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Get to know Steven Caporale

Steven is the Co-Founder of Amherst Madison Distinctive Real Estate.  

Know anyone who….really loves business? Someone who mowed their first lawn at 8-years-old, would spend hours a day collecting aluminum cans from trash cans at city parks, opened countless lemonade stands, worked in a family grocery store in his early teens, kept his “first job” at 16 for over four years, bought his first investment property at 22 (while in college), and has shaken hands and “talked tech” (albeit 30 seconds worth) with Bill Gates? Someone who loves the creative spirit the American Dream and entrepreneurism provide to those who “believe” in its opportunity?

Steven is licened to sell Idaho Real Estate. His passion is running a real estate brokerage that is relevant to today’s customers and landscape...that is a business model that is marketing heavy and tech-appropriate. He has been licensed in real estate for 14 years, having had the privilege to gain experience at Key Real Estate, Keller Williams, The Renaissance Group, and Equity Real Estate. He has been licensed at the highest level of authority, Managing Broker, since 1999 and has been the Designated Broker of two previous companies. Steven has been licensed in Colorado, New York, and currently is licensed in Utah and his "favorite place in the world", IDAHO. 

Steven’s fondest professional experiences include being the project manager on a 13,280 sq., $7,500,000 spec home, working for five years in corporate Real Estate with a NYC-based portfolio management company, and helping a number of first-time buyers take the BIG step. Steven majored in Real Estate/Construction Management at the University of Denver and was a full Hornbeck Scholar for two years. Boise Idaho Real Estate.

Steven Caporale Expertise

Our Buyer Representation is no cost to you, as our compensation comes from the Seller. We do not charge retainer fees or cancellation fees if you decide not to buy. We are only compensated when we find you the Right property at the Right price.

The process of buying Real Estate involves escrow, inspections, appraisals, deadlines, and satisfying contract contingencies. We manage this process start to finish and make sure your purchase is not only a "good deal", but also as stress free as possible.  

As investors ourselves, we are familiar with developing sensible real estate investment strategies. We know where to find the best types of real estate for investment purposes and how to analyze them for profitability (cap rates, cash flow, cash-on-cash, 1031, etc.).

To schedule a time to meet, to speak to past clients, or for general information contact us.  All information is Confidential. Learn why we are quickly becoming the Real Estate Company of Choice in Idaho.


Are You Ready for a Real Estate Company with a Meaningful Value Proposition?

Included with our Buyer Representation service is the professional installation of Energy-Efficiency Technologies that will reduce a property’s monthly cost, and in many cases increase its future re-sale value...and we do it at our cost.

For our Buyers, this means a property with lower electrical usage, lower bills, increased value, and the peace of mind knowing you are helping the environment. 

Contact us today and learn how we offer this service to all of our Buyers.


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