents paying lots of fees so as to prop up the obsolete business model of neigborhood offices, regional real estate boards and state (or in Canada) provincial real estate councils.

So I'm the guy who owns and operates his own Real Estate company who has a passion for real estate andal estate into the 21st century so agents can make some real money for a change instead of having it all sucked away by fees.

Robert Harrington Expertise

  • Appraisals
  • Buyers
  • Commercial
  • Condos/Townhomes
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Luxury Homes
  • Probate
  • Property Management
  • Residential
  • Sellers
  • Vacation/Resort Properties
  • Transactions
  • Negotiations

Oh yes..we all get the meaningless awards and recognition that keeps the Realtors paying most of their commissions to the Realtor Cult leaders, however it's all coming to an end soon.

We just get tired of propping up an out of date dysfunctional top down real estate instititions whose only loyalty is to themselves and not to Realtors or clients.

 I believe that the day of the brick and morter real estate office is TOAST!

The consumer goes to the MLS to find a property, not an agent, and now the MLS is even failing at their primary job of listing properties as thousands of other successful listing companies eat their market.

All agents are selling the same thing in the same way and none are making any money as the obsolete MLS with a 19th century infrastructure of offices, real estate boards, councils and real estate associations, none of which concour ANY benefits toi the agent or consumer eat up all the agent's profit.

The listing or sale is done at the clients home or at the selling property or at the legal office, SO WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR AN OFFICE???  and Why are we paying for the office manager's lunch and golf games? Like why does this whole wasteful "get in the way" 1955 middle management ediface still excist?

Top Office 2010 

Medallion Winner 2010, 2011

Winner of MOST Real Estate Council Audits, Hearings and Complaints from other Real Estate Boards 2011 to present.


  • English

Movie making, Movie editing, Sales, photography, negotiating, pricing, creating new niche markets.

Angering the Dysfunctional BC Real Estate Council 
And not to forget angering the Equally Disfunctional Fraser Valley Real Estate Board


Why can't I buy homes with phones? Why can't I sell Homes with phones? Why can't I use a clonable five dollar virtual agent instead of a traditional 6% agent?.... especially as the 5 dollar agent is faster, better and smarter than the average agent. Why can't I use my listing robot too? Listing robots are free and do a better, faster and much more widespread listing than old traditional listing agents. Welcome to new 21st century real estate practices

Owner Operator of award winning Trading Services, Property Management and Rental Real Estate Company. Inventor of new Real estate App. Replace your old Real Estate Agent with yourself at BNagent.com
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